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[18:44] *** Now talking in #A-Next

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[18:44] <Eclipse> Okay, rule one. No one joins this chan before the TL!

[18:45] <Eclipse> Rule two. I'm the TL!!!

[18:45] <Sheeba> ...jarvis was in here befoer you :P

[18:45] <Eclipse> Are you challenging my authoritay girl?

[18:45] <Eclipse> You must respect my authoritay!

[18:45] <Sheeba> no, just stating a fact

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[18:49] *** `Voltage is on IRC

[18:50] * Eclipse thinks we need to have a Jarvis reeducation class for certain people =P

[18:50] *** Joins: Calihan (

[18:50] *** Jarvis sets mode: +o Calihan

[18:50] *** Joins: `Voltage (

[18:50] *** Eclipse sets mode: +o Dare

[18:50] *** Eclipse sets mode: +o `Voltage

[18:50] <Dare> thanks

[18:51] <`Voltage> Thanks

[18:52] * Eclipse thinks it's about time he opened this roster up to newcomers.

[18:52] <Eclipse> What do you guys think?

[18:53] <Dare> the more the merrier

[18:53] <Dawn> don't see why not

[18:53] <`Voltage> Sure

[18:53] <Eclipse> You do understand that means killing off hordes of your teammates right?

[18:53] <Dare> gah hehe

[18:53] <Dawn> ....?

[18:54] <Eclipse> Oh, while I'm thinking of it, who wants to change their char again? *g*

[18:54] <Dawn> i thought dere were a few spots on th' team?

[18:54] <Eclipse> We have a full roster, heh, believe it or not

[18:54] <Eclipse> Not for much longer though

[18:54] <Dare> ::whimpers:: you're going to kill of Dare?

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[18:54] *** Calihan is now known as Shard

[18:54] <Dawn> ah

[18:54] <Eclipse> Not if you don't want me to

[18:54] <Dare> whew hehe

[18:55] <Dare> k... I can stop the whole panic thing then =)

[18:55] <Eclipse> See you get the option because you show up to the sim.

[18:55] <Dare> spiffy =)

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[18:56] <Dare> Still remember the char I told you about then? ^_^

[18:57] <Eclipse> Yep

[18:57] <Dare> coolio

*** Retrieving #A-Next info...

[18:57] <Dare> ...are there still A-Nexters in #Alliance?

[18:58] *** Joins: Kitty (

[18:58] <Eclipse> I think that when I put the title up you'll understand why you're lucky you showed up to this sim

[18:58] *** Joins: GageAfk (

[18:58] <Dare> uh-oh hehe

[18:58] <Dare> that's called foreshadowing ::smiles::

[18:58] *** Eclipse changes topic to '=A= X-World Presents: A-Next, "Terrible Torturous Technarchy!" =A= A-Next: Vol. 2, No. 4, October 5, 2000'

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[18:59] * Eclipse has been lax in the title department, heh, but it gets his point across

[18:59] -> *Jarvis* OP death2ultron

[18:59] -> *ChanServ* OP #A-Next Titan toledoalicereams

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[18:59] <Shell> Thank you:P

[18:59] <Dare> I don't know if I could say that 5 times fast

[18:59] <Indigo> ditto

[18:59] <Titan> We have a bot. You remember Jarvis don't you?

[18:59] <Shell> yes

[18:59] <Shell> but my ident thingy changed!

[19:00] <Indigo> ::whistles::

[19:00] <Shell> I'm bot remember that don't yoU?

[19:00] <`Voltage> Jarvis doesn't seem to like me. =)

[19:01] <Titan> ***>>>AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!<<<***

[19:01] <Titan> @@

[19:01] <Shell> @@

[19:01] <Indigo> @@

[19:01] *** `Voltage has left IRC

[19:01] *** `Voltage is now known as IronMan

[19:01] <Dawn> @@

[19:01] <IronMan> @@

[19:01] <Dare> @@

[19:02] <Shard> @@

[19:02] <Titan> SIM BRIEF> A-Next arrived via the wormhole on the Shi'ar homeworld. They were saved by from plummeting to their death (the wormhole opened at the top of a mountain) by the Imperial Guard who later started whupping their ass because Nox was mocking Gladiator and his foo-foo, girly hair. Using his powers to freeze everyone, he effectively stopped the fight as he remembered what they were on Chandilar for.

[19:02] <Titan> He burrowed underground and retrieved a pulsing blue orb. A-Next thought it was going to explode so he swatted it at them with a large bat. It detonated shortly thereafter. Any questions?

[19:02] <Dawn> non

[19:03] <Shell> no

[19:03] <Indigo> am I there? =/

[19:03] <Titan> Yep

[19:03] *** Cryz is on IRC

[19:03] <Indigo> k

[19:03] <Shard> nope

[19:04] * Titan claps his hands together

[19:04] <Titan> Haven't done a good killing in a while

[19:04] <Shell> ..eep

[19:05] <Indigo> eep eep

[19:05] <Dawn> good t'ing i resurrect myself, non?

[19:05] <Titan> Thanks for reminding me!

[19:05] <Dawn> np fearless leader

[19:06] * Indigo wants to remind Titan that it's his b-day

[19:06] * Titan adds Shell to the list of corpses

[19:06] <Titan> So you'll get a special present

[19:06] <Shell> ..why am I on the list!?

[19:06] <Indigo> eep *twitch*

[19:06] <Titan> Because you have Dawn's powers, heh

[19:06] <Shell> ...::sniffles::

[19:06] <Dawn> ooh yeah, dat's right....eep

[19:07] <Dare> ooh... that's harsh

[19:07] <Titan> Funfunfun for me =D

[19:07] <Indigo> huh?

[19:07] * Shell has a feeling she needs to read up on your powers

[19:07] <IronMan> He's evil, ain't he folks? ;)

[19:07] <Dawn> ::wants her powers back now! :P::

[19:07] <Shell> he's more than evil

[19:07] <Titan> Simskie startskie now

[19:07] <Indigo> do I have MY powers?

[19:07] <Titan> You have Afterburn's powers

[19:08] <Indigo> who has my powers?

[19:08] <Titan> Afterburn

[19:08] <Titan> Can I start now!?!

[19:08] <Indigo> ::goes to the website::

[19:08] <Titan> He's a pyro, very simple

[19:08] <Titan> ***>>>SIM START<<<***

[19:08] <Titan> SCENE> Kvch, Phalanx Impirial Space

[19:08] <Titan> TIME> Midnight.

[19:09] <Titan> Action> A-Next is spit forth from the wormhole which immediately closes behind them. They find themselves surrounded by what looks to be a city composed of some strange, eerily glowing, yellow metal. The street they land on is made of the same metal only as they hit the ground (from about 5' up this time) it yields slightly beneath them unlike the firm metal the buildings appear to be constructed of.

[19:10] <Dawn> ::stands up, staring at the weird buildings::

[19:10] <Dare> I hope this is just some really big funhouse

[19:10] <Shard> ::looks around:: this is weird

[19:10] <Titan> <<I find it disturbing that after so long you don't know your teammates powers inside and out =P>>

[19:10] <IronMan> ::Looks around, nervously:: least we're not dead..

[19:10] <Indigo> ::rubs head, thinking, trying to analyze what the buildings and stuff are made of::

[19:11] *** Joins: Miasma (

[19:11] <Shell> ::looks around:: This is strange..

[19:11] <Indigo> <<Has only simmed on a-next a few times...they're techno organic, right?>>

[19:11] <Dare> ::hops up and down on the metal:: it's kinda bouncy

[19:12] <Titan> ::squats down as low as his enlarged frame will allow and pinches the ground:: It', I think.

[19:12] <Dare> but it's metal ::smirks and stomps on the ground::

[19:12] <Titan> Action> The ground rumbles slightly beneath the team.

[19:12] <IronMan> ::Eyes the ground, carefully:: Organic? Bouncy? ::Blinks, several times, crouching and looking at the ground:: Weird..

[19:13] *** Titan sets mode: +o Miasma

[19:13] <Dare> whoa.. ::tries to stay on her feet::

[19:13] <Shell> That's what I said ::nods to Ironman and smiles slightly..bouncing up and down a bit::

[19:13] <Miasma> Just because it's not what you expected, doesn't mean it isn't possible.

[19:13] <Titan> Action> Tendrils shoot forth out of the ground and wrap around the legs of the A-Next members.

[19:14] <Dare> ::sticks her tongue out at Miasma when she's not looking::

[19:14] *** Joins: Sheeba` (

[19:14] <Dare> Ahhh... this is gross!

[19:14] <Indigo> ::quirks an eyebrow, mumbles to himself:: Techno-organic...? Ack! ::squirms::

[19:14] <IronMan> ::Eyes it carefully:: I've never seen anything like this..urk! ::Blinks at the tendrils and tries to quickly turn to a gaseous form::

[19:14] *** Quits: Dawn ( (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))

[19:14] *** Sheeba` is now known as Dawn

[19:14] *** Jarvis sets mode: +o Dawn

[19:14] <Miasma> ::Dryly.:: Of course, sticking what you know is nice... ::Propels herself into the air.::

[19:14] <Shard> 'ey! let go ::tries to pull free::

[19:15] <Shell> Hey..::stops bouncing..and keeps her balance..tries to tear the tendrils off::

[19:15] <Titan> Nox> ::hovering as usual and completely oblivious to what's going on behind him:: There's something I was supposed to warn them about....

[19:15] <Dawn> ::hits at the tendrils::

[19:15] <Dare> quick...someone tell me how to use my powers! ::trying to squirm free::

[19:15] <Titan> Action> Miasma cannot escape the grip of the tendrils.

[19:15] <Shell> Yeah powers..that would be a good thing ((I hope..))

[19:15] <Indigo> ::sticks his arms out at the tendrils, closes his eyes and tries to use his power:: ((Work!))

[19:15] <Miasma> ::Mutters, blasting at the the ground.::

[19:16] <IronMan> Don't know if I can help you, there..I can barely figure out how to use MY powers..::Blinks, trying to free himself::

[19:16] <Titan> Action> The more they struggle the harder the tendrils coil around their legs reaching up and restraining their arms eventually.

[19:16] <Dare> this is so unfair ::grunts and tries clawing at the tendrils:: she gets a whole arsonal!

[19:17] <Shell> Ack..ow ow ow ow ow ow ::chants this a few times as she now tries to pull up agains the tendrils::

[19:17] <Dawn> ::grumbles in french::

[19:17] <Indigo> My god. ::tries to think back on anything that can help him:: ((This isn't working!!)) ::stops trying to move, but concentrates on using his powers::

[19:17] <Dare> ::looks at Titan:: You have to do something!

[19:17] <Indigo> ,,ack, brb>>

[19:17] <IronMan> Okay, this is! ::Yells at Nox:: You got us into this..get us out! ::Struggles a little more::

[19:18] <Miasma> ::Stops for a moment, then glances at Nox.:: Hey, fari- err Nox? Ain't it? Nox! Do something!

[19:18] <Titan> Action> The tendrils eventually ensnare everyone up to the waist. Two of your number, who had spent most of this excursion being more involved with each other than with the group, sink into the mass of Phalanx completely.

[19:18] <Shard> ::grabs another one of those disks, stickin it on a tendril::

[19:18] <Titan> ::just as restrained as the rest:: And what preytell do you expect me to do?

[19:18] <Dawn> ((dis' worse den de crowds at mardi gras!..))

[19:19] <Dare> ew ew ew... maybe it's like quicksand...and if we don't move it'll stop?

[19:19] <Dare> ::growls:: I don't know... anything.. you're the genuis guy!!

[19:19] <Titan> Nox> Huh? ::blank look::

[19:19] <Miasma> Help us? ::Swallows and inwardly scowling.:: Please?

[19:20] <Shell> Ack! ::tries to pull up:: ((get me out of this...))

[19:20] <Titan> Action> Everyone sinks down to their chin level.

[19:20] <Shell> ::keeps her head up..kicking her legs trying to stay up:: We need some help!

[19:20] <Dawn> ::starts cussing at nox in french, almost too fast to be understood::

[19:20] <Titan> Nox> Oh, oh yeah. ::thinks::

[19:20] <Dare> Hey! This stuff is all over me... it's probably perverted!! ::closes her eyes and tries to teleport/fly/anything to get out::

[19:21] <Shard> ::stays absolutley still::

[19:21] <IronMan> ::Keeps trying to change forms, to get himself free:: ((Oh c'mon..I should be able to do something..))

[19:22] <Miasma> Please!

[19:22] <Titan> Action> Nox teleports the members who hadn't already been consumed out of the Phalanx and renders the immediately area inert for them.

[19:22] <Titan> <<-ly>>

[19:22] <Dare> ::growls angrily:: why isn't that ugly floating midget helping us?

[19:22] <Dare> hey... we're free!! ::big smile::

[19:22] <Dawn> ::dusts off her clothes::

[19:23] <IronMan> ::Stretches his arms:: Oww..::Looks around at the others:: Doesn't look like he managed to get all of us, though..::Glares at Nox::

[19:23] <Dare> I knew he'd be able to help us

[19:23] <Shell> ::squirms doing a funny dance..then stops..shivvers and pushes her hair back:: Heh..yeah

[19:23] <Shard> ::looks around:: i do not like it here

[19:23] <Miasma> <Who's out?>

[19:23] <Titan> Nox> Lost two of them, that's not good. ::shrugs::

[19:23] <Miasma> <Or not out!>

[19:23] <Dare> yeah... why don't you just send us home anyways? ::glances at Nox::

[19:24] <Titan> <<If you're here I haven't yet killed you.>>

[19:24] <Miasma> <<Ah...>>

[19:24] <Shell> <<ah man..that's bad>>

[19:24] <Dare> hmm.. think Tony Stark is out looking for me? ::dreamy look::

[19:24] <Shard> <<good, ya didnt say yet, fwew>>

[19:25] <Dare> of course he is... ::sighs::

[19:25] <Dawn> ::muttering:: uncaring diable..

[19:25] <Titan> Nox> Because you have a purpose to fufill.

[19:25] <Miasma> You can't do a thing for them? ::Eyes widen under the helment and she blinks slightly.::

[19:25] <Shell> And what might that be? ::puts her hands on her hips::

[19:25] <Titan> Nox> if I remembered that part I would have told you already.

[19:26] <Shell> You know..they make medicine for that

[19:26] *** Reny is on IRC

[19:26] <IronMan> ::Starts to shift his hands into blades:: What if that purpose is to gut you like a fish? ::Grits his teeth, glaring at Nox::

[19:26] *** Joins: Reny (

[19:26] <Dare> ... I'm going to kill him. ::goes after Nox:: Send us home!

[19:26] *** Jarvis sets mode: +o Reny

[19:26] <Titan> Nox> ::starts juggling invisible medicine bottles:: I know. I have the prescriptions for most of them. ::grins::

[19:26] *** Reny has left IRC

[19:26] *** Reny is now known as Afterburn

[19:27] <Miasma> Don't kill the only way out..

[19:27] <Shell> Then take some...let us do whatever we're supposed to do..and send us home! gah..

[19:27] <Titan> ::picks im and dare up by their collars:: Everyone just calm down.

[19:27] <Dawn> ::rolls her eyes:: no wonder, de homme's all doped up...

[19:28] <Dare> ::struggles:: but this is so not cool... I just want to go home..

[19:28] <Dare> Why does it have to be us? We're not super-heroes you know

[19:29] <Afterburn> ::crosses his arms lagging behind and sighs::

[19:29] <IronMan> ::Scowls:: I was fine, just being a college student..I didn't want to go exploring the galaxy by metal stuff trying to EAT me..

[19:29] <Titan> Nox> ::drops his invisible bottles which hit the ground and become visible spilling out a plethora of multicolored pills:: That's it! I remember now!

[19:29] <Miasma> It's odd... I feel like I've done this before.

[19:29] <Titan> Nox> ::snaps and a napsack appears before him::

[19:30] <Shell> Well thank you! Now say it before you forget again!

[19:30] <Indigo> <<back>>

[19:30] <Titan> Nox> ::riffles through the napsack tosses out various objects that shouldn't fit in said napsack including a kitchen sink (all of which are promptly consumed by the ground)::

[19:31] <Dare> oh...great idea... you're feeding the stuff.

[19:31] <IronMan> ::Blinks, slightly at the napsack and stuff coming out of it::

[19:31] <Dawn> hopefully dat stuff'll get indesgestion, non?

[19:32] <Titan> Nox> ::pulls one of maggott's worms out of the bag (or that what it looks like anyway) and tosses it to dare:: Hold that for me. ::the little worm has familiar blue glow::

[19:32] <Shard> ::waits:: you sure we just cant go home and you can find someone else to do this?

[19:32] <Indigo> ::bites his lip as he watches Nox, eyebrow quirked::

[19:32] <Dare> ::screams and drops it and has a look of disgust/shock::

[19:33] <Afterburn> ::snickers glancing at Dare::

[19:33] <Dare> I....really don't like him...

[19:33] <Miasma> ::Looks at the worm sink into the ground.:: Poor thing.

[19:33] <IronMan> ::Cracks a slight smile, before shaking his head:: I don't think any of us do..

[19:34] <Shell> You're not alone ::moves over closer to Dare:: he's kinda creepy ::blinks at the worm thing::

[19:34] <Titan> Nox> FOUND IT! ::pulls a picture out of the bag of im, titan, mia, and mustang (as they are now):: You guys really are superheroes! You're the Fantastic Four!!!

[19:34] <Shell> ..huh?

[19:34] <Dare> ::blinks:: poor thing?

[19:34] <Titan> Nox> ::does a quick headcount:: No...that can't be right

[19:34] <Dare> that thing was like icky cubed!

[19:35] <Indigo> ::blinks:: Then WHY am I here? ::starts counting outloud::1...2...3...4...5...

[19:35] <IronMan> ::Blinks:: Say what? ::Shakes his heads:: ((Terrific..he's completely insane..))

[19:35] <Dare> ::looks around the area:: I can't even sit down..

[19:35] <IronMan> <<Er..Head.>>

[19:35] <Shell> ::whispers to Dare looking at Nox:: I think someone did some experimentation when they were younger

[19:36] <Miasma> The fantastic four...

[19:36] <Dare> you mean like mating two annoying creatures together?

[19:36] <Titan> Action> A human form starts to rise out of the ground in the distance.

[19:36] <Dawn> ::fidgits in place::

[19:37] <IronMan> ::Blinks, squinting:: Uhm..what's that? ::Points towards the form::

[19:37] <Afterburn> ::charges fire in one fist, glancing over at the figure::

[19:37] <Dawn> ::looks:: uhm....bad news?

[19:38] <Dare> it's all been bad news lately hasn't it?

[19:38] <Titan> Figure> ::hovers into the air and then towards the group::

[19:38] <Indigo> *sigh* ::looks around, noticing the figure:: Companions, perhaps we'd better get ready for some confrontation, seeing as thats what we've been recieving so far from the Inhabitants fo

[19:38] <Shell> ::blinks and takes a step back::

[19:38] <Shard> ::blinks at the figure:: why does this haveta happen to me?

[19:39] <Dawn> well, ya gotta take t' good wit' the bad...tho dere hasn't been much good happenin', non?

[19:39] <Dare> ::glances at Indigo:: I'm not your "companion"...

[19:39] <IronMan> Pretty much..::Eyes the figure coming towards them, turning his hands back to blades::

[19:39] <Miasma> He's being nice. Shut it.

[19:39] <Titan> Action> The figure is obviously composed of the same material as everything else on the planet, but it is obvious that it was once the now lost member of your group...Cross!

[19:39] <Dare> He's not being nice... he's floating!

[19:39] <Shell> ::squints:: Ok...seen him before..or am I just remembering something bad?

[19:39] <Dawn> aw hell...

[19:39] <Indigo> ::ignores Dare, as he has been this entire ordeal::

[19:40] <Titan> Cross> We are the Phalanx. You will be assimilated. We will add your genetic and technological distinctiveness to our own.

[19:40] <Miasma> Oh, belivie me, he's being nice to you.

[19:40] <Shell> Uhmm..i'm gonna take this as a bad sign

[19:41] <Dare> ::disgusted look:: I'm not being assimilated with him... I hardly know him

[19:41] <IronMan> Didn't I see this in one of those old Star Trek vids? ::blinks, slightly at Cross::

[19:41] <Indigo> I think our "friend" has watched Star Trek 16 a couple too many times...

[19:41] <Titan> Action> Cross fires a shower of plasma bombs at the team.

[19:41] <Miasma> Nox, what do we do now.. run..? ::Tries to blast the bombs in mid air.::

[19:42] <Shell> wha huh 16? I think you guys need to get out mo..gah! ::ducks and moves::

[19:42] <Dawn> ::tries to dodge::

[19:42] <Indigo> ack! ::tries to jump away, and to work his power at the same time::

[19:42] <IronMan> ::Glances at Dare, and opens his mouth to say something and shakes his head, and cursing, as the plasma bombs get thrown at them and diving to the side::

[19:42] <Dare> eek! ::moves quickly out of the way;;

[19:42] <Shard> ahh ::jumps back and runs to the right::

[19:43] <Titan> Action> Firestorm emerges from a building near to Shard!

[19:43] <IronMan> ::Goes into a roll, coming up and diving at Cross, trying to slash at him, with his blades::

[19:43] <Dare> okay okay... ::concentrates:: morph into a banana! ::looks at Cross::

[19:43] <Dare> ...don't have magic powers... ::frowns::

[19:44] <Titan> Firestorm> Resistance is futile! ::reaches out to shard to::

[19:44] <Shard> heey, get away ::jumps away from Firestorm::

[19:44] <Dawn> ::small sigh, forms a shell around herself::

[19:44] <Indigo> ::closes eyes and concentrates as hard as he can on firing at Firestorm:: STOP!

[19:45] <Miasma> ::Blasts at the two figures.::

[19:45] <Titan> Action> IM removes Cross' arm from his body, but in the process his blade start to be assimilated.

[19:45] <IronMan> Ack! ::Tries to shake it off of him:: Get it off, get it off!

[19:46] <Dare> drop the blade dummy!

[19:46] <Titan> Action> Mia's blasts just inconvenience the two drones as they simply reform around the blast wounds.

[19:46] <Dare> ::stands behind Miasma::

[19:46] <IronMan> How'm I supposed to drop it?! The blade is my hand! ::Tries to change it back to normal and back away from Cross::

[19:47] <Dare> well... I don't know... cut your hand off

[19:47] <Indigo> ::thinks about what he knows about Techno-organics::

[19:47] <Titan> Action> The Phalanx tissue continues to creep up IM's arm its advance slowed by the transformation from metal to flesh.

[19:47] <Titan> <<Absolutely nothing, heh>>

[19:47] <Miasma> Turn it to mist!

[19:47] <Titan> <<::gives mia a cookie::>>

[19:48] <IronMan> What the heck will that do?! ::Tries to change his arm to mist::

[19:48] <Dawn> ::tries to decide what to do, and decides on just staying right where she is::

[19:48] <Dare> I could have told him that too you know

[19:49] <Dare> oooh... I wish I had a power of just a big gun or something

[19:49] <Titan> Action> The Phalanx assimilated part of his arm drops off and scurries over to Firestorm.

[19:49] <Miasma> <<Hey, my powers, I should know them!>>

[19:49] <Shard> dont like this, not at all ::goes far far away from Firestorm::

[19:49] <Dare> say... Mia... want to trade powers? ::smiles sweetly::

[19:49] <Titan> Firestorm> ::starts raining down flames on shard::

[19:50] <IronMan> Ack..::Looks down at his arm and tries to see if he can reform it::

[19:50] <Miasma> Doubt it's possible... ::Blasts again at the clones, trying to keep them busy.::

[19:51] <Titan> Action> IM's arm restores itself.

[19:51] <Shard> ah ah, crap ::runs away from the fire::

[19:51] <Dawn> ::looks around for nox:: ((where'd de homme go off t'?))

[19:52] <Titan> Nox> ::looks down at the little blueworm:: What? You're hungry again?

[19:52] <Indigo> ::backs away from Firestorm, looking for Nox::

[19:52] <Titan> BlueWorm> ::scuttles through the battlefield and burrows into one of the buildings::

[19:52] <Dawn> 'ey, weird guy? can you change dem back? ::motions to cross and firestorm::

[19:52] *** Quits: Afterburn ( (The things that you say, is it live or just to play my worries away, You're all the things I've got to remember.. You're shying away, I'll be coming for you anyway... Take on me... Take me on... I'll be gone..)

[19:52] <IronMan> ..Whoa. ::Eyes his arm, for a minute:: Cool..I was worried, for a minute..::Turns towards Nox:: Nox! Get us out of here! 10 to beam out or something, I dunno! Just get us out of here!

[19:53] <Miasma> NOX!! Do something!

[19:53] <Titan> Nox> Oh would you all shut up? I'm trying to think!

[19:53] <Shard> ::grabs a disk and throws it at FireStorm:: blow up or somethin!

[19:53] <Dawn> too bad it don' work f'r you!

[19:54] <Titan> BlueWorm> ::reemerges from the building with another orb, a green one, in its mouth::

[19:54] <Dare> ick! It's that worm thing!

[19:55] <Indigo> ::eyes the Blue Worm::

[19:55] <Titan> Nox> Now we can go. ::blasts both cross and firestorm, scattering them to the winds:: Won't be long before they send more of those...things.

[19:55] *** Quits: Shell ( (Release the Seal!)

[19:55] <Shard> ok, lets go then will we?

[19:55] <Titan> Nox> Do your thing little wormie.

[19:56] <Dare> I'm so ready to leave!

[19:56] <Dare> ...are we taking the worms with us? ::frowns::

[19:56] <IronMan> ::Blinks, glaring at Nox:: Couldn't you have done that, a while ago? ::Shakes his head and looks towards the orb:: So am I..

[19:56] <Titan> BlueWorm> ::tosses the green orb into the air::

[19:56] <Dawn> dis ain't one o' de best vacation sports...::slight smirk::

[19:56] <Titan> Action> It starts to pulse brighter and brighter as it comes back down.

[19:56] <Indigo> ::eyes the grreen orb:: UH, need we catch that?

[19:57] <Titan> Action> When the orb hits ground it explodes and opens a wormhole in the midst of the team.

[19:57] <Dare> not again...again!

[19:58] <Shard> ::jumps through the wormhole without hesitation::

[19:58] <Miasma> Anywhere but here is fine for me... ::Jumps into the wormhole.::

[19:58] <Dawn> ::walks into the wormhole casually::

[19:58] <IronMan> ::Flinches, seeing the wormhone and moving to head into it:: Would rather get sick from this thing, than stay here..

[19:58] <Dare> ::groans and enters the wormhole too:: I hate this..

[19:59] <Indigo> ::sighs and jumps through the hole:: Good bye, fare-well...ahh you know the rest, right? ::smiles as he falls::

[19:59] <Titan> ***>>>SIM END, TBC<<<***

[19:59] <Dawn> @@

[19:59] <Indigo> @@

[20:00] <IronMan> @@ Aww..I wanted to sim, more. =)

[20:00] <Dare> @@

[20:00] <Shard> @@

[20:00] <Indigo> why wouldn't I know about techno-organics? They've existed on earth before, and the government knew about them...and Beastwould know about them...

[20:01] <Miasma> @@

[20:01] <Titan> Because we came from a backwater little earth five thousand times removed from the original one and because I said so.

[20:01] <Dare> more wackiness next week? =)

[20:01] <Indigo> oh...=P

[20:02] <Indigo> is soooo lost...

[20:02] <Indigo> ::...:: , btw

[20:02] <Dare> we don't know anything about our pasts, Indi

[20:03] <Indigo> i might have used that info...=0

[20:03] <Titan> If people were attending my sim like they were supposed to they would know what was going on

[20:03] *** Titan is now known as Eclipse

[20:03] <IronMan> BRB =)

[20:04] <Indigo> Hey! I attended on my birthday! Give some credit.

[20:04] *** Indigo is now known as Gage

[20:04] <Gage> =P

[20:04] <Dare> happy bday

[20:04] <Gage> thanks.

[20:04] <IronMan> *Gets back* Happy Birthday. =)

[20:04] <Gage> thanks...again Volt =)

[20:05] *** Parts: Gage (

[20:05] *** Parts: Miasma (

[20:05] *** Dawn is now known as Sheeba

[20:06] <Dare> Anything else we need to know E? =)

[20:06] <IronMan> Gage:Oh yeah..I wished you happy birthday, last night, didn't I? =)

[20:06] *** Gage has left IRC

[20:06] <Eclipse> Yes, expect many more deaths before I'm through

[20:06] <Dare> he left hehe

[20:07] <Dare> sheesh... someone's in a morbid mood ;)

[20:07] <IronMan> Oh. D'oh. *Whistles and tries to pretend like he didn't just make himself look stupid* ;)

[20:07] <Dare> ...I guess I shouldn't talk after that last Avengers heh

[20:07] <Sheeba> ::mutters something about blood-thirsty tls::

[20:07] <Eclipse> Someone's in a pissed off TL mood. You know how it is Ali.

[20:07] <Dare> ::nods:: yeah, most of it was frustration

[20:08] <IronMan> I think my simmers were more blood-thirsty towards me, back when I was actually leading..;)

[20:08] <Eclipse> I'm not frustrated, just making room for the new blood.

[20:08] <Dare> things will get better though... this is one of the, if not most, popular X-World sims around

[20:08] <Eclipse> Does X-World have any newbies right now?

[20:08] <Dare> see? you said blood =P

[20:08] <Dare> hehe j/k =)

[20:09] <Sheeba> if you count priss and creole as newbies

[20:09] <Eclipse> Yep, have the spill the old blood to make room for the new. *g*

[20:09] <Dare> I'm feeling a little light-headed with all the blood talk hehe

[20:09] <Sheeba> ::sighs and locks herself in her bomb shelter::

[20:09] <Dare> k, g'night guys... good sim E =)

[20:10] <Eclipse> night ali

[20:10] <Sheeba> 'night

Session Close: Thu Oct 05 20:10:07 2000