[18:37] <Ryoko> thanks... brand new number one huh?

[18:37] <Calihan> im assembled, where to bossman?

[18:37] <Eclipse> Yep

[18:38] <Sheeba> hrmm..

[18:39] <Eclipse> Hrmm?

[18:40] <Sheeba> just wondering if dawn's coming back to life will be explained anytime soon ^_^

[18:40] <Ryoko> should keep it mysterious... kinda like Wolvie's origin ::smiles::

[18:41] <Eclipse> Didn't we ever go over that?

[18:42] <Sheeba> uh...in-sim, no..

[18:42] <Eclipse> Well, that's just how we geniuses are. We come up with brilliant innovations and then forget to share them with anyone because we move on to the next project.

[18:43] <Sheeba> heh, oh well

[18:45] *** Eclipse is now known as Titan

[18:45] *** Ryoko is now known as Dare

[18:45] <Titan> Heh, popup works =)

[18:46] <Sheeba> it's still gonna bother my char, tho..

[18:46] *** Calihan is now known as Shard

[18:46] *** `Voltage is now known as IronMan

[18:46] *** Sheeba is now known as Dawn

[18:46] <Titan> No it won't

[18:46] <Dawn> ?

[18:47] <Titan> You'll see

[18:47] <Dawn> hmm, okay..

[18:47] <Gage-Just-got-U> give me a few minutes....::still squinting at the screen::

[18:48] <Dare> lemme guess... brand new start? ::smiles::

[18:48] <Titan> Ding

[18:49] *** Gage-Just-got-U is now known as Indigo

[18:51] <Titan> Anyone remember what year it was?..not that it matters

[18:51] <IronMan> Uhm..lemme check. =)

[18:51] <Shard> umm 2000?

[18:51] <Dawn> 2018

[18:51] <IronMan> N/M =)

[18:51] <Dare> yeah

[18:51] <Dare> what Dawn said I mean heh

[18:52] <Dawn> ::remembers what the web site said, and the last new year's sim::

[18:56] <Titan> ***>>>AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!<<<***

[18:56] <Titan> @@

[18:57] <Dawn> @@

[18:57] <Mustang`> @@

[18:57] <Miasma> @@

[18:57] <IronMan> @@

[18:57] <Dare> @@

[18:57] <Indigo> @@

[18:57] <Shard> @@

[18:58] <Rayne> @@

[18:59] *** Rayne is now known as Melesorce

[18:59] <Titan> SIM BRIEF> Remember those sixty odd sims that we've had over the part year and a half (to my best estimate)? Well don't, because we're starting over. Why? Because of various reasons that would deny this brief any semblance of briefness. Don't think I'm doing this arbitrarily either. I actual came up with a rather kickass plot while sitting on the toilet of all places. Don't think I just pulled this out of my ass though, heh heh.

[18:59] <Mustang`> <<...TMFI...>>

[19:00] <Titan> Anyway, the one thing I suppose you need to know, other than the total disregard of all A-Next history, would be that none of have our "special" abilities--nothing mutant or technological in nature. The kicker to that stipulation, however, is that none of us ever remembers having any abilities to speak of and none of us ever remembers anyone else having any abilities to speak of. Lastly, no..actually I think that's everything. Any questions? Oh, and yes, this sim will probably run long.

[19:01] <IronMan> So wait..I'm not working for Stark as IM, then?

[19:01] <Mustang`> and what about me.. I'm kinda green and stuff.. heh

[19:02] <Titan> No.

[19:02] <Indigo> yeah, i'm blue

[19:02] <Dawn> ::goes to rewrite her bio..::

[19:02] <Titan> And you're the same people, only without mutant abilities, where's the understanding difficulty?

[19:02] <Miasma> What...?

[19:02] <Titan> And don't do that.

[19:02] <Miasma> Uhm... where would I be?

[19:03] * IronMan looks confused

[19:03] <Titan> We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

[19:06] <Titan> Is anyone not totally confused?

[19:06] <Dare> I'm ready

[19:06] <Mustang`> I'll be fine

[19:06] <Shell> I...uhm..just wrote an essay..so my brain is fried...but i think i get it

[19:06] <IronMan> I think I'll be able to manage. =)

[19:06] <Dawn> i understand most of it :P

[19:06] <Shard> i.. think i can do that.. i think

[19:06] <Indigo> i'm okay

[19:06] <Miasma> I'll try...

[19:07] <Titan> Alright, well there will be a lot of hopping around for scenes so just tough it out and message me if you start to drift into lalla land..just not all at once

[19:08] <Dare> gotcha

[19:08] * IronMan nods

[19:10] <Titan> ***>>>SIM START<<<***

[19:10] <Titan> SCENE> Titan: The Wakandan Imperial Palace, Central Wakanda, Wakanda, Africa, Earth. August 27, 2018.

[19:10] <Titan> TIME> 10:00 a.m. GMT

[19:11] <Titan> Tell me why we're playing tennis again? ::swats at the ball and misses horribly::

[19:12] <Titan> T'charra> Because you absolutely suck at it, Hank, and I beat you every time.

[19:13] <Titan> Is that it, 'ey? So how do you know I'm not just pretending to suck at it to lull you into a false sense of security?

[19:15] <Titan> T'charra> You've been pretending for a terribly long time then.

[19:15] <Melesorce> ::pads slowly from the gardens toward the court .. her eyes flickering like green flame::

[19:16] <Titan> ::quirks a brow:: New pet?

[19:18] <Melesorce> ::pads slowly up to T'charra chancing a quick glance at the person over the net::

[19:18] <Melesorce> ::looks up and makes a mrowring roarish sound several times in different tones::

[19:18] <Titan> T'Charra> You could say that. ::grins::

[19:20] <Melesorce> ::shakes her head a bit flickering her ears then looks back up to T'charra making more of the same sounds, yet in a different way::

[19:20] <Titan> T'Charra> ::nods understandingly:: Thank you, I had almost forgotten. ::turns to hank:: We should get cleaned up. It's almost lunch time, and we will be hosting a special guest.

[19:21] <Melesorce> ::sits down beside T'charra waiting patiently::

[19:21] <Titan> SCENE CHANGE> Iron Man: Central Park, New York, NY.

[19:22] <Titan> TIME> Earlier in the morning..

[19:23] <IronMan> ::Walks across the Park, keeping on the sidewalk, his hands shoved into the pockets of his jacket:: ((It's nice to be out, this early and not have to worry about class, for once..))

[19:27] <Miasma> ::Sits quietly on a bench, her long purple hair in a braid and her clothes are worn and shaggy. Her eyes are close as she sleeps peacefully in the sun.::

[19:28] <IronMan> ::Glances around, taking a deep inhalation of air:: Ahh..((Really wish I could do this more often. Probably should. Could do this every Monday, at least..))

[19:31] <IronMan> ::Notices Mia on the bench, scrutinizing her clothes for a moment and frowning:: ((Hope she isn't homeless or anything..as nice as Central Park is, definitely isn't a place for a pretty girl like that to be hanging around in..))

[19:34] <IronMan> ::Approaches the bench, slowly:: Ah..excuse me, miss..don't mean to bug you, but are you okay?

[19:36] <Miasma> ::Opens her eyes carefully and studies the man before her.:: I... ::She speaks as if she isn't used to it.:: I think so.

[19:37] <Titan> SCENE CHANGE> Shell & Dawn: The Xavier Institute of Higher Learning, Westchester, New York, NY.

[19:37] <Titan> TIME> Later in the day, but not yet lunch.

[19:39] <Dawn> ::hanging out in the living room, softly whistling a tune::

[19:40] <Shell> ::runs a hand through all her hair:: ((wish I had worn it up..)) ::smiles at some boys as she walks to the living room..turning to watch them as they walk away and runs into a wall and blinks:: gah..:: rubs the back of her head as she enters the living room::

[19:40] <Titan> <<lol>>

[19:40] <Dawn> ::looks toward shell:: 'ey, mon amie, ca va?

[19:41] <Shell> ..::tries to mouth what Dawn just said and takes off her jacket;: come again? ::smiles::

[19:41] <Dawn> ::slight smirk:: it means, 'how are ya?'

[19:42] <Shell> Ahh ::nods and sits down in a chair:: gonna have to remember that..I guess heh..I'm ok I guess..you? ::crosses her legs in the chair::

[19:43] <Dawn> i'm good

[19:45] <Shell> mmhmm ::watches some more guys walks out of the room..bites her lip..grins as she looks back towards dawn..sees her and blinks:: oh heh..sorry..so why are you going to school here? not like..rude or anything..just asking ::smiles::

[19:46] <Dawn> well, i lived with a foster fam'ly in N'awlins, but some t'ings happened....so i went lookin' f'r my real father, an' it turned out he was here

[19:48] <Shell> ::nods and smiles:: hey..kinda..sorta in the same boat..my foster parents are sending me here

[19:49] <Titan> Action> Shell and Dawn both get a creepy tingly sensation that causes their hair to stand on end.

[19:50] <Dawn> quoi..? ::rubs the back of her neck, looking around nervously::

[19:50] <Shell> ::looks around and at dawn..shivvers and puts her legs down straight:: You feel something..funny?

[19:50] <Dawn> yeah...don' t'ink its anythin' good...

[19:51] <Titan> SCENE CHANGE> Mustang: Back in Wakanda.

[19:51] <Titan> TIME> Mustang and his host family are arriving at the palace in the car sent for them at lunch time.

[19:52] <Mustang`> ::gets out of the car and waits for the family to get out as well.. glances at the palace:: ...wow

[19:54] <Mustang`> Looks way bigger close up. ::glances at the eldest man of the group:: Have you ever been here before?

[19:55] <Titan> Papa> Oh, yes, Christopher, many times, but this shall be my first time actually inside the palace walls. We are all so very excited.

[19:56] <Melesorce> ::walks slowly from the palace in a velvet black dress that reaches the ground, her eyes are flaming green and her black hair falls about her palish features she looks to the family::

[19:56] <Mustang`> ::smiles:: I know what you mean. This place is so beautiful on the outside.. wonder what it's like on the inside

[19:58] <Melesorce> ::voice is soft almost like a purr:: .. Welcome to the palace .. please follow me, you are wanted in the dining room.

[20:00] <Mustang`> ..::furrows his 'brow:: ((Interesting eyes..)) ::follows Melesorce, in awe at the beauty of everything::

[20:01] <Melesorce> ::walks back up the steps to the palace, through the doors waiting for the family before proceeding toward the dining room::

[20:02] <Mustang`> ::nods to Melesorce:: thank you

[20:02] <Melesorce> ::nods as she gestures into the dining room::

[20:02] <Titan> SCENE> The dining room is decked out like you would expect a royal dining facility to be complete with a full army of roboservants who seat the guests and start to wheel out the carts with the first course.

[20:04] <Mustang`> ::sits down, blinks and says to the member of the family sitting closest to him, lowly:: I've never been in such a fine banquet hall in my life..

[20:04] <Melesorce> I shall announce your arrival to my king .. ::She makes a sort of bow as she backs out and disapears up a flight of stairs::

[20:05] <Titan> SCENE> Meanwhile, in the royal chambers..

[20:05] <Titan> Don't you have anything..not black?

[20:06] <Titan> T'Charra> ::shakes his head and chuckles as his roboattendant finishes dressing him:: Hurry and pick something, they'll be here shortly.

[20:07] <Melesorce> ::knocks on the door to the royal chambers::

[20:07] <Titan> T'Charra> Enter.

[20:07] <Titan> ::swats at the roboservant:: I can button my own shirt, thank you.

[20:08] <Melesorce> ::pushes open the door and enters ..:: my lord, they have arrived and are awaiting your arrival in the dining room ...

[20:08] <Melesorce> ::looks nowhere but at T'charra::

[20:08] <Titan> T'Charra> Excellent, let us join them.

[20:09] <Titan> SCENE CHANGE> Stark-Fujikawa HQ, back in New York.

[20:11] <Titan> TIME> Lunch.

[20:13] <Shard> ::is sitting down eating his lunch mumbling:: damn currency exchange

[20:13] <Dare> ::storms towards the desk her mother works at:: Mother! ::obviously angry:: I thought you were going to leave me enough money to atleast take a cab... but I had to ride in a ::look of disgust:: bus.

[20:14] <Titan> ACTION> Dare finds her mother to be elsewhere.

[20:14] <Dare> ::looks at a reflection of herself on a mirrored object and plays with her hair a bit:: and some of them were looking at me with probably really icky thoughts

[20:14] <Dare> huh? ::looks around::

[20:14] <Shard> ::looks over at a classmate:: ya know whats up next on the tour?

[20:15] <Titan> ACTION> On her mother's calender, Dare notices she had a meeting with Tony Stark, so she concludes she is probably upstairs with hiim now.

[20:15] <Dare> ::grinds her teeth together:: she's having a meeting when "I'm" here to see her?!

[20:15] <Dare> ::swears something in russian and looks for a way to enter Stark's office::

[20:16] <Titan> Student> We're supposed to get to see Stark's office.. ::shrugs and takes a gulp of banana milkshake::

[20:16] <Dare> ::overhears the student:: Hmmm

[20:16] <Dare> ::calmly sneaks in with the rest of the group::

[20:16] <Dare> ((Hopefully none of these "boys" make any passes at me...))

[20:16] <Dare> ::fixes her hair while thinking it anyways::

[20:17] <Titan> ACTION> The building is suddenly racked by an explosion somewhere far above, like the rooftop.

[20:17] <Dare> gah! ::stumbles backwards::

[20:17] <Shard> i thought it woulda been better to go to like europe on the trip or some.... what the..?

[20:18] <Dare> ::gasps:: the meeting..

[20:19] <Dare> Mom! ::makes a mad dash towards the top floor areas::

[20:20] <Titan> ACTION> As Dare rushes up the stairs, she is swamped by people trying to run down. In all the commotion, however, she hears the distinctive beating of hellicopter blades.

[20:20] <Shard> i guess we should leave the building or something eh?

[20:20] <Dare> No! Get out of the way!

[20:21] <Dare> ((Please please please be alright))

[20:22] <Dare> ::as loud as she can scream:: Mom! Where are you?!

[20:23] <Titan> Natasha> ERIN! ::yelling into a megaphone from a hellicopter outside to dare's right::

[20:23] <Shard> ::gets up and walks towards the exit::

[20:23] <Dare> ::blinks::

[20:23] <Dare> ::face scowling:: What do YOU think YOU'RE doing?!

[20:24] <Titan> ACTION> Shard's group leader runs past him, foaming at the mouth, and giggling giddily.

[20:24] <Titan> Natasha> Getting Mr. Stark away from the building.

[20:25] <Shard> ::blinks at him:: too much drugs ::continues towards the exit::

[20:25] <Titan> Tony> Hi Erin. ::waves::

[20:25] <Dare> ....and you're leaving me!?

[20:25] <Dare> ::swears in russian some more::

[20:25] <Dare> ::gasps:: Tony!

[20:25] <Dare> ::blushes:: Hi ::smiles sweetly::

[20:26] <Titan> Natasha> There's nothing to worry about, just a rather large cherry bomb in one of the toilets. I'm just being cautious. See you at home.

[20:26] <Dare> ::mutters:: some cherry bomb... and how come mother gets to spend more time with him than me ::pouts::

[20:26] <Titan> FINAL SCENE CHANGE> No matter where in the world or the city our characters are, they feel a terrible rumbling, like an earthquake. They feel drawn to go outside (if not already there) and see what it could be.

[20:27] <Dare> ::shuffles outside of the building::

[20:27] <Shard> ::continues walking towards the exit::

[20:28] <IronMan> What the-? ::Glances around, blinking at the rumbling::

[20:28] <Dawn> ((somet'in's happenin'.....)) ::quickly goes to the door and opens it, going outside::

[20:28] <Miasma> ::Looks around quietly and mutters something about drugs and shakes her head.::

[20:29] <Mustang`> ::exits the building, after the family:: What's going on...?

[20:29] <Titan> ACTION> As our characters investigate and raise their collective eyes to the sky they see an incredible site that compels them to ooh and ahh and ask "What the hell?"

[20:29] <Dare> ::looks around paranoid and talks to anyone near by:: Do you feel something..?

[20:29] <Dawn> ::stares at the sky:: mon dieu!!!

[20:29] <Dare> ::eyes widen::

[20:30] <Mustang`> ::glances up at the sky, and blinks:: what in the world..?

[20:30] <IronMan> ::Looks up, eyeing the sky:: Damn..

[20:31] <Miasma> I gotta stop doing tricks...::She mutters.:: Gotta get off the crack... ::Again she shakes her head.:: I'm seeing things...

[20:31] <Titan> ACTION> The sky seems torn asunder and before them is a large, gaping hole that appears to be nebulous in nature (colorful star gas). Before they even know what's happening "meteors" shoot out of the nebula headed straight for each one of them!

[20:31] <Titan> ***>>>SIM END, TBC<<<***

[20:31] <Dawn> @@

[20:31] <Shard> @@

[20:32] <Dare> @@

[20:32] <Miasma> @@

[20:32] *** Joins: Afterburn (reny@cc807425-a.union1.nj.home.com)

[20:32] <Titan> You're LATE!

[20:32] <Dawn> lol

[20:32] <Miasma> It's offical! Mia's now a lady of the night!

[20:32] <Melesorce> @@

[20:32] <Dare> hehe

[20:32] *** Afterburn is now known as I-Noticed

[20:32] *** Melesorce is now known as Rayne

[20:32] <Shard> i miss my blue hair

[20:32] *** IronMan sets mode: +o I-Noticed

[20:33] <I-Noticed> aww.. iwas having fun playing the nick word game :)

[20:33] *** I-Noticed is now known as Boy

[20:33] <Titan> Any questions, comments, or gifts of cash?

[20:33] <Rayne> hehe, it was fun

[20:33] <Dawn> that was a cool sim :)

[20:33] * Miasma mildy wonders if anyone knows what Lady of the Night means.

[20:33] <Miasma> Didn't do much... -.-;

[20:34] <Shard> and to all you people who didnt notice, i did say 'eh'. heh

[20:34] *** Shard is now known as Calihan

[20:34] <Miasma> Could you distribute the simming just a bit more evenly?

[20:34] <IronMan> Looked like a good set-up, I thought. We get to sim much more next time though, right? =)

[20:35] <Titan> Yep.

[20:35] <Dare> hope I didn't seem too much like a b*tch ^_^;

[20:35] <Calihan> you were going to try to blend in with a bunch of canadians, heh

[20:35] <Miasma> Hey, I'm a lady of the night! I got you beat!

[20:36] <Titan> Next sim is going to be surreal, heh, and that's because you're all going to be interactive but not really. NEXT: Fun With the Time/Space Continuum!

[20:36] <Dare> gah

[20:36] <Dawn> yeesh :P

[20:36] <Calihan> do i get my blue hair back?

[20:36] <Rayne> And i won't be here ::giggles::

[20:36] <Titan> I like to call it Yhani.

[20:36] <Miasma> Sounds like a normal day for a crack-ho. Yes, that's what I've decided to do to poor Mia. Once she get's off the crack, watch out!

[20:37] <Dawn> hehe

[20:37] <Titan> Crack-ho!

[20:37] <IronMan> Oh terrific..and Terry was just trying to help..heh

[20:37] <Titan> French Amanda didn't know what a crack-ho was, heh.

[20:37] <Rayne> tsk

[20:37] <Dare> hehe

[20:37] <Titan> Anything else?

[20:37] <Dare> it was fun

[20:37] *** Rayne is now known as Kalea-

[20:37] <Dare> I have an American Beauty thing going for Mr. Stark ^_^

[20:38] <Calihan> you didnt answer my question

[20:38] <Dare> ...wait... that's a bad thing isn't it..

[20:38] <Dare> errr, g'night everybody ;)

[20:38] <Kalea-> ::stretches her wings and perches on a nearby treebranch::

[20:38] <Dawn> 'night :P

[20:38] <Titan> If you want to dye your hair blue, yes.

[20:38] <Titan> Alrighty, everyone out, heh heh.

[20:38] <Calihan> naww, bah, i had the natural blue going, you had ta take it away