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[18:25] <Titan> Hmm... *notices something*
[18:26] <Voltage> ?
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[18:29] <Titan> Dinnertime, depending on if I can find anyone to dine with, I'll bbiab
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[18:51] <`Voltage> ...*Kicks Jarvis* E'll be back soon. He went to grab Dinner.
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[19:13] <Afterburn> wb
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[19:13] <Shard> wb
[19:13] <Dawn> wb
[19:15] <Titan> ***>>>AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!<<<***
[19:15] <Titan> @@
[19:15] <Dare> @@
[19:15] <Dawn> @@
[19:15] <Shard> @@
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[19:16] <Afterburn> @@
[19:16] <Afterburn> brb
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[19:16] <Titan> SIM BRIEF> Shard was wandering around upstairs and came across a few items that were decidedly out of place like a Hello Kitty celphone. Meanwhile, Essex literally opened Miasma up and while he was probing her innards Shard stumbled down the stairs to the lab and lucked his way into a conveniently located Cosmic Cube.
[19:16] <Titan> The Cube restored A-Next to their normalcy and in the resultant chaos Sinister made his escape. A-Next demanded Nox get them back home finally and he responded with a lesson in temporal physics as to why that was impossible. Titan deciphered what Nox was talking about and proceded to explain. Any questions?
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[19:17] <Dawn> non
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[19:17] <Shard> nope
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[19:19] <Titan> ***>>>SIM START<<<***
[19:19] <Titan> SCENE> Essex's lab. Titan's in the middle of a long-winded, incredibly verbose explanation of Nox's long-winded, incredibly nonsensical explanation of temporal physics that no one is quite understanding...
[19:19] <Titan> TIME> Just after dawn...
[19:20] <Dawn> ::has fell asleep while standing up again::
[19:20] <Titan> Nox> ::materializes a tablecloth over one of the examination tables, a stool, a centerpiece, napkin, and silverwear::
[19:20] <Dare> ::looking beyond bored::
[19:21] <Titan> So, what I'm saying is that the neutrinos involved in the excitation of the hydroxyls in this process are unbalanced which causes the... ::looks over the blank stares of the audience::'re not understanding a word of this are you?
[19:21] <Dawn> zzzzz....
[19:21] <IronMan> ::Crosses his arms, listening and nodding slowly:: Interesting.
[19:21] <Miasma> You don't have very good people skills.
[19:21] <Afterburn> ::lets his head droop back and snores slightly::
[19:21] <Titan> Nox> ::materializes a plate of flapjacks with a side of scrambled eggs and bacon, a bottle of aunt jemima maple syrup, and a huge glass of oj::
[19:21] <Shard> ::looks to Nox, pointing a finger with mist around it at him:: givin me food too, right?
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[19:22] <Titan> Syrup> POURRR ME!!! ::snaps at nox, then hops off the table and lunges at shard's ankles like a rabid dog::
[19:22] <Dare> who cares about food... I
[19:22] <Titan> Nox> Bon appetit, mon ami.
[19:23] <Shard> 'ey! ::fires an ice blast at the syrup:: regular food
[19:23] <Miasma> Intellgent people never cease to amaze me...
[19:23] <IronMan> ::Nods his head slowly, as he seems to be piecing things together:: From what it sounds like..our home isn't exactly..our home, anymore..
[19:24] <Titan> Nox> ::shrugs and nibbles on his bacon:: Should've specified. Timmmberrr...
[19:24] <Titan> ACTION> A tree sized sausage link falls on Shard.
[19:24] <Dare> alright...then send me someone, anywhere that this Mr. Leprechan isn't going to be at
[19:24] <Shard> ::gets smashed against the floor:: ouch....
[19:25] <Dawn> ::wakes up and yawns:: did i miss anythin' not borin'?
[19:25] <Miasma> In simple English, somehow we screwed something up?
[19:25] <Titan> Nox> ::eye twitch:: "Leprechan?" LEPRECHAN!?!?!?!?!?!?! ::eyes glow red::
[19:25] <Dare> ::yawns:: You're so not scaring me, little guy.
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[19:25] <Titan> in the hole! ::dives for cover::
[19:26] <Dawn> ::blinks and looks over at nox, shakes her head a bit::
[19:26] <Titan> Nox> ::opens up fire with a semiautomatic on dare::
[19:26] <IronMan> ::Shakes his head:: You don't understand..::Takes a breath:: Let me see if I can explain this..and for reference was Nox over there, that screwed things up..::Glares::
[19:26] <Shard> ::tries to get back up:: when i get up, your an icecube little man
[19:26] <Dawn> ... ::charges up the semiautomatic::
[19:26] <Titan> Nox> NOBODY CALLS ME A LEPRECHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! ::vibrating from his tommy gun::
[19:27] <Dare> ::gasps and tries to block the shots with her arms::
[19:27] <Miasma> Oh ::Turns steam.:: {{So it isn't our fault this time?}}
[19:27] <Titan> ACTION> The bullets coat Dare in a foul-swelling neon pink paint.
[19:28] <Titan> Nox> ::tosses the gun to dawn just before it explodes:: I fell better now.
[19:28] <Dare> ugh...what IS this stuff?! ::tries to wipe it off of her::
[19:28] <Titan> ACTION> Dawn goes boom.
[19:28] <Shard> ::finally gets out:: your an ice cube ::walks slowly towards Nox::
[19:28] <IronMan> ::Moves in front of Dare, to stop any further hail of bullets:: That's enough. Nox, sit down, shut up and behave. You got everyone into this mess and you deserve a lot worse.
[19:29] <Dawn> << i dead or what?>>
[19:29] <Afterburn> ::oblivious look and glares at nox::
[19:29] <Titan> <<Their your powers, heh, it's up to you.>>
[19:30] <Titan> If you're done with breakfast now, Nox, then I think we should get moving.
[19:30] <IronMan> you will, let me explain what's happened from what I a way you can actually understand it..::Looks in Titan's direction, then at the others:: Do you remember those orbs or worms we've been trying to find?
[19:30] <Shard> ::shakes:: you really think keeping him around will help us is we cant get home?
[19:30] <Miasma> ::Turns back to normal.::
[19:31] <Dawn> ::..smoke cloud clears, pauses to dust the black stuff off her clothes::
[19:31] <Titan> ACTION> The worms peeks out from behind IM's again humming a little harmonious tune as they do so.
[19:32] <Dawn> ::stops and looks down at her hands:: ..what jus' happened?
[19:32] <Titan> Nox> Why didn't you just say so in the first place, chief? ::smirks and stomps his right foot on the floor causing a trap door that wasn't previosly there to drop down and reveal a stairwell beneath the lab's floor::
[19:32] <Dare> ::screams in frustration:: This is stupid... I don't even care anymore... I'll stay here if I have to
[19:33] <IronMan> ::Pointedly looks at the worms:: It's like this..they're basically the physical embodiment of the four essential elements to life on our planet: Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, and Carbon. When Nox decided to deal with the Elements of Doom..::Pointed glare at Nox:: It messed up the natural order of things.
[19:33] <Titan> Nox> It was a slight miscalculation on my part. ::sticks his tongue out at im::
[19:33] <Dawn> does dat mean pigs fly now?
[19:34] <Miasma> Wow. So life as we know it might not have happaned?
[19:34] <Afterburn> ::confused: What the hell is all this jibberish? All i know is that I have a splitting headache...
[19:34] *** Banshee is on IRC
[19:34] <Titan> ACTION> A winged pig drops out of the sky on Dawn's head.
[19:34] <Titan> Nox> What do you think?
[19:34] <Dawn> .....
[19:35] <IronMan> As we know it, yes..hence, to put it bluntly..everything's messed up. We've got three of them..we need the last one, to fix things.
[19:35] <Dawn> ::grabs the pig and sets it on the floor:: i didn' mean it litterally
[19:35] <Dawn> <<err, -t>>
[19:35] <Shard> ::looks to Nox:: so wheres the last orb worm thing?
[19:35] <Miasma> Well, I for one would like to see what ended up happening. One can never well but somehow I'll be outsmarted by you all so- ::shurgs::
[19:35] <Titan> So let's get a move on people, the more time we waste here the more the cosmos will unlikely as that seems...
[19:36] <Miasma> If he knew do you think we'd be IN this mess?
[19:36] <Shard> knowing him? possibly
[19:36] <Titan> Nox> Geez, do I have to make everything simple for you people? ::sighs::
[19:37] <Dawn> ::muttering:: i should've slept in..
[19:37] <Afterburn> Ooo... A piggy... ::looks over towards it::
[19:37] <Titan> ACTION> A big flashing neon sign appears before the team that reads (in bright red letters) APOCALYPSE HAS IT.
[19:37] <Shard> oh... great
[19:37] <Dawn> ....mon dieu, we are *screwed*
[19:38] <Dare> like I said... I'm just staying here.
[19:38] <Dare> It's hopeless
[19:38] <Dare> The timeline is screwed anyways because of him ::glares at Nox::
[19:38] <Miasma> Goodie.
[19:38] <Titan> No, we're not. We just have to get to it while he's hibernating.
[19:38] <Dawn> ::looks towards nox:: does th' homme have it by coincidence, or does he know what you did?
[19:39] <Dare> Hibernating..?  He's not Yogi freakin' Bear, Pym
[19:39] <Shard> he hibernates?
[19:39] <Titan> Nox> Of course he doesn't know what it is, if he knew what it was we'd really be screwed then... ::chuckles::
[19:40] <Miasma> ::Mutters about whoever made existance was a tretard and athisim is looking pretty darned good right now.:: Including himself.
[19:40] <Dawn> finally, some good news..
[19:40] <IronMan> Actually..::Scratches his chin as he moves towards the stairs, then looks at the sign:: Yes, as I was just about to say..::Shakes his head, then looks at Dare and Dawn:: Hardly. ::Nods at Titan:: Good idea.
[19:41] <Titan> He survived for several thousand years, his idea of a quick nap is general a few centuries. Are we all ready now?
[19:41] <Dawn> ::dusts the last of the black stuff out of her hair:: oui
[19:41] <Dare> ::growls::...fine... but I can't wait to get home so I can just forget about everything that happened
[19:42] <Titan> Good. ::proceeds down the stairwell after the levitating nox::
[19:42] <Dawn> ::follows::
[19:42] <Miasma> ::Scowls and glares after Titan and the stairwell.::
[19:42] <Shard> oy, this is going to be harder then it sounds ::goes down the steps::
[19:43] <Afterburn> <<afk for a few... ::mutters::>>
[19:43] <Dawn> ain't it always, homme?
[19:43] <IronMan> :::Moves down the stairwell, after the others:: Hmm..
[19:45] <Titan> ACTION> As A-Next proceeds down the darkened stairwell they notice it's begining to get bigger and spiral downward. They're in a tower of some sort.
[19:45] <Dare> if anyone says they have a bad feeling about this.. I'm going to punch them, got it?
[19:45] <Dawn> ::carrying her staff over her shoulder, whistling a tune::
[19:46] <Miasma> We're all going to die and go to hell, is that better? ::Slinks behind the group.::
[19:46] <Dawn> ::far away look:: not all 'o us.. ::trails off::
[19:46] <Titan> <<Don't give me ideas...>>
[19:47] <Titan> <<No wait, too late... *writes that down*>>
[19:47] <IronMan> ::Cracks a smile behind his mask, running a passive sensor sweep over the area as he heads down the stairs:: Actually..I'm more curious as to how exactly we're able to move between space and time, so easily..
[19:48] <Dawn> ::has stopped whistling, looks down at the floor, with an almost haunted look::
[19:49] <Miasma> ::Looks as sour as ever as she walks down.::
[19:49] <Titan> SCENE> The further down the stairs they go the lighter it seems to get until they're staring at a totem or obelisk of some sort in the center of the tower with Apocalypse's face at the very top.
[19:49] <Dare> hmm... got a small feeling he's here.
[19:50] <Dawn>'d think dey'd find somethin' less ugly t' put up there ::smirk::
[19:50] <IronMan> ::Speaks quietly:: Somehow I think you're right.
[19:50] <Shard> <<brb>>
[19:51] <Miasma> No freaking la-de-da... ::Scowls up at the statue.::
[19:51] <Titan> ACTION> As the team progresses down the stairwell random images appear in the stone obelisk of significant events in the history of mutantkind.
[19:52] <Dawn> ::glances at the obelisk every now and then, not really paying attention::
[19:53] <Titan> ACTION> Dawn feels a hot breath on the back of her neck.
[19:53] <Dare> ::passes each drawing:: boring..ugly...oh like that's interesting... I can do better than that one..
[19:54] <Dawn> .. ::looks behind her, having a good idea of who it might be::
[19:54] <IronMan> ::Eyes the images, narrowing his eyes:: Hmm..Interesting.
[19:54] <Miasma> ::Glances at 'large' amount of mutant history.::
[19:54] <Titan> ACTION> A stone man in a turban floats out of the obelisk near to Dawn.
[19:54] <Titan> Ozymandias> What business do you have here, insolent children!?! To violate the inner most sanctum of Ozymandias!!!
[19:55] <Dawn> .... ::steps back a bit:: ((guess i was wrong))
[19:55] <Dawn> what, dis ain't the tour day?
[19:55] <Titan> Ozymandias> No one but Apocalypse dares lay eyes on my prophetic works! Your reward for violating this place--death!!!
[19:55] <Dare> yah! ::aims a karate kick in Ozymandias's mid-section::
[19:56] <Afterburn> <<F-in parents... gotta go..>>
[19:56] <Dawn> i wasn't payin' attention t' it.. ::charges up the guy's turban::
[19:56] *** Quits: Afterburn ( (When the world is darker than I can understand. When nothing turns out the way I planned. When the sky turns grey and there's no end in sight.When I can't sleep through the lonely night. I turn to you. Like a flower leaning toward the sun. I turn to you.)
[19:56] <Shard> <<alright, im back>>
[19:56] <Titan> ACTION> Dare sprains her ankle kicking a stone man and starts to plummet to her death after losing balance on the narrow stairwell.
[19:57] <Dare> owowAh!
[19:57] <IronMan> ::Turns, towards Ozymandias:: Terrific..So much for making this quiet..::Sighs and activates his jet boots, flying down after Dare to try and catch her::
[19:57] <Miasma> ::Morphs into steam then floats above Ozy, and forms into a diamond type body, aiming a kick at his head.::
[19:57] <Titan> ACTION> Dawn's powers cannot affect organic material like Ozymandias.
[19:58] <Titan> ACTION> The obelisk rumbles as images rip free taking on a very real form albeit being stone. Ozymandias summons a savage Hulk, Thing, Colossus, Sabretooth, Sasquatch, and Wendigo to make light work of us!
[19:58] <Shard> ::charges up some is and looks towards the guy and waits for a clear shot::
[19:59] *** Quits: Outcast ( (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
[19:59] <Shard> ::turns and fires upon Sabretooth::
[19:59] <Dawn> .....! ::charges up her staff and throws it at the assembled bad guys::
[19:59] <Titan> Ozymandias> ::barely chipped by mia's kick:: You will have to muster greater strength than that to hope to defeat my minions. ::fades back into the obelisk::
[20:00] <Miasma> ::Yawns and morphs back to normal and looks dully at the fighters.::
[20:01] <Titan> We don't have time to waste on underlings. Shard, deal with the inanimates. Iron Man--if you're done playing White Knight--demolish the obelisk!
[20:02] <Dawn> ((hey, ain't dat metal guy familiar?)) ::looks quickly around for some shadows to hide in::
[20:03] <IronMan> ::Sets Dare down on the steps and flies at the Obelisk, charging his fists and blasting at it with a twin repulsor blast:: On it, Titan.
[20:03] <Shard> i have to take em all on? ::fires a blast at Thing::
[20:03] <Dare> ::hops around on one foot:: argh...stupid rock people..
[20:04] <Titan> They're just unintelligent stone creations.
[20:04] <Titan> Nox> But if you can't handle it, smallfry. ::snaps::
[20:04] <Titan> ACTION> The stone creations turn into water creations.
[20:04] <Shard> ::shrugs:: i guess ::fires a blast with one hand at the hulk, other at sasquatch::
[20:05] <Titan> Ozymandias> NOOOO!!! All my years of work!!!! STOP THIS DESTRUCTION!!!!!!!!
[20:05] <Dawn> ::stands in a shadow and watches the show::
[20:06] <Shard> ::continuously fires blasts at whatever creature things are left::
[20:06] <Titan> You heard the stoneman, Iron Man, stop this destruction. I can't seem to hear him telling us where Apocalypse is hibernating over the repulser blasts.
[20:07] <Titan> Ozymandias> Cairo, insolent ones, but you shall never unearth his resting place in time and even if you did you could never hope to stand against his might...
[20:07] <Titan> We don't need to unearth him, right Nox?
[20:07] <Titan> Nox> ::poofs a loincloth over his normal clothes and sits down crossedlegged in a meditative state::
[20:08] <IronMan> ::Stops firing, his hands still crackling with energy:: Cairo, eh?
[20:08] <Dawn> time? damn..
[20:08] <Titan> Nox> ::materializes a whirligig in his hand and starts spinning it over his head::
[20:09] <Dawn> ....
[20:09] <Titan> ACTION> A wormhole opens behind Nox a few feet out requiring a leap of faith as it were.
[20:10] <Miasma> ::Watches all of this, semi-amused.::
[20:10] <Titan> Ladies first. ::smirks::
[20:11] <Dawn> ::takes another staff out of a pocket and pulls it out to full size:: sure t'ing, fearless leader.
[20:11] <Dawn> ::runs towards the edge and slams her staff down at the edge, using her momentum to vault into the wormhole::
[20:11] <Dare> ::hops towards it:: this better be good!
[20:12] <IronMan> ::Hovers, eyeing the wormhole:: Next stop, Cairo..::Looks around, waiting for the others to go through::
[20:12] <Miasma> ::walks into it, yawns.::
[20:13] <Shard> ::looks around:: guess im next ::jumps in::
[20:13] *** Joins: Outcast (
[20:13] *** Banshee has left IRC
[20:14] <Titan> Battesuit before brains, Shellhead.
[20:15] <Dawn> <<..can we hurry this up? i gtg>>
[20:15] <IronMan> Right..::Moves to head through the wormhole::
[20:15] <Titan> SCENE> A tomb that blends ancient Egyptian architechture and design with Celestial technology...a Lazarus chamber.
[20:16] <Dawn> ::lands on her feet and looks around::
[20:17] <Titan> Nox> ::steps out of the wormhole after titan in his indy hat and cracks his bullwhip::
[20:18] <Miasma> ::Steps out.::
[20:18] <Dare> ::lands on her sprained ankle painfully:: ow..this sucks!
[20:18] <Titan> We're here--finally. Fan out. Let's find the fourth element without waking Sleeping Beauty, team. ((Not that that'll happen...))
[20:19] <Dawn> ::steps a few feet away from the wormhole, carefully examining the walls:: ((dese 'gyptian places had traps..))
[20:19] <Shard> alright boss man ::goes off a way noone else is and checks around::
[20:20] <Titan> ACTION> Mustang notices a glowing orb that looks to be what he's looking for within an energy matrix that seems to be powering the entire complex.
[20:20] <Titan> Mustang> I found it! *bzzt*
[20:20] <Titan> ACTION> Mustang gets electrocuted pulling the orb out of the energy matrix and passes out.
[20:21] <Titan> ACTION> The three elementals sworm Mustang's body inciting the orb to metamorphose into a catepillar like his fellows.
[20:21] <Titan> ACTION> The four catepillars take up positions around Mustang's body leaving white, glowing energy trails in the shape of a diamond with them as the four points.
[20:21] <IronMan> ::looks around, narrowing his eyes as he lets his sensors run a passive sweep:: Right..::Sends a look at Dare and frowns:: If we had the materials or time, I'd make a splint,'re gonna have to make do..::Moves in one direction of the room, then looks towards Mustang as he collapses and blinks::
[20:21] <Titan> ACTION> Mustang is levitated by the four catepillars who start to glow blindingly bright. When the light dims, Mustang can be viewed as being incased within a crsytaline energy matrix levitating in the center of the tomb raditating light, heat, and electricity.
[20:21] <Titan> ACTION> The pyramid starts to shake violently and in the commotion no one notices Apocalypse's crypt opening.
[20:21] <Shard> ::looks towards mustang::
[20:22] <Dare> hmpf, not like I need any of your help anyways.. I can handle myself just fine
[20:22] <Dare> wah! ::falls over::
[20:22] *** Joins: Neri`ull (
[20:23] <IronMan> ::Shoots a look towards Titan and Nox:: What are they doing to him?
[20:23] *** Neri`ull is now known as Dawn`
[20:23] <Miasma> ::Looks up at the sky, murrmering about how bad luck seems to follow them.::
[20:24] <Titan> Fixing the problem...
[20:24] *** Quits: Dawn ( (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
[20:24] *** Dawn` is now known as Dawn
[20:24] <Titan> Apocalypse> The time has come for the mechinations of Apocalypse to come to fruition and only the strong will survive. ::evil laughter::
[20:24] <Shard> ::blinks at Nox then looks quickly to apocalypse, quickly gathering ice around his hand::
[20:24] <IronMan> ::Blinks, looking at Nox:: What..? ::Turns, seeing Apocalypse::
[20:25] <Titan> ACTION> The light radiating from Mustang becomes increasingly bright.
[20:25] <Miasma> ::Glances at Apocalypse then shurgs.::
[20:26] <Dare> ...that's it! ::throws a loose rock at Nox:: Shut..up!
[20:26] <IronMan> ::Looks towards Nox:: Will you shut up, already?
[20:27] <Titan> Nox> ::passes out::
[20:27] <Titan> ***>>>SIM END?<<<***
[20:27] <Dare> @@
[20:27] <Miasma> @@
[20:28] <IronMan> @@
[20:28] *** Parts: Dawn (
[20:28] <Shard> @@
[20:29] <Titan> Remember everyone, no sim next week
*** Retrieving #A-Next info...
[20:29] <Dare> k
[20:29] *** Dare is now known as Amelia
[20:30] *** Shard is now known as Calihan
[20:30] *** Calihan is on IRC
[20:30] *** Titan changes topic to '=A= X-World Presents: A-Next =A= A-Next: Vol. 3, Thursdays@9:00p.m. EST (February 8 - SIM CANCELED)'
[20:30] *** Parts: Calihan (
[20:30] <Amelia> 'night guys
[20:30] *** Parts: Amelia (
[20:30] <Titan> Ditto
[20:30] <Miasma> Night
[20:30] *** Disconnected
Session Close: Thu Feb 01 20:30:48 2001