[18:33] *** Joins: Hales (here@

[18:35] *** Eclipse sets mode: +o Mustang`

[18:36] *** Joins: Ryoko (blinkx@isaak.pressenter.com)

[18:37] *** Eclipse sets mode: +oo Hales Ryoko

[18:38] *** Ryoko is now known as Dare

[18:38] *** Joins: `Voltage (FourMcs@pool-

[18:38] *** `Voltage has left IRC

[18:38] *** `Voltage is now known as IronMan

[18:39] <Mustang`> ..Shiar?

[18:39] <Eclipse> Good answer, good answer!

[18:40] *** Joins: Kinetia (~ashleyann@ppp30-hrl.acnet.net)

[18:41] *** Joins: Styxie (janis14@ppp.

[18:41] <Dare> Get my old costume back? ^_^

[18:42] <Hales> nooo, you get a blue costume if im not mistaken

[18:42] <Mustang`> huh?

[18:42] *** Hales is now known as Shard

[18:43] * Eclipse is trying to finish the plot here, quit bugging him =P

[18:43] <Dare> sorry hehe

[18:44] *** Kinetia is now known as Dawn

[18:45] *** Mustang` sets mode: +ooo Dawn IronMan Styxie

[18:46] *** Styxie is now known as Miasma

[18:46] <Dawn> thanx

[18:46] <Mustang`> Bugging you like... ::puts a spider on Eclipse's shoulder:: this?

[18:46] <IronMan> Hmm..Blue costume?

[18:46] <Dawn> you don't wanna know... :P

[18:47] <Shard> he should know, but with his memory, heh

[18:47] <IronMan> Actually, I think I do..<G> How much does this blue costume cover, prey tell? *Prepares to duck*

[18:47] <Dare> ... ::growls::

[18:48] <Mustang`> ::looks up:: huh?

[18:48] *** Kitty is on IRC

[18:48] * IronMan hides. J/K! ;)

[18:49] <Dawn> heh heh

[18:50] *** Joins: Kitty (booger@ppp03-199.algx.iadfw.net)

[18:50] *** Mustang` sets mode: +o Kitty

[18:50] *** Kitty has left IRC

[18:50] *** Kitty is now known as Shell

[18:51] <Miasma> I hate the armor for IronMan, IronMan is stuck with Mia's outfit.

[18:51] <Mustang`> lol

[18:51] <Mustang`> ::wait

[18:51] <Mustang`> ::shudders::

[18:51] *** Eclipse is now known as Titan

[18:51] *** chanserv sets mode: +o Titan

[18:52] <IronMan> It's a bodysuit, getcher minds out of the gutter..=P

[18:52] <Dare> which costume am I stuck in again? ::worried look::

[18:52] <Titan> Shard's

[18:53] <Dawn> i might not be responding real quick, btw

[18:53] <Titan> And why is that, missy?

[18:53] <IronMan> And that looks like what? =)

[18:53] <Dawn> i'm busy being on a tour on a game i'm beta-testing, i can't just leave or else i won't know how to do anything

[18:54] <Titan> What do I look like? Jean Paul Cardigan?

[18:54] <Dare> ::snickers::

[18:54] <Titan> Oh and that's more important than this sim?

[18:54] <IronMan> I was asking Shard, actually..it IS his costume..=)

[18:54] * Titan adds Dawn to...THE LIST!

[18:54] <Shell> ::sniffles:: been outta the loop to much

[18:54] <Dawn> o.o...it should be over soon

[18:55] <Mustang`> ..::flips to the next page on the notebook:: that's my old list from Excal, this one is yours

[18:55] <Shard> well its a full suit, buut, it fixes itself to the person wearin it E said so it musta gotted smaller, heh

[18:55] <Dawn> this sim and that game are both important, so i can't quit either right now

[18:56] <Titan> For everyone's own personal edification...THE LIST! is not a good thing. Right now, Diamond is at the top of...THE LIST! and I don't see him moving from that number one slot until hell freezes over and elephants learn to fly without their magic feathers.

[18:56] <Dawn> lol

[18:56] <Dawn> so...what number am i on THE LIST!?

[18:56] <Titan> You're number three.

[18:56] <Shard> ooh, whoes two?

[18:57] <Titan> Gage.

[18:57] <IronMan> E:Am I on the List? =)

[18:57] <Dawn> three already....? ::hides::

[18:57] <Mustang`> E, Green good, Red bad. heh

[18:57] <Titan> You're not on the list.

[18:57] <Titan> *blank*

[18:57] <Mustang`> only 3 ppl on the list?

[18:57] <Titan> Exactly.

[18:57] <Mustang`> there's two lists.. one good, one bad

[18:57] <IronMan> Oh good. =)

[18:58] <Mustang`> you write in Green pen for good, red for bad

[18:58] <Titan> And you have to do it like this...THE LIST!

[18:58] <Dare> hehe

[18:58] <Miasma> List?

[18:58] <Mustang`> that too

[18:58] <Dare> I can't wait to make it ;) j/k

[18:58] <Titan> There is no good...THE LIST!

[18:58] <Mustang`> yeah there is a good... THE LIST!

[18:59] <Mustang`> but you have to be really really nice to the TL and he has to like you a lot to be on the good... THE LIST!

[19:00] <Titan> If it were a good...THE LIST! then it would be~THE LIST! rather than...THE LIST!

[19:00] <Titan> ***>>>AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!<<<***

[19:00] <Titan> @@

[19:00] <IronMan> @@

[19:00] <Dare> @@

[19:00] <Shard> @@

[19:00] <Shell> @@

[19:00] <Mustang`> @@

[19:00] <Dawn> @@

[19:00] <Miasma> @@

[19:01] <Titan> SIM BRIEF> Nox arrived via the wormhole and restored A-Next's powers...in theory. See, everyone gained the powers of a teammate rather than their own. As of yet no memories have returned which made everyone all the more homicidal towards Nox when he transported the team into the wormhole. Any questions?

[19:01] <Mustang`> Sir, no, sir!

[19:01] <Dawn> nope

[19:01] <Miasma> Nope.

[19:01] <Dare> none from me

[19:01] <Shell> No

[19:02] <IronMan> None, as usual

[19:02] <Shard> nope

[19:03] <Titan> Alrighty then, don't anyone start simming until you get spit out of the wormhole not that any of you would being the intelligent people that you are.

[19:03] <Dawn> ::suffers from lag..::

[19:03] <Titan> ***>>>SIM START<<<***

[19:03] <Titan> SCENE> A mountainous region, Chandilar, Shi'ar Impirial Space

[19:03] <Titan> TIME> Sunset.

[19:04] <Titan> Oracle> It's very near, Kal, as though we were right on top of it.

[19:04] <Titan> Gladiator> Fan out, Guard, find it before--

[19:04] <Titan> Action> With a sonic boom, similar to the one that occured on the Earth, a wormhole opens up literally right beneath the Imperial Guard. As it does, Oracle clutches her head in pain and begins to fall towards the wormhole.

[19:04] <Titan> Gladiator> Sibyl! ::flies down to catch her::

[19:04] <Titan> Action> A-Next is spit forth from the wormhole which immediately closes behind them. They find themselves surrounded by the Imperial Guard and (the state of your memory being what it is) they are obviously a bit confused and disoriented this being their first experience with costumed superbeings of any sort.

[19:06] <Dare> ...I think I want to go home now. ::obviously not comfortable::

[19:06] <Shard> ::blinks and looks around:: alright, this isnt good

[19:07] <Dare> and look at this awful outfit! ::whines:: This isn't fair!

[19:07] <Titan> Action> Those members of A-Next without the benefit of flight are now falling the thousands of feet to their doom.

[19:08] <Dare> Ahhhh!!! And I WILL be caught dead in it!

[19:09] <Dawn> ::glances at the ground 'rushing up' and screams::

[19:09] <IronMan> ::Gets the sensation of falling and tries to turn himself somewhat gaseous, so he can float or something:: Oh, this is bad..this is very bad..

[19:09] <Miasma> ::Falls like a rock, she franaticly pushes numberious buttons on the suit.:: How do you work this thing!?

[19:09] <Shell> ::screams and cringes:: (( I don't want to die..haven't...done a lot of crap..))

[19:09] <Titan> ::falling decidedly faster than the others:: This is all so very fascinating...rate, speed, time....but the nature of gravity here...

[19:09] <Mustang`> Ohmanohmanohman.. can't this thing fly or do anything that can help me..?

[19:09] <Shard> ::falls, flailing his arms around like a fool:: i dont wanna die!

[19:10] <IronMan> Oh yeah..fascinating..right..great..He's enjoying it..:

[19:10] <Shell> ::like any person would is trying to not fall..and looking very panicked:: ((I dont' want to die..pleease..god somebody..))

[19:11] <Titan> Gladiator> ::recovers oracle and flies back up to face nox, him being the only one not falling:: Who are you, stranger, and why should we not let your friends fall to their deaths? ::gives the guard a nod::

[19:11] <Titan> Action> Miasma activates her thrusters while the others find their descent arrested by a member of the Guard.

[19:12] <Dare> ::nearly hyperventilating::

[19:12] <IronMan> Oh..hey..thanks. ::Under his breath:: I think I'm gonna throw up, now..

[19:12] <Shell> ::cringing...notices she's stopped..opens her eyes:: heh..::waves to the guard:: You know..I wasn't..really scared heh ::breathing heavily::

[19:12] <Dawn> ::blinks at the guard person that catches her and bites her lip::

[19:12] <Dare> I thought I was going to die... luckily I was caught... by... by... a flying person..?

[19:13] <Titan> Nox> ::scratches his head:: Umm, who are you?

[19:13] <Shard> ::gets caught:: .. thanks?

[19:13] <Titan> Gladiator> Are you mocking me, little man? ::glares, than nods to the guard again::

[19:13] <Mustang`> ::opens his eyes:: Am I dead..?

[19:13] <Titan> Action> The Guardsmen drop the members of A-Next.

[19:13] <Miasma> ::Blinks and looks around muttering a prayer.::

[19:14] <Shell> No no no! ::reaches up for the guardsman and tries to catch him:: ((not again!))

[19:14] <Shard> you a very nic.... ahhhhhhhh.... ::flings his arms around again::

[19:14] <Miasma> Sh-- ::Tries to dive after some of the non-flying memebers of A-Next.::

[19:14] <Dawn> ::slightly annoyed look::

[19:14] <Titan> Nox> Are you mocking me...Mohawk? ::quirks a brow at gladiator::

[19:14] <Mustang`> ::continues falling:: ..this is one of those days..

[19:15] <Dare> ::folds her arms across her chest and looks annoyed:: this is the suckiest dream I've EVER had.

[19:15] <IronMan> Gack! ::Falls, again:: Don't mock him, don't mock him!

[19:15] <Titan> Gladiator> ::growls::

[19:16] <Mustang`> Someone, anyone, help us!

[19:16] <Titan> Oracle> ::rouses:: No, Kallark, these must be the ones I sensed.

[19:16] <Titan> Gladiator> ::nods to the guard again::

[19:17] <Miasma> ((Come on you stupid machine... move it!)) ::Tries to grab someone's hand.::

[19:17] <Titan> Action> The Guardsmen catch A-Next once more though not in enough time to prevent Titan from making a nice-sized crater in the landscape below.

[19:17] <Shard> ::clings to the guards arm::

[19:17] <Dare> ::eyes widen after seeing Titan hit the ground:: is he... dead?

[19:18] <Dawn> ::says a quick prayer in french and look at the guard:: uh...dis ain't some kinda' game, is it?

[19:18] <Shell> please..::gets caught and tries to breathe normally:: That was not funny! ::rubs at her eyes:: this is not water proof mascera

[19:18] <Titan> My computations proved sound. I persevere.

[19:18] <IronMan> ::Holds on tight to the Guard member that caught him:: Okay, any plans I ever had to skydive just went out the window, along with my lunch..

[19:18] <Mustang`> ::eyes widen:: Howdidhe..?

[19:18] <Dare> how the hell did you survive that?

[19:18] <Dawn> ::looks down at titan and puts her hand over her mouth::

[19:18] <Dare> What's going on here? Put me down! ::struggles::

[19:19] <Titan> ::climbs out of his crater:: I fear we don't have time for technical discussion of how this body survived such a trauma as we have more pressing concerns.

[19:19] <Dawn> mon dieu..

[19:19] <Miasma> ::Frowns, landing next to Titan.:: You're kidding me, right?

[19:20] <Titan> Warstar> Don't struggle, girl, you'll only hurt yourself.

[19:20] <Dare> ::grumbles to herself::

[19:20] <Shell> ::rubs at her eyes and sniffs:: I just want to go home

[19:20] <Titan> I don't kid when it comes to science. You must be adequately armed, correct?

[19:21] <Miasma> I think so...

[19:21] <Titan> Action> The Guardsmen bring A-Next to the ground.

[19:22] <Shard> ::looks down at the ground and slowly lets go of the guardsman arm::

[19:22] <Dare> ::quickly gets away from Warstar and walks towards Titan and pokes a finger to his chest:: You... are the one who got us into this aren't you

[19:22] <Shell> ::removes herself from the guard's hold and almost stumbles as she walks..then walks pretty well:: ((that was enough for one day..))

[19:22] <Dawn> ::gratefully stands on the ground, feet wobbling a bit::

[19:22] <IronMan> ::Breathes a sigh of relief as his feet touch the ground:: Uh..thanks..::Glances at the Guard member that caught him::

[19:22] <Titan> Action> Dare hurts her finger.

[19:23] <Dare> ow! ::recoils her hand::

[19:23] <Mustang`> ::tries to pull his helmet off::

[19:23] <Titan> ::picks dare up and moves her out of harms' way:: I'm in the middle of an experiment. Don't interrupt again. ::turns back towards mia:: I want you to attack me.

[19:24] <Dawn> ::shakily:: d-dis ain't right...where are we? ::looks towards nox::

[19:24] <Dare> oh... that figures... you're crazy.

[19:24] <Shard> i really shoulda stayed home from this trip ::mutters::

[19:24] <Titan> Nox> Where are we? Umm... ::thinks::

[19:24] <IronMan> ::Scratches his head, eyeing Titan:: Did he just say what I think he did?

[19:24] <Shell> ::blinks:: ((Ok that guy's insane..actually some..kinda cute guys..this is just really jacked))

[19:25] <Dawn> y'mean you don' know?!?

[19:25] <Titan> Nox> I'll let Mohawk field that one. ::levitates a few feet off of the ground::

[19:25] <Miasma> Fine... if I can work this thing out... ::Atempts to launch a laser at Titan.:: If the guy lives from a few thousand feet fall, this isn't going to harm him.

[19:25] <Dare> ::screams and dives away from Titan::

[19:26] <Titan> Gladiator> ::growls again::

[19:26] <Miasma> ::Points to Nox.:: You however don't have the same type of luck as he does. Remember that.

[19:26] <Dawn> uhm...::look towards gladiator:: y' would know where we are...suh?

[19:27] <IronMan> Uh..::Looks at Gladiator and points at Nox:: We don't know him.

[19:27] <Titan> Action> The laser incinerates the upper part of Titan's uniform but doesn't leave so much as a scratch on his skin.

[19:27] <Shard> i want to go back home

[19:28] *** Quits: Mustang` (lou@A060-0544.SNFC.splitrock.net) (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))

[19:28] <Dawn> ::looks toward shard:: you an' me both, homme

[19:28] <Titan> Oracle> ::places a hand on gladiator's shoulder keeping him from turning nox into goo:: You are on Chandilar, the homeworld of the Shi'ar Empire.

[19:28] <Shard> umm... where?

[19:29] <Dawn> never heard 'o it..

[19:29] <Titan> Action> The uniform, being unstable molecules, reforms itself, coincidentally.

[19:29] <IronMan> ..We're what? Oh great..we're on a different planet..::Glares at Nox::

[19:29] <Miasma> That's pretty damn neat... ::Looks at her hand.:: Mind if I borrow this? I have some payback to do... ::Voices fades out puzzeledly.:: ((Why.. why am I thinking like this?))

[19:30] <Titan> Nox> What? I thought you guys wanted to travel to exotic locales.

[19:30] <Titan> Oracle> You mean you do not know of the Empire? Where is it you come from?

[19:30] <Shell> Ok..exotic means..like a beach on a romote island..not another planet

[19:30] <Dawn> ::glares at nox:: none 'o us said anyt'in about goin' anywhere!

[19:30] <Dare> so if you guys can blow things up and be invurnable... what can I do? ::blinks and looks at her hands::

[19:30] <Shard> im from Canada, and i want to go back anytime soon

[19:31] <IronMan> I didn't want to do anything, except enjoy my day off! ::Glares at Nox:: And..uhm..Earth? ::Looks towards Oracle:: Please tell me you know where that is..

[19:31] <Dawn> <<okay, i'm off my game now>>

[19:32] <Miasma> And for every quick buck I'm lossing, each one YOU'RE going to pay for, 'Peter'! ::Her helment moves towards Nox as if indcating she's glaring at him.

[19:32] <Dawn> ::looks over at dare:: ah'll trade you powers??

[19:32] <Titan> Oracle> Of course we know of Earth, it is the latest planet to be added to the Empire.

[19:32] <Dare> I don't even know what they are though ::pouts::

[19:32] *** Joins: Mustang` (lou@A060-0083.SNFC.splitrock.net)

[19:33] <Dawn> ::pauses:: ....added?!? like how? took over?

[19:33] <Shell> ::realls confused look..stands kinda by herself:: ((I just don't get...any of this..)) ::bites her lip::

[19:33] <Dare> ::glares at Oracle:: Hmm... doesn't seem to be eye laser blasts

[19:33] *** Shell sets mode: +o Mustang`

[19:33] *** Miasma sets mode: +o Mustang`

[19:33] <Shard> ::takes a disk:: wonder what these do

[19:33] <IronMan> ::Blinks:: Wow..so aliens really have been to Earth and the Government's been covering it up..::Takes a few steps back, looking at his hands, as they change from solid to gas and back:: Wish they'd stop that..

[19:34] <Dare> ::smirks at IronMan:: Have you always been this naive?

[19:34] <Dawn> ::gets a bit agitated, the shell starts to form over her skin:: ahh....::starts pulling it back off again::

[19:35] <Shard> ::puts the disk back::

[19:35] <Titan> Action> Shard's uniform start to glow and make a crackling sound before it explodes, luckily for him (for all of us) the unstable molecules prevent it from being destroyed though the explosion was rather unpleasent.

[19:35] <Miasma> ::Puts her hands on her hips, getting quite used to the suit or perhaps the new aduttide.:: When did this happen?

[19:35] <Dawn> ::jumps and stares at shard::

[19:35] <Dare> ::jumps up and down:: errr... can't fly..

[19:35] <Shard> ::blinks:: ow... ::falls down::

[19:36] <Titan> Oracle> How can you be from Earth and not know of the marriage of our worlds?

[19:36] <Shell> ::blinks at Shard:: ((these people are kinda scaring me..)) ::Looks at Dawn:: ((And I actually know her...Wonder if I can do something)) ::looks down and around::

[19:36] <Dawn> ::goes over to a few feet away from the group:: anyone try t' blow me up, an' ah'll be pissed..

[19:36] <Shard> ::keeps his hands away from the disks:: that wasnt fun

[19:37] <Miasma> Because we're hicks from Redneckville. Now be a dear and tell us what's going on?

[19:37] <IronMan> ::Glances over at Dare, eyeing her for a minute:: Actually, I was being sarcastic, but..uhm..Terry. ::Looks back down at his hands as they turn into blades:: Whoa..cool.

[19:37] <Titan> Gladiator> Enough talk! I say we destroy the spies before they do any more damage to the homeworld! ::nods to the guard::

[19:38] <Dawn> ::slight frown:: was dis 'marriage of worlds' public knowledge back on earth?

[19:38] <Dawn> huh? what??

[19:38] <Shell> Woah hey ::points a finger at gladiator:: getting a bit way to..testy there..i'm not a spy..last time I checked

[19:38] <Dare> Spies!?

[19:38] <Titan> Action> The Guardsmen open fire upon A-Next with all manner of weaponry and powers.

[19:38] <Dawn> spies...?!?

[19:38] <Shard> ahh ::runs away from the guard::

[19:38] <Dare> Wah! ::tries to avoid the blasts::

[19:39] <Dawn> ::stumbles back, tries to form her shell without screaming::

[19:39] <IronMan> Gack! ::Tries to reflexively change into gaseous form::

[19:39] <Dare> What are you guys waiting for... fire back at them!

[19:39] <Shell> Ah! ::ducks and does some flips to avoid blasts..looks for something to hide behind::

[19:39] <Miasma> ::Jets out of the way, launching her own attack at THE Gaurdsmen.::

[19:39] <Dawn> fire back wi'h what?!?

[19:39] <Titan> Nox> ::stroking his chin in the midst of the battle field:: I know there was a reason we came here...

[19:39] <Shard> ((wait asec, that disk!)) ::grabs a disk and tosses it at a guard::

[19:40] <Dare> energy, fire...missles... spitballs I don't know just do something!

[19:40] <Dawn> ::looks around for something to hide under::

[19:41] <Shell> ::concentrates and tries to use whatever power she might have to fire at the guards::

[19:41] <IronMan> Why don't YOU try and fire back, instead of just sitting there, looking pretty! ::Tries to move towards the Guardsmen and try and turn solid again and tackle one of them:: We're not spies! We're just..hell, I don't even know why we're here! It's the annoying guy's fault!

[19:41] <Titan> Action> No matter how much they try to fight back (or run away) A-Next is hopelessly outclassed and outnumbered.

[19:42] <Dare> ::waves her hands wildly at the guardsmen trying to use her powers whatever they may be::

[19:42] <Titan> Nox> ::snaps:: I GOT IT!

[19:42] <Dawn> ::starts saying another prayer in french::

[19:43] <Mustang`> ::puts his helmet back on and backs up, sending little blast thingies at the guard::

[19:42] <Titan> Action> Everything freezes in time.

[19:44] <Titan> Nox> Whoops... ::snaps, unfeezing anext::

[19:44] <Shell> ((uh...I can't move..or talk..)) ::frozen in her landing position..rolls back out after being unfrozen:: gah..

[19:42] <Miasma> Better tell us now you lost boy from hell... Hey.. not a bad trick.

[19:44] <Dawn> ugh...::almost falls over::

[19:44] <Dare> take that! ::blinks::

[19:44] <Dare> ..what just happened now?

[19:45] <Titan> Nox> ::dances:: I remember, I remember, I remember...

[19:45] <Dawn> ::curiously tries to knock a frozen guard member over::

[19:45] <Shard> ::blinks:: back to them ::toddes another disk at a guard:: go boom will ya!

[19:45] <IronMan> ::Falls flat on his face:: Ow..well good for you..get us out of here! ::Tries to get to his feet::

[19:45] <Dawn> remember what??

[19:45] <Dare> Remember what you awful little troll..?

[19:45] <Titan> Action> Dawn doesn't have the strength to push even the littlest Guardsmen over.

[19:46] <Miasma> ::Grabs Nox by the collar.:: Spit it out.

[19:46] <Dawn> oh well, meybe dey make good statues, non..? ::looks back at nox::

[19:46] <Titan> Nox> Hey now, watch the merchandise.

[19:46] <Shell> ::glares at Nox::

[19:47] <Dare> Nyet... not until you tell us what's going on.

[19:47] <Titan> Nox> ::flies up into the sky then dives downward spinning around like a drill and burrows into the ground::

[19:48] <Shell> ::pushes some hands through her hair..blinks half way through as she sees nox:: that's a neat trick

[19:48] <IronMan> Russian, eh? ::Quirks an eyebrow at Dare, for a minute, before turning to watch Nox:: Okay..what's he doing, now?

[19:48] <Dare> Hey... get back here! ::yells into the hole:: I'll find you myself if I have to!

[19:48] <Dawn> ::starts ripping her shell off again before she gets clastrophobic, pauses and stares at nox::

[19:48] <Miasma> ::Let's out a sharp sigh.::

[19:49] <Dare> ::growls:: [[jerk!]]

[19:49] <Shell> ::looks at Dare:: What language is that? heh

[19:49] <Miasma> ::Waits a few moments before jumping after Nox and Dare.::

[19:49] <Titan> Action> Water sprays forth from the hole soaking whatever poor sap happened to be standing around it.

[19:49] <Dare> ::barely paying attention to Shell:: It's Russian... from my mother's side

[19:49] <Dare> Ah! ::gets soaked::

[19:50] <Dare> I'm going to KILL him!

[19:50] <Shell> ..Cool..::watches her get wet:: epp..you ok?

[19:50] <Dawn> ::steps back more despite not being close to the hole::

[19:50] <Shard> ::blinks:: really, a fountain

[19:50] <Dare> ::glares:: do I look okay? He did that on purpose ::storms a bit away from the others::

[19:51] <Titan> Action> A blue orb, about the size of a grapefruit, shoots out of the geyser.

[19:51] *** Quits: Mustang` (lou@A060-0083.SNFC.splitrock.net) (Leaving)

[19:51] <Dawn> ::blinks::

[19:51] <Shell> ::looks to dare and then the orb:: ooh that's pretty

[19:51] <Shard> ::blinks at the orb:: i dont think thats a good thing

[19:51] <IronMan> Uhm..Okay..::Watches Dare storm off, then looks at the orb, curiously::

[19:52] <Dare> ::while wringing out her hair:: What is that?

[19:52] <Miasma> ::Flies into the air and lands on the ground, her armor wet but she's fine.::

[19:52] *** Joins: Mustang` (lou@A060-0529.SNFC.splitrock.net)

[19:52] <Miasma> ::Walks over lazily to the orb and atempts to pick it up.::

[19:52] <Titan> Action> As the orb starts to hits the ground near Shard everyone can notice that it's pulsing like some sort of explosive.

[19:53] <Shard> ahh! not again ::runs::

[19:53] <Shell> Uh..is that a good thing?

[19:53] *** Shell sets mode: +o Mustang`

[19:53] <Titan> Nox> ::emerges from the geyser in a wetsuit and snorkle:: Thing was buried deep...

[19:53] <Dawn> ::tries to get away..::

[19:53] <IronMan> Uhm..okay..I think maybe we should be going, now..::Starts to back away::

[19:54] <Shell> ::takes some steps back from the orb::

[19:54] <Miasma> Good.. idea.

[19:54] <Titan> Nox> ::climbs out of the hole, snaps his clothes back to "normal," then calls the orb to him:: What's a matter guys? Afraid it's going to EXPLODE or something?

[19:55] <Shard> ::pauses far far away:: yes

[19:55] <Dare> Something like that you psycho.

[19:55] <Dawn> ::stops and slowly starts walking back..::

[19:55] <IronMan> Well, yeah..y'know..it kinda gave us that impression..::Still backing away::

[19:55] <Dare> ::walks back to the rest of the group after deciding she's dried off enough::

[19:55] <Miasma> Anything you produce isn't nesscarly good...

[19:56] <Titan> Nox> Then maybe I shouldn't do... ::tosses the orb up into the air causing a giant bat to appear as he does so:: ...THIS!

[19:56] <Dawn> ::...stares::

[19:57] <Dare> what... is this?

[19:57] <Shell> ::eyes go very wide:: oh my god ::puts her hands over her head instinctivly and cringes::

[19:57] <Titan> Action> Nox's bat sends the orb flying right into the midst of the scattering A-Next and it explodes shortly thereafter.

[19:57] <Titan> ***>>>SIM END, TBC<<<***

[19:57] <Dawn> @@

[19:57] <IronMan> @@

[19:57] *** Joins: Remy` (lou@A060-0052.SNFC.splitrock.net)

[19:57] *** Quits: Mustang` (lou@A060-0529.SNFC.splitrock.net) (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))

[19:57] <Miasma> @@

[19:57] <Dare> @@

[19:57] <IronMan> Aww, I wanna sim more..=)

[19:57] <Shard> @@

[19:57] <Shell> @@

[19:58] <Dawn> now we're all jus' floatin' molecules...

[19:58] <Titan> Questions, comments, etc.?

[19:58] <Shard> how long we have others powers for?

[19:58] *** Remy` is now known as Mustang`

[19:58] <Shell> I wanna sim ::sniffle:: I actually have some times

[19:58] <Shell> -s

[19:58] <Titan> Until I tell you that you don't have them anymore

[19:59] <Shard> when will that be?

[19:59] *** Dawn sets mode: +o Mustang`

[19:59] <Mustang`> why the )(&*@#(*&*) can't I ever last through a sim without having connection problems?

[19:59] <Titan> You will know it when the time comes.

[19:59] <Shard> and did i get hit too? i ran far far away

[20:00] <Mustang`> ...wtf happened?

[20:00] <Dawn> we got exploded by a blue ball...

[20:00] <Mustang`> ::switches powers with Titan,again and smashes his conn and the lag monster, many times::

[20:00] <Titan> Nox blew you all up

[20:00] <Mustang`> ...why?

[20:00] <Shell> b/c life sucks..and then you die..as we saw today

[20:01] <Mustang`> oh, all YOU 'cause you're gonna live through it or something 'cause of MY powers

[20:01] <Dawn> heh

[20:01] <Mustang`> ::irate look, 'cause he missed nearly half the sim due to chunk lag::

[20:01] <Titan> he only blew you up cause you thought that's what was going to happen, heh

[20:02] <Miasma> I belivied it was going to catch and little Nox Jr. would be running all over the place.

[20:02] <Miasma> catch=crack

[20:03] <Dawn> ick!

[20:03] <Dawn> not another one! ::hides::

[20:03] *** Mustang` is now known as Alex

[20:04] *** Shard is now known as Hales

[20:04] <Titan> The orb was pulsing because it was about to metamorphose, it's a coccoon, heh heh heh, so Mia might be right

[20:04] *** Titan is now known as Eclipse