[19:01] Titan> Why is it the guys on the team have high flake capacity compared to the girls?
[19:01] Dawn> ::smirk::
[19:01] IronMan> Ren said he may be late..heh.
[19:01] Miasma> Flake?
[19:02] Dawn> that's an easy one to answer..
[19:02] IronMan> *Looks at the females* Shush, you. =P =)
[19:02] Titan> It was a rhetorical question, heh
[19:02] Titan> ***>>>AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!<<<***
[19:02] Titan> @@
[19:02] Dawn> @@
[19:02] Dare> @@
[19:03] Miasma> @@
[19:04] Titan> SIM BRIEF> After being unceremoniously attacked by the seemingly innocent desert oasis (of doom), the team awoke to find themselves in China near to where the Celestial spacecraft, Ship, crashlanded well before recorded history. Their memories restored, though not their proper powers, the disorganized and rightly confused group were immediately faced with the terror spoken of only in German children's fairy tales: Apocalypse. Luckily, before the slaughter could commence, Nox's preternatural energies were replenished and he was able to transport the team out of harm's way, in theory. Any questions?
[19:04] Dare> none here
[19:04] Dawn> none.. i think.. and btw, i might not get to stay for the whole time
[19:04] Miasma> Nope
[19:05] IronMan> Nah.
[19:06] Titan> ***>>>SIM START<<<***
[19:06] Titan> SCENE> A dark, secluded alleyway, London, England. 1857.
[19:06] Titan> TIME> Midnight.
[19:06] Titan> ACTION> A door opens in the sidewall of the alley and as if blown by a strong wind A-Next is forced through the door and into the opposite wall which immediately shuts and vanishes behind them. As they rise and regain their composure they are privy to a most interesting site: each person is clothed in traditional Victorian attire.
[19:07] Dare> gah... this so doesn't match my hair.. ::scowls::
[19:07] Dawn> ::stands, muttering in rapid french::
[19:08] Dare> guess the bright spot is it looks like we're moving up in time periods..
[19:08] Miasma> Joy, went from bucket armor to a priss dress. How about a nice pair of jeans? ::Looks around.::
[19:08] Dawn> ::looks for Nox::
[19:08] Dare> ..jeans? Pfft ::smirks::
[19:08] IronMan> ::Looks around, scowling and then looking down at his clothing:: Hmm..interesting. It appears to be Victorian era style..More time tripping? ::Raises an eyebrow, looking towards Nox::
[19:09] Dare> don't think BigLips is involved in this too, do you?
[19:10] Dare> ::looks around for anything out of the ordinary::
[19:11] Nox> ::busying himself ripping and shredding through layer after layer of clothing but can't seem to lose the victorian look so finally gives it up and screams in exasperation:: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[19:11] Miasma> Fashion sucks. I should know. ::Bitterly grumbles about back in the day.::
[19:11] Miasma> ::Pats Nox on the head.:: Enjoying yourself?
[19:11] Dawn> agh! y' wanna bring down th' constables on us?!?
[19:11] Dare> ::jumps:: ..mind not acting like a complete idiot for once, Nox? ::growls::
[19:11] IronMan> Wouldn't be surprised..::Squints his eyes:: Apocalypse is an evil that's lasted through the ages..::Smirks visciously, glancing at Nox:: It's nice to see people get what they deserve..might be a good idea to keep it down, though..
[19:13] Voice> I must concur with your logic. It would indeed be best not to bring undue attention to matters of such great import that they must be attended to in such a Godless hour as this.
[19:13] Dare> ::turns to face the direction of the voice::
[19:13] Dawn> ::looks around:: who said dat?!
[19:13] IronMan> ::Narrows his eyes, spinning around in the direction of the voice:: Who..?
[19:14] Miasma> ::Turns to the voice, moving her skirts around as well.::
[19:15] Dare> how am I supposed to kick butt in a hoop skirt anyways?
[19:16] Miasma> Don't worry about it, the chances of that are unlikely.
[19:16] *** Joins: Calihan (here@
[19:16] Dare> ::blinks:: and what is that supposed to mean, Wondergirl...? ::glares at Miasma::
[19:16] Titan> ACTION> A well-dressed man of middle-age carrying a doctor's bag steps out of the shadows near to the far (dead-)end of the alleyway.
[19:17] Dare> whoa... I think I know who that is...
[19:17] Dawn> uhm... greetin's, mistah..?
[19:17] Dare> that might be Jack the Ripper!
[19:17] Dare> time period... guy was most likely a doctor from what was written..
[19:18] Dare> ...we're supposed to stop him then? Hmm... this might be interesting
[19:18] Dawn> ..an' i'm davy crocket..
[19:19] IronMan> ::Scowls slightly, eyeing the man:: No..it's not..I recognize him, from somewhere..news clippings, perhaps..
[19:20] Doctor> I'm afraid you've mistaken me for another. My name is Essex, Dr. Nathaniel Essex. Might I inquire as to who all of you might be?
[19:21] Dawn> Dawn LeBeau ::does a slightly shaky curtsy::
[19:21] Miasma> Jack the ripper was one man out of millions what are- ::Pauses and glances at the doctor, the name seems familar to her.::
[19:21] Dare> hmm... well alright then, I'm umm... Darla ((Maybe I shouldn't give him my real name... might mess up the time/space continuim and stuff))
[19:22] Miasma> Lilith Miasma.
[19:23] Dare> ((Gotta be some reason we're here...))
[19:23] IronMan> ::Eyes go wide:: ((I should have known..these jumps have been concerning Apocalypse..it only stands to reason we'd run into him..))
[19:24] Dawn> might i ask where y' came from..? dat's a dead end over dere..
[19:24] Dare> What's your story, doctor... making a late housecall?
[19:25] Shard> ::looks to the doctor as the others make an into:: ((i dont like this at all))
[19:26] Essex> Yes, actually, I was. This alley is the home of a patient of mine. She's too ill to make the journey to my office and too poor to compensate me even if she could. I visit her when my schedule permits.
[19:26] Dare> ::shudders:: ((This guy is giving off some really creepy vibes))
[19:26] Dawn> how very.. kind o' ya.. docter essex.
[19:27] IronMan> The name, Doctor..is Stark..Tony Stark..::Suspicious look:: ((Hate having to use Ton's name like that, but if this guy is who I think he might be..not about to give him a link to me..)) We're..visitors to London..::Sends a sharp look in Titan and Nox's direction::
[19:27] Miasma> ::Smiles.:: That's very kind of you Doctor. ((... where?))
[19:27] Dare> ::glances at IronMan:: Hey..! ((How DARE he use his name... )) ::trying to keep back a growl::
[19:28] Dawn> well, we'd better git goin'.. ::looks at the others:: righ'?
[19:28] IronMan> ::Sends a glance at Dare, that suggests she keep quiet:: ((We don't need him being any more suspicious of us, than he already is..))
[19:29] Essex> Might I inquire as to where you were proceeding at this late hour?
[19:29] Dawn> oh.. we're goin' t' a party.. but i fear we got lost..
[19:30] Dare> ::still fuming and talking with her teeth grinding together a bit:: we were... just... enjoying a nice...walk, right "Tony"?
[19:31] Miasma> ::Says nothing as she studies the man.::
[19:32] Titan> ::pulls terry aside and whispers:: Despite our contemporary clothing, we still stand out like (if you'll excuse the pun) bright, green thumbs, yet he hasn't made any reference to or even taken any notice of it.
[19:32] Shard> Mr. Essex is it? may i ask you what you specialize in?
[19:32] IronMan> ::Nods slowly and says quietly:: So I've noticed..do you recognize the name?
[19:33] Essex> A nice...walk...to a party, but you've lost your way? Could I possibly be of assistance?
[19:34] Dawn> per'aps.. ::looks to the others for help::
[19:34] Miasma> (('He' talked about... damnnit! Stupid amesthisa!))
[19:34] Dare> ((He's too nice to possibly be the bad guy..)) That's alright, I think we'd do fine by ourselves :;small smile::
[19:34] IronMan> ::Sends a glance at Essex and raises his voice:: Perhaps..as I said..we're visitors to London..and we're not well acquainted with the locale..
[19:35] Essex> And as to your question, I'm a student of biology. You are, of course, familiar with the work of Sir Charles Darwin?
[19:35] IronMan> ::Whispers to Titan:: I'm thinking we may want to stay close to him..if he's who I suspect he is..
[19:36] Dare> Of course, Darwin's study of evolution was childs play for me in school... ::blinks just realizing what she said::
[19:36] Dare> I mean.. I think I know of a gentleman named Darwin teehee... is he related to the one you know?
[19:36] Dare> ((I hate this time period already))
[19:36] Titan> ::whispers to terry:: Or maybe we should make our exit now before he has a chance to drug us and catalogue our blood and tissue samples.
[19:37] Miasma> Yes, sparking a contervesy I must say on his whole 'evolution' theroy. ::Glares at Dare.::
[19:38] IronMan> ::Sends a sharp glance at Dare:: Indeed, Doctor..I believe I've heard of the Good Sirs work on the study of "Evolution" and "Survival of the Fittest"..::Sends a glance at Titan, appearing to think it over for a minute and nodding:: ((Blast it..I don't want to lose him, but it's a risk we can't take..))
[19:38] Dare> ::letting her anger get the best of her:: Do you guys mind NOT looking at me like that?
[19:39] Miasma> ((Survival of the Fittest...)) As a matter of fact we DO mind...
[19:39] Dawn> ::bites her lip::
[19:40] Dare> Don't even think of getting in my face, Wondergirl... I've been handling these kinds of matters a LOT longer and better than you have!
[19:40] Dawn> would y' please not argue in fron' of th' nice doctor...?
[19:40] Titan> ::removes a pocket watch from his trousers and glances at it quickly:: The night grows shorter the longer we doddle here with the good doctor, friends. I'm sure his wife would not be too appreciative if we kept him much longer.
[19:41] Dawn> ((leas' i *think* he's a nice doctor..))
[19:41] Dare> hmpf ::turns her back to the others:: We'll finish this later.
[19:42] Miasma> ::Smirks, says nothing then nods to Titan.:: I suppose you're right.
[19:42] IronMan> ::Smiles, looking at Essex:: You'll excuse Darla, Doctor..she's..had a few, already tonight..::Moves close to Dare, whispering:: You're blowing our cover here..play along..::Raises his voice:: I think my friend is correct..we should let you get on your way..
[19:42] Dawn> indeed.. good night t' you, doctor
[19:42] Dare> ::just stares away from everybody but keeps listening::
[19:44] Essex> But I'm also sure it would do my wife's spirits well to have suuch interesting visitors as you. Won't you be my guests? You are probably much too late for your party anyway.
[19:44] Dare> ((This is our chance to get a clue about what's going on..))
[19:44] Dare> ::turns around and smiles:: Of course we'd love to visit
[19:45] Dawn> uhm.. i s'ppose.. but i'm sure the guests at th' party'll miss us..
[19:46] IronMan> ((Talk about a Spider inviting the fly into the web..)) ::Wide eyed stare at Dare:: ((That..impulsive..)) I'm..sure we shouldn't trouble you like that, Doctor..
[19:47] Essex> It would be no trouble. In fact, I insist.
[19:47] Dare> Wonderful... ::smiles:: let's go
[19:47] Dare> ::walks up to Essex::
[19:47] Shard> our friends might think there is something wrong if we do not show up though
[19:47] Dawn> ::looks at the others::
[19:48] Titan> Who are we to argue with a nobleman such as yourself, good doctor? ::smiles politely::
[19:48] Miasma> ((That little, attetion hogging...)) ::Clenches her fists together at her sides.::
[19:48] Dare> ::glances at Shard:: the good doctor insisted that we visit his wife... so if you don't mind... move it or lose it.
[19:49] Dawn> ((wouldn't be good to cause more trouble over this.. wonder if i could just sneak off..))
[19:49] Dare> ::smiles back at Essex:: Children ::rolls her eyes::
[19:49] IronMan> ::Sends a glance at Dare:: Indeed..::Moves towards Dare, whispering coldly:: We'll have a talk about this later..::Clears his throat, looking towards Essex and nodding::
[19:50] Dawn> ::looks at dare and shakes her head:: s'cuse my friend over here.. i b'lieve she forgot t' take her medication..
[19:50] Miasma> ((Breathe, 1,2,3,4,5...))
[19:50] Dare> ::whispers back:: just follow my lead and we'll be fine... trust me.
[19:50] Shard> I guess we can tell them we are alright tomorrow ((Wish they'd make up their minds))
[19:51] Titan> ACTION> After a brief, brisk walk, Essex and all arrive at his residence.
[19:51] IronMan> ::Whispers harshly:: You don't know what you've just gotten us into, girl..as I said, we'll talk later.
[19:52] Dare> ::groans and whispers back:: you've done nothing but argue all the way up here.. ::smiles:: very nice place you have here doctor
[19:53] Essex> Be it ever so humble... ::smiles, unlocks and opens the door for the others to pass through::
[19:53] Dawn> ::has been silent during the whole walk.. moves over next to Nox, talking soft enough so only he can hear:: after we're outta dis.. i need t' talk t' you..
[19:53] Dare> ::walks inside:: ((No Frankenstein's Monster yet atleast..))
[19:54] Miasma> ::Walks inside, briefly glances at Essex and looks around.::
[19:54] Titan> ACTION> The home is lit only by a single lantern whose light is emminating from further inside the home in the living room.
[19:54] Weak Female Voice> Nathaniel? Is that you Nathaniel?
[19:55] Shard> ::walks into the house::
[19:55] Dawn> ::steps into the house, not waiting for him to reply::
[19:55] Dare> ::whispers:: I'm expecting a trap to fall any time now... stay on your toes, team.
[19:55] IronMan> ::Moves inside, carefully, sending a glance around, once:: ((Stepping into the Lion's den..Dare and I are going to have a long conversation, when this is over..))
[19:56] Essex> ::proceeds inside after the others heading towards the light and voice gesturing for the others to wait in the sitting room where they are::
[19:56] Miasma> ::Looks around and sits in a chair, brushing back her hair.::
[19:56] Dare> I bet he probably has a torture room in here even.
[19:57] Dawn> ::adjusts her dress a bit:: ((dang thing itches..))
[19:57] Dare> ::goes through some of the stuff in the room, looking for any hidden levers::
[19:57] Miasma> <>
[19:57] Dare> I'd watch out ::looks at Dawn:; I think he might go after you first
[19:58] Dawn> an' why woul' dat be?
[19:58] Titan> <>
[19:58] Dare> ::smiles:: Didn't you pick up any clues at all? He was really keeping an eye on you after all... if anything happens I just want you to know it's been nice working with you ::smiles::
[19:58] IronMan> ::Looks around, suspiciously, clasping his hands behind his back and walking over to Dare, speaking quietly:: As the Good Doctor may be back any minute, I don't think Sinister would care much for you going through his things.
[19:58] Essex's Voice> Rebecca, I told you it was not neccessary for you to wait up for me. It does not do either you or the baby any benefit.
[19:59] Dawn> ::rolls her eyes:: stop bein' annoyin' f'r a change..
[19:59] Miasma> ::Looks coldly at Dare then turns her head at the voice.:: ((A baby?))
[19:59] Dare> Hmpf ::smirks::
[19:59] Dare> Sounds like he has other stuff to worry about...
[19:59] Rebecca> I couldn't help it, Nathaniel. I had the dream again...
[20:00] Dare> where did that little green guy go now?
[20:00] IronMan> ::Sends a glance in the direction of the voices:: ((Hmm..interesting..why are we here, I wonder? I realize it's likely something to do with Sinister and his connection to Apocalypse, but..))
[20:00] Essex> Did you take your medicene before you lied down?
[20:01] Rebecca> ... ...
[20:01] Dare> ::just waits impatiently:: This sucks! He's going to attack us sooner or later... we should atleast tie him up now so we have the element of surprise
[20:02] Essex> Stubborn woman! ::smacks her across the face, you hear the smack and can see the shadows waver in the next room::
[20:02] Dare> ..Hey!
[20:03] Dare> ::quickly runs into the room... which isn't too fast thanks to the skirt::
[20:03] IronMan> ::Looks darkly at Dare, then glances up, hearing the smack and scowling, resting a hand on Dare's shoulder, to attempt to keep her from going anywhere:: ((If she's as headstrong, as she usually is..))
[20:03] Essex> Retire to the bedchambre, I have guests to attend to and you certainly are in no condition to recieve visitors...
[20:04] Shard> ::looks to Dare:: Thats usual here in this time you know ::silent enough so essex cant hear::
[20:04] Miasma> ::Stands up and runs over into the other room as well.::
[20:04] Rebecca> ::scrambles off in the dark wimpering softly::
[20:04] Dare> ::growls:: I knew you were bad news
[20:05] Miasma> If she get's hit like this often then no wonder she's still ill. ::Coldly.:: And she certianly has no way to fight back.
[20:05] Essex> ::takes the lantern and uses it to light the others in the living room:: Please, do come in. Forgive that scene, I wish you hadn't been witness to it.
[20:05] IronMan> ::Sighs frustratedly, singing a glance at Titan:: This..is bad.
[20:05] Dare> ::smirks:: for once... I actually have to agree with you, Wondergirl..
[20:06] Titan> Ladies, do show some proper breeding. It isn't right to criticize a man in his own home.
[20:07] Miasma> Proper breeding!?
[20:07] Dare> ::glares at Titan:: Wh-at??
[20:08] Shard> please calm down ladies, yelling will not solve anything
[20:09] Dare> ((I really REALLY hate this time period))
[20:09] IronMan> ::Moves over to Dare and Mia and whispers:: Ladies..I dislike it as much as you..but remember the times.
[20:09] Dare> ::just mutters softly under her breath:: I'll just wait for now... but he's not getting away with that.
[20:09] Essex> Yes...would you all care to join me in a cup of tea? Something to soothe all of our nerves and ease the riggors of this late hour?
[20:10] Miasma> ::Tightens her fists and looks away, trying to calm herself.::
[20:10] Dare> ::just stays quiet::
[20:11] IronMan> Thank you..but I think I'll pass, Doctor..::Forces a smile:: Tea tends to disagree with me.
[20:13] Dare> Tea..would be fine..
[20:13] Dare> ::smirks:: and we all seem to disagree a bit with "Tony" once in a while
[20:13] Essex> Then perhaps you have never had an agreeable tea. I import only the finest leaves direct from Asia.
[20:13] Shard> I must also pass Doctor, I am tending to cut down on my tea intake, I drink too much of it
[20:14] IronMan> ::Smiles:: A..tempting offer, Doctor..perhaps another time.
[20:14] Miasma> ::Remains stoned face.::
[20:14] Dare> Everybody... it'd be... a slap in the face... to turn down tea from the good doctor. I suggest we be good guests and have some tea.
[20:16] Essex> Are you all quite sure?
[20:16] Dare> Yes, we are... we can talk about some of your thoughts about this Darwin person
[20:16] Miasma> ::Smirks.:: I'll try one cup.
[20:16] Dare> ..and other things.
[20:17] Essex> ::to dare and mia:: I suppose it shall just be the three of us then. Please excuse me while I put the water on to boil. ::smiles and takes a lantern with him presumably to the kitchen::
[20:18] Dare> ::glances at the others:: One of us should go check up on his wife...
[20:19] Dare> It's up to you know, Shard.
[20:20] Shard> eh? its up to me? how?
[20:20] Dare> We'll just tell him you went to the little boys' room.
[20:20] IronMan> ::Sends a look at Dare and sighs inwardly:: ((Must do something about that..)) ::Moves in close and whispers in her ear:: Did it ever occur to you that the tea may be drugged or poisoned? And I suggest not..
[20:20] Titan> ACTION> The sounds of contented whistling drift in from the kitchen.
[20:20] Dare> I won't swallow it.. and I suggest we do.. she's definately a key to everything
[20:22] Dare> I'm sure of it... Shard go for it, we have you covered ::tries to find a way to sit down in that skirt:: argh this thing is the biggest pain in the..
[20:22] Shard> your plan, you go
[20:23] Dare> ::groans:: I have to drink the tea, bucketbrains.
[20:23] Titan> Shard, don't argue, do as Dare says--this time.
[20:23] IronMan> ::Sighs and says quietly:: Shard..that's a negative..we're not here to change history..::Looks in Titan's direction for a confirmation::
[20:23] Miasma> I'd go but I'm in Dare's postion, I've got to be a 'polite' guest. ::Hisses out the word polite.::
[20:23] Dare> so that counts Mia and myself out ::smirks::
[20:24] IronMan> ..::Blinks, slowly, looking at Titan and quirking an eyebrow, surprisedly::
[20:24] Dare> ::impatiently:: He's going to be here soon..
[20:24] Shard> ::looks to Titan:: alright.. alright, if i get caught, im skinnin you two alive ::quickly and quietly goes off::
[20:25] Dare> ((About time I got some recognition))
[20:25] Titan> ::returns terry's glance with a glance of his own that says, "i have everything under control, i just don't know what form that control is going to take" glance::
[20:27] Shard> ::wanders towards where rebecca went::
[20:27] Essex> ::reenters the room with a sterling silver tea set complete with appetizing-looking biscuits and other miscellanious tea pastries::
[20:27] Dare> that smells nice
[20:28] Dare> ((..usually expect guests this late?))
[20:28] Titan> ACTION> As Shard wanders around upstairs in the dark, he notices he's stepped in a wet spot of carpet because it's squishing beneath his feet.
[20:29] Shard> ::looks to the wet spot and looks to where water might be coming from::
[20:30] Titan> ACTION> Shard notices that the wetness is particularly dark and syrupy for it to be water. It seems to be coming out of a room to his right to which the door is slightly cracked open.
[20:31] Shard> ::peeks into the room with the door slightly open::
[20:32] Essex> ::pours the three glasses of tea:: Sugar, honey, or milk?
[20:32] Dare> a little honey, please
[20:33] Titan> ACTION> Shard sees a the prone form of Rebecca lying on the bathroom floor in a large pool of (presumably) her own blood!
[20:33] Miasma> Sugar, one lump, please.
[20:34] Essex> ::spoons dare some honey and tongs mia the sugar::
[20:31] Dare> ::pretends to drink the tea, just letting the liquid touch her lips:: Mmm.. the tea is excellent, doctor... don't you agree, Lily? ::glances at Miasma::
[20:34] IronMan> ::Watches Essex carefully:: ((So..this is the famous "Mad scientist", so to speak..))
[20:35] Titan> ACTION> The aroma of the tea permeates the living room reaching everyone's nostrils. It becomes hard to think of anything but sweet, sweet scent.
[20:35] Dare> ::pretend sips the tea:: So, doctor.. have any interesting medical stories to tell us? Don't even have to be medical if you don't want to talk about work..
[20:35] Shard> ::gasps then stumbles back and looks around for how she died::
[20:36] Miasma> ::Presses her cup to her lips and places it by her side.::
[20:36] IronMan> ((Interesting scent to that..I'm not sure I've smelled that before..)) ::Sends a glance at the others, then frowns:: ((The scent..))
[20:36] Dare> ((this stuff does smell really good...)) ::shakes her head::
[20:36] Titan> ACTION> The bloody razor clinched in Rebecca's hand speaks volumes.
[20:36] Dare> ::eyes widen:: ((Oh no.. the arouma...!))
[20:37] Dare> ::drops the tea::
[20:37] Dare> ::stands up:: I'm..sorry.. I need a little bit of air I think
[20:37] Shard> ::turns and walks out of his room and closes his eyes for two seconds then looks around::
[20:37] Titan> ACTION> With the exception of Shard, all of A-Next drops down unconscious.
[20:38] IronMan> ::Had just started trying to form a blade with his hand, before falling to the floor, unconscious::
[20:39] Shard> ::quickly opens the door ajacent to the bathroom and looks in::
[20:40] Voice> Excellent work, my student, perhaps now you are ready for the final test.
[20:40] Titan> ACTION> A sudden thunderstorm brews outside...
[20:40] Titan> ***>>>SIM END, TBC<<<***
[20:40] Dare> @@
[20:40] Shard> @@
[20:41] IronMan> @@
[20:41] Titan> Questions, comments, etc.?
[20:41] IronMan> Well damn. heh. Essex is one sneaky bastard..
[20:41] Dare> that was creepy =)
[20:42] Titan> Heh, you guys thought that the master geneticist would try to drug you with tea...
[20:42] Shard> haha, hes going to dissect you all
[20:42] Titan> Vivisect actually
[20:42] Dare> ...vivisect? ::shudders::
[20:43] IronMan> Cal:Think about this..All of US are unconscious..and Shard is now all alone in a house with Sinister..and possibly Apocalypse..
[20:43] Titan> Heh, to be disected you have to be dead, vivisection is infinitely preferable. Just hope you survive it.
[20:44] IronMan> Sounds fun..heh
[20:44] Shard> ... good point... umm, escape through the window!
[20:44] IronMan> "Run away! Run away!"
[20:44] Shard> exactly. think shard cares about you guys?
[20:45] Dare> argh, Shard you better save us or else you'll never hear the end of it from Dare =P
[20:45] Titan> *scratches head* Well, that's interesting...
[20:45] Calihan> what is?
[20:45] Miasma> So he's gonna find out anything about your genes and such?
[20:46] Titan> The next sim is titled "Ragnorok" but I never plotted any of these sims, heh, I just titled them so I don't remember what's supposed to happen
[20:47] Calihan> im spose to kill sinister and pocky both?
[20:47] IronMan> Nope..just free us..heh.
[20:48] Titan> Anyway, I'll just reconfigure the remainder of the plot and have Shard burst in once Sinny's in the middle of his first vivisection of our lucky contestant.
[20:48] Calihan> free you? why? and how am i spose to do that? i want my powers
[20:49] Titan> Who will it be? Who will it be?
[20:49] Calihan> i know it cant be me!
[20:50] Titan> Until next week, this has been The Wheel of Vivisection Days of Our Passions!
[20:51] Titan> *waves*
[20:51] *** Disconnected
Session Close: Thu Jan 18 22:09:36 2001