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[18:57] * Titan mutters

[18:57] <Voltage> BRB

[18:57] <Titan> Zacky, we got any new recruits to speak of?

[18:59] <Voltage> 1, maybe 2. I haven't checked my mail yet, today..but that's kinda a problem in the sense that..well..I don't think we actually have anyone to run the bloody Acad sessions..

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[18:59] <Titan> When are they again, heh?

[19:00] <Voltage> Mondays and Wednesdays..9 PM Eastern and 8 PM Eastern, respectively.

[19:01] <Titan> ***>>>AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!<<<***

[19:01] <Titan> @@

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[19:01] <Miasma> @@

[19:01] <Shard> @@

[19:01] <Dawn> @@

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[19:01] <IronMan> @@

[19:01] <IronMan> Might want to wait a few minutes, E..heh. Give some of the others a chance to show up?

[19:02] <Titan> Three mins, no more.

[19:03] * Titan goes through the roster

[19:03] <IronMan> Wouldn't be surprised if most people didn't show up, 'cause of your cancelled E-Mail..heh

[19:04] <Titan> Lou's prolly not gonna show. Reny's always late anyway. Ali told me she might not be here. Katie just peered didn't she? And Gage is on...THE LIST anyway so he doesn't matter.

[19:04] <Shard> THE LIST has what, three people on it?

[19:05] <Titan> We're starting!

[19:05] <Titan> SIM BRIEF> A-Next arrived via the wormhole on the Phalanx homeworld. Cross and Firestorm were assimilated. The first, blue orb developed into a little worm-creature that retrived the next, green orb. Nox transported us away to get into another zany adventure. Any questions?

[19:05] <Dawn> non

[19:06] <Shard> nope

[19:07] <Titan> ***>>>SIM START<<<***

[19:07] <Titan> SCENE> land in sight.

[19:07] <Titan> TIME> Dawn.

[19:07] <Titan> Action> A-Next is spit forth from the wormhole which immediately closes behind them yet again. This time they land in a vast ocean.

[19:08] <Dawn> ::mutters a stream of french cuss words before hitting the water with a splash::

[19:10] <Shard> ::hits the water:: i knew i shoulda stayed home today...

[19:10] <IronMan> Ack! ::Lands into the water, with a deep sploosh, coming up from the water, his teeth chattering::

[19:10] <Miasma> ::Hits the water and tries to start up her jets again.::

[19:12] <Titan> Oh dear, this form wasn't exactly designed for bouyancy. ::hits the water with a large splash that turns into a wave and begins to sink::

[19:13] <Dawn> ::surfaces, with a pissed-off look::

[19:14] <Titan> Nox> ::hovers above the surface of the water with a little worm-creature on either shoulder (one blue and one green):: You guys need to lighten up, it's only water.

[19:14] <Dawn> you coulda at least tried aimin' f'r land!

[19:15] <Titan> ::starts to float finally...somewhat...not enough to break the surface but enough to stop the sinking::

[19:15] <IronMan> Yeah, you're's ONLY water. ::Glances around the ocean, shivering:: Where the heck are we?

[19:15] <Dawn> ::grabs titan's arm and pulls him above the surface of the water::

[19:15] <Miasma> ::Hovers over the water carefully.:: That big isn't up yet...

[19:16] <Shard> cant you just send us home?

[19:16] <Titan> Action> Dawn doesn't have the strength to lift help Titan to the surface especially in the water.

[19:16] <Titan> ::bubbles start to rise to the surface of the water as he mutters to himself::

[19:17] <Dawn> mouche! what is dis stuff?!

[19:18] <Miasma> ::Tries to dive in and drag Titan out.::

[19:19] <Dawn> <<-u>>

[19:19] <Titan> Action> Mia helps Titan to the surface, but now her jets are water-logged and she won't be able to fly until the water drains from them.

[19:20] <Shard> ::looks up to Nox:: could you at least get us a boat?

[19:20] <Titan> Thank you.

[19:20] <Titan> Nox> ::snaps::

[19:20] <Miasma> ::Nods, somewhat impressed she's floating.::

[19:20] <Titan> Action> A rubber ducky falls out of the sky onto Shard's head.

[19:20] <IronMan> Uh..Preferably not one named "S.S. Titanic" or "S.S. Minnow"..

[19:21] <Shard> ::tosses the rubber ducky back at Nox:: i said a boat, not a duck

[19:22] <Titan> Action> The water starts to bubble about ten feet from Miasma.

[19:22] <IronMan> Okay..::Glances in the direction of the bubbles:: Why am I thinking that's not a good thing..?

[19:22] <Dawn> ::looks at the horizon:: i guss dis means de next orb t'ing's somewhere underwater, non?

[19:23] <Miasma> Uhm... what's going on...

[19:24] <Dawn> ::spots the bubbles and moves a bit further away::

[19:25] <Titan> Action> Five pointy-eared, blue-skinned, winged ankled gentlemen in fish scale Speedos erupt from the ocean and hover before the team. They're holding various weapons with sharp, pointy edges and don't look very happy.

[19:25] <Dawn> ...

[19:25] <IronMan> ::Eyes the newcomers nervously:: Ookay..Nox..get us out of here?

[19:26] *** Joins: Jaxion (

[19:26] <Miasma> ::Waves awkardly at the fish men.::

[19:26] <Titan> Nox> Why?

[19:27] <Dawn> 'cause dese guys don' look too friendly!

[19:28] <Titan> LeadCenturian> ::brandishes a trident with the yellow orb attached to the middle prong:: Destroy them Centurians!

[19:28] <IronMan> Let's see..guys with sharp, pointy objects..that look reaaallly pissed. ::Looks at the LeadCenturian:: And someone shouting "Destroy them" when referring to us..well..y'know..something tells me that's not a good thing..

[19:29] <Dawn> moche!

[19:29] <Titan> Action> The five Centurians start to fire energy pulses from their sharp, pointy weaponry at the team. Fortunately, they are terrible shots.

[19:30] <Titan> Nox> ::shrugs:: Don't seem so dangerous to me.

[19:30] <Shard> ::grabs a few disks:: these blew up before ::tosses a couple at a centurian::

[19:31] <Miasma> We can't fight back! Give us some slack!

[19:32] <IronMan> Yeah, to you! ::Tries to swim a little ways further from the blue guys, muttering:: Swear I'm gonna kill him..

[19:32] <Titan> Action> Shard's disks impact each of the Centurians in turn and blow them back into the water. The Lead Centurian with the orb is the only one left flying and when the smoke clears he doesn't look very happy.

[19:33] <Shard> yeah!.... uh oh

[19:33] <Dawn> ::watches shard dispatch the blue guys:: ((wish i could do somet'in' useful like dat...))

[19:33] <Titan> LeadCenturian> ::growls and raises his trident high into the air::

[19:33] <Miasma> I don't know him! I swear I don't!

[19:34] <Titan> Action> The yellow orb starts to glow with the intensity of the sun.

[19:34] <Shard> ::grabs another disk and tosses it at the lead guy::

[19:34] <Titan> Action> The disk has no affect on the Centurian.

[19:35] <Dawn> ::starts floating slowly away from the blue dude::

[19:35] <IronMan> Okay, Everyone swim away from the disk guy..::Starts swimming closer to Nox:: Y'know, it might help if you did something to stop that..

[19:35] <Titan> Action> The water in the midst of A-Next starts to swirl slowly at first but then with increasing intensity creating a giant whirlpool.

[19:35] <Miasma> We can work something out! Honestly! Make it worth your while!

[19:37] <Shard> ::looks:: uh oh, outta those disk thingies ::tries to swim away::

[19:37] <IronMan> ::Starts going around and around in the whirlpool:: Oh, this just plain sucks..I'd take History over this, anyday..

[19:37] <Dawn> ::muttering:: great, y' fall int' some weird place an' the inhabitents try t' kill you..

[19:38] <Titan> Nox> Enough fun for one day. ::gestures and the trident floats to his hand::

[19:38] <Titan> Action> The whirlpool slows to a stop.

[19:38] <Titan> LeadCenturian> My tridant!

[19:38] <Dawn>!? why i outta...

[19:39] <Titan> Action> Dawn's voice comes out distorted as if she had just inhaled some helium.

[19:39] <Dawn> ::eyes widen, puts a hand to her neck::

[19:39] <Titan> Action> The orb stops glowing and starts pulsating in Nox's hand.

[19:41] <Dawn> ::experimentally says something under her breath::

[19:41] <IronMan> Okay..time to get out of here now..right? ::Eyes Nox and the Orb:: 'Cause getting out of here would be good..someplace drier, mebbe..

[19:41] <Titan> Action> The helium effect is present in Iron Man's voice too.

[19:42] <Titan> LeadCenturian> can't do this to me!

[19:42] <Dawn> ::glares at nox:: what happened t' us?!?

[19:42] <Titan> Nox> Yeah, actually I can. ::points the tridant at the centurian and focuses a blast through it::

[19:43] <Titan> Action> The Centurian devolves into a mudpuppy and drops down into the water.

[19:43] <IronMan> ::Pauses:: Why am I tempted to start singing a song that involves a really high pitched voice..

[19:43] <Titan> Action> The orb evolves into a little worm and perches on Nox's head.

[19:43] <Dawn> ::looks toward the mudpuppy:: (('ey, he looks kinda cute now..))

[19:44] <Shard> if you do ill knock ya out once we get to dry land

[19:44] <Titan> Action> Shard's voice is also distorted by helium!

[19:44] <Dawn> ::smirks at shard:: you were sayin'?

[19:46] <IronMan> ::under his breath:: Actually, I think we should take a vote to go medieval on Nox's ass, once we get out of this mess..

[19:46] <Miasma> Sounds good to me...

[19:47] <Titan> Nox> I heard that. ::sticks his tongue out at ironman and chucks the tridant over his shoulder::

[19:48] <IronMan> Good. ::Glares at Nox::

[19:48] <Dawn> ::snickers::

[19:49] <Titan> Action> The effects of the helium start to wear off.

[19:50] <Shard> can we go now?

[19:50] <Miasma> Yeah, I don't want this armor to rust...

[19:50] <Titan> Action> Nox creates another whirlpool in the ocean.

[19:51] <Dawn> mon dieu!!! ::glares at nox:: what're ya doin'!?!

[19:51] *** Joins: Alex (

[19:51] <Titan> Action> The whirlpool starts to spark and crackle as if it were electrified.

[19:52] <IronMan> Oh..great..lemme guess, we have to go through that?

[19:52] <Titan> Nox> Bingo.

[19:53] <Titan> Action> The whirlpool churns and erupts into a violet wormhole.

[19:53] <Miasma> ... I think I know why this sucker is draging this out... still hasn't told us why... ::starts swimming to the whirpool.::

[19:53] <IronMan> ::Sighs:: I hate you, Nox..::Moves towards the whirlpool::

[19:53] <Dawn> ::slightly mad look:: if i die, i'm comin' back t' haunt all of yah!

[19:53] <Shard> ::swims towards the wormhole::

*** Retrieving #A-Next info...

[19:54] *** Titan changes topic to '=A= X-World Presents: A-Next, "All Ashore Whose Going Ashore!" =A= A-Next: Vol. 2, No. 5, October 19, 2000'

[19:54] <Dawn> ::swims after the others::

[19:55] <Titan> ***>>>SIM END, TBC<<<***

[19:55] <Dawn> @@

[19:55] <Shard> @@

[19:57] <Titan> Has anyone figured out where this is going yet?

[19:57] <Shard> more little worm guys?

[19:57] <Dawn> we're gonna go get orb next?

[19:57] <Titan> Orange

[19:57] <Dawn> oh ^_^

[19:58] <IronMan> Lesse..uhm..Infinity Gems?

[19:58] *** Titan is now known as Eclipse

[19:58] <Shard> or Infinity Worms?

[19:58] <Eclipse> Nope

[19:59] *** Shard is now known as Calihan

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[19:59] * Eclipse will just leave you all to ponder

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