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[18:51] *** Titan changes topic to '=A= X-World Presents: A-Next, "Ascendance, Part I: Walk Like an Egyptian" =A= A-Next: Vol. 2, No. 6, November 2, 2000'

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[18:51] <Dawn> oooh! ::does that funny-looking egyptian dance::

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[19:00] <Titan> ***>>>AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!<<<***

[19:00] <Titan> @@

[19:00] <Dare> @@

[19:00] <Shard> @@

[19:00] <Miasma> @@

[19:00] <Dawn> @@

[19:00] <Indigo> @@

[19:00] <IronMan> @@

[19:00] <Shell> @@

[19:02] <Titan> SIM BRIEF> A-Next has been traipsing through time and space thanks to inigmatic Nox. Unfortunately, Nox has been unable or unwilling to provide any answers as to why their travels have brought them first to the Shi'ar homeworld, then to the Phalanx homeworld, and last time to an ocean world where they were assaulted by strange Atlantean centurions.

[19:02] <Titan> Their quest has not been fruitless, though, as each stop of their three hour tour has yielded a strange pulsing orb (blue, green, and yellow repsectively) each of which has evolved into a similarly unique worm creature in time. The team is getting increasingly fatigued and disheartened as this adventure has claimed the lives of two of their number (Cross and Firestorm) who they never truly had an opportunity to get to know. Any questions?

[19:02] <Dawn> non

[19:02] <Shell> nope

[19:03] <Indigo> nuh uh

[19:03] <Shard> nope

[19:04] <Titan> ***>>>SIM START<<<***

[19:04] <Titan> SCENE> The desert in the middle of a sandstorm, the team has taken shelter at the bottom of a hill for the last twenty minutes. The storm is showing no signs of letting up and the sun is beating down with the intensity of a supernova.

[19:04] <Titan> TIME> Noon.

[19:05] <Dare> ::growls:: this sucks!

[19:05] <Shell> ::sighs deeply and rubs the back of her neck..sitting with her legs out:: ((I wanna go home..))

[19:05] <Dawn> ::leaning against the hill, actually enjoying the warmth:: ((feels like N'awlins in th' summer time..))

[19:06] <Miasma> ::Sits in the armor and depending on the situaton feeling normal or being boiled alive.::

[19:06] <IronMan> ::Sits down, his arms wrapped around his legs:: Y'know..I'm beginning to hate this, more and more..

[19:07] <Shell> I'm with you on that ::looks over to IronMan and twists her hair onto one shoulder so it isn't on her neck::

[19:07] <Shard> ::is sitting:: i just think it was just bad the whole time

[19:07] <Dawn> ::looks around at the others with a slight smirk:: you guys're all yankees or somethin'?

[19:07] <Dare> you think you hate this? Look at what this weather is doing to my skin!

[19:07] <Indigo> ((these powers are actually keeping me cool. Amazing!)) ::glances at the others::

[19:07] <Titan> ACTION> Dawn gets a mouthful of sand.

[19:08] <Shell> ::gives Dawn a look and giggles::

[19:08] <Dawn> ::sputters and tries to spit out the sand:: ugh!

[19:08] <Dawn> <<it wasn't meant as derogatory, heh>>

[19:09] <IronMan> ::Sends a glance at Dare and shrugs:: I don't see any difference..::Snickers at Dawn::

[19:09] *** Joins: Hazard (

[19:09] <Titan> The desert experiences these types of squalls regularly it should pass soon.

[19:10] <Dare> ::growls:: of course you wouldn't see any difference.. you're only a boy ::rolls her eyes and grabs Miasma:: You know what it's like right? Right??

[19:10] <IronMan> ::Mutters:: Thanks for the Geography lesson..

[19:10] <Dawn> ((if there wasn't so much sand, this' almost be like home...)) ::finishes getting the sand out of her mouth and stands with her arms crossed::

[19:10] <Miasma> I'm going to find that freak who did this to us and burn his insides alive. ::Meeps.:: Somewhat, the armor protects my skin a bit better...

[19:11] <IronMan> Hey! I take exception to that! ::Sends a glare in Dare's direction::

[19:11] <Dare> ...fine!

[19:11] <Indigo> ((How does HE know, is he from this place? For all we know this could be a 24/7 storm, like on Jupiter)) ::shakes his head and sighs::

[19:12] <Dare> I'm going to find that gremlin guy and find a way back home!

[19:12] <Dawn> ::runs her hands through her hair, shaking out the sand in it::

[19:12] <Dare> ::heads outside::

[19:12] <Dawn> uh, i won' go out there, mon amie...

[19:12] <IronMan> Oh yeah..head into the middle of a sandstorm..Real bright idea..::Smirks::

[19:12] <Shell> ::rubs her head and sighs:: ((Sleep..and something for a headache..all I could ask for..ever))

[19:12] <Titan> Nox> ((It's getting hard to even levitate myself...too many warpholes in such a short time...)) ::levitating himself and playing with the three worms off by himself but there with the group as always::

[19:13] <Dare> ::rushes back inside covered in sand:: agh!

[19:13] <Dare> You!! ::tries to tackle Nox:: You did this!

[19:13] <Dawn> ::another slight smirk, her hair a bit messed up now::

[19:14] <Indigo> ::eyes wide, jumps up to intercept Dare::

[19:14] <IronMan> ::Smirks:: Great look, Princess. Maybe next time you'll think before you head out into the middle of a storm..::Chuckles::

[19:14] <Indigo> Hey! Do you think hurting him is gonna help us get home?

[19:14] <Dare> Let me go! I'm going to kill him! ::still trying to get to Nox::

[19:14] *** Zoicite is on IRC

[19:14] <Titan> ACTION> It's a rather large hill providing your shelter otherwise the force of the sand would be enough to filet your skin...

[19:15] <Dawn> ::smoothes down her hair a bit with her hand::

[19:15] <Indigo> ::tries to move her away:: Would you just BE QUIET?!

[19:15] <Dare> ::bites her lip but is looking very very mad::

[19:15] <Titan> ACTION> The sandstorm slowly dies down and with it goes the only protection from the full force of the sun A-Next had. The only thing to do now is to climb the mounting hill before you and hope to find an oasis before the sun microcooks you.

[19:16] <Indigo> ((Whoa, Collin...deep breath)) Sorry, little...tired.

[19:16] <Shell> ::looks up and shields her eyes:: Ok and a pair of sunglasses ::picks herself up::

[19:16] <Dawn> ((well, now it's gettin' a bit warmer...))

[19:16] <IronMan> ::Cracks a smile and decides not to say anything else, before moving to climb the hill::

[19:17] <Miasma> ::Atempts to find a cooling system and jets up along the side of the moutian.::

[19:17] <Titan> Hmm... ::looks up the hill...looks at the waves of sand cascading down the hill::

[19:17] <Indigo> ::lets go of Dare:: Perhaps I should...i think my powers are protecting ::looks up the hill::

[19:18] <Dawn> ::starts climbing up the hill, using an arm to shade her eyes from the sun::

[19:18] <Shard> ::gets up and looks:: we better find water and shade before we cook ::climbs the hill::

[19:18] <Dare> ..can't someone carry me? ::climbing::

[19:18] <Titan> ACTION> As A-Next begins the arduous uphill trek they can hear the approaching rumble of a large caravan...

[19:19] <Shell> ::blinks:: Is that good?

[19:19] <Dare> ::pulls her shirt over the top of her head a bit:: It's gotta be better than this!

[19:19] <Indigo> ::squints and starts up the hill, shakes head at Dare:: What's that sound? ::looks around squinting::

[19:19] <Dawn> ::slight frown:: jus' what we don' need...

[19:19] <Titan> ACTION> Miasma flies up to the summit with ease only to find herself face to face with a camel that proceeds to lick her faceplate.

[19:20] <Dawn> <<wait, camels rumble? heh..>>

[19:20] <IronMan> Yeah,'s kinda hard enough to climb as is, without carrying someone..::Sends a quick glance back, before looking away and going back to climbing::

[19:20] <Shell> << a whole lot of them do>>

[19:21] <Dawn> <<::shrugs:: i've never personally met a bunch of camels at once>>

[19:21] <Dare> What are we even looking for right now? Tell that little guy to zap us back

[19:21] <Shell> <<Well seeing as how in America the most you could find would be in a zoo..>>

[19:21] <Dawn> ::starts climbing a little faster::

[19:22] <Miasma> ::Blinks slightly at the camel then almost smiles and looks on the back of the camel.::

[19:22] <Titan> ACTION> The man riding the camel removes his face coverings and yells something to his men in their native tongue. The men rush to help A-Next to the top of the hill by dropping ropes down to them.

[19:22] <Indigo> ::continues up, squinting at Miasmi:: ((A camel? Is this Earth?)) ::starts faster up the hill, toward a rope::

[19:22] <Shard> ::grabs a rope and climbs up::

[19:22] <Shell> ::grabs a rope and starts pulling up::

[19:22] <Dawn> ::looks at one of the ropes and grabs it, using it to climb::

[19:22] <Dare> ::gets a hold of the rope::

[19:23] <Titan> ::looks to nox:: I don't suppose you could give me an assist?

[19:23] <Titan> Nox> ::nods and levitates himself, titan, and the three worms to the top of the hill::

[19:23] <IronMan> ::Grabs a rope, using it to pull himself upwards, muttering something under his breath::

[19:24] <Dare> ::gasps:: hey! He's cheating!

[19:24] <Miasma> ::Takes off her helmet.:: Err, thank you?

[19:25] <Titan> ACTION> The man dismounts from his camel and looks each member of A-Next over in turn starting with Miasma. He gestures to his men and they scurry off to fetch water and food for A-Next.

[19:25] <IronMan> *Smirks, sending a glance at Dare* Do you ever stop complaining?

[19:25] <Dare> ::blinks:: Eww... they kinda look dirty..

[19:25] <Shard> ::gets up to the top and looks around::

[19:26] <Dare> ::glares at IronMan::

[19:26] <Shell> We're surrounded by dirt ::looks at Dare::

[19:26] <Miasma> Thank you again. ::Looks at the man hoping he understands.:: We might have died with out your help.

[19:26] <Indigo> :;sreaches the top, takes a deep breath and exhales:: Who--?

[19:26] <Dare> Oh like that's an excuse..

[19:26] <Dare> ::Kicks some sand in frustration:: I wish Tony Stark was here..

[19:26] <Shell> ::shakes her head::

[19:27] <Titan> Leader man> ::spoken in old egyptian:: [[What manner of strange clothing is this?]]

[19:27] <Dawn> ::looks at the people a tad suspiciously:: some strangers in the desert jus' help us help us out like this....

[19:27] <IronMan> Tony Stark? ::Snickers and shakes his head, looking towards the Caravan people::

[19:27] <Dare> Eep! ::hides behind Titan:: What if they make us their love slaves!?

[19:27] <Dawn> ...

[19:27] <Titan> ACTION> A young man probably about 15-16 who rides at Baal's right hand similarly dismounts. Like his people, and logically for desert nomads, all but his eyes are covered but something about his eyes gives A-Next the chills as he too looks them over.

[19:28] <Titan> I don't suppose anyone understands what he's saying?

[19:28] <Dare> Who's that?

[19:28] <Shell> ((Nice eyes)) ::Rubs her arms and looks at the guy::

[19:28] <Shell> No..I didn't even pass Spanish

[19:28] <Miasma> Look, they won't.

[19:28] <Dawn> ::amused smirk, notices the man and the smirk is wiped off her face::

[19:28] <Miasma> No... I don't. ::Eyes the young man warily.::

[19:28] <Indigo> :;thinking:: Uh...sounds Arabic or something...

[19:28] <IronMan> ::Tries hard not to bust up, laughing at Dare's comment and fails miserably, stopping as the guy looks at them:: Okay, that just give me the wiggins..

[19:29] <Titan> Baal> [[And what nonsense is this you speak? Do you not speak the tongue of our land?]]

[19:29] <Dawn> mebbe dey speak french? ::looks at the leader guy:: parler vous francais, mon ami?

[19:29] <Dare> ::groans:: They're not french..

[19:29] <Shell> Uhmm..That didn't sound happy

[19:30] <Dawn> ::shrugs:: worth a try..

[19:30] <Dare> ::steps up a bit:: Umm, hi... we're lost because of this ::with hand motions:: tiny little guy... if you'll just talk to him we'll be on our way ::smiles sweetly::

[19:31] <Miasma> ::Tries to see if they have a langaue decoder.::

[19:31] <Titan> Baal> [[They must be some strange manner of untelligent wild desert beast...]]

[19:32] <Dare> ::looks back at the others:: I think he likes me ::smiles::

[19:32] <Titan> <<Baal, btw, is the leader, heh, I just didn't want to continue typing "leader man">>

[19:32] <Dawn> ::rubs her forehead::

[19:32] <Indigo> <<are the men back with the water and food?>>

[19:32] *** Reny is on IRC

[19:32] <Miasma> Hmmm...

[19:32] *** Joins: Reny (

[19:32] <Dawn> <<how could they think that anything looking human is a wild beast? oh, wait... don

[19:32] *** Reny has left IRC

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[19:32] <IronMan> Riiight..::Eyes the guy:: Uh..We come in Peace?

[19:32] <Dawn> <<'t answer that...>>

[19:33] <Titan> ACTION> The men of Baal's caravan returns with skins of water and sachels of dried meat.

[19:33] <Dare> ::makes a face:: I can't eat that..

[19:34] <Shard> ::takes the water skin and bows his head in thanks and takes a drink::

[19:34] <Dawn> ::takes some water and dried meat from one of the men with a grateful nod:: thanks..

[19:34] <Shell> ::takes some water and drinks it:: (( good)) ::rubs her lips with the back of her hand and eats a bit of the meat::

[19:34] <IronMan> You see anything else we can eat. Starve if you want, Princess, but I happen to be hungry. ::Nods in thanks and accepts the water and meat::

[19:35] <Dare> ::puts a hand over her mouth:: ..think I'm going to be sick..

[19:35] <Dawn> ::nibbles at the meat after taking a sip of water::

[19:35] <Dare> ::looks at Titan:: Aren't you supposed be coming up with a plan to get us home yet?

[19:35] <Indigo> ::grabs some water and food and sits down in the sand::

[19:35] <Miasma> ::Bows to the men and walks to the food and water.::

[19:35] <IronMan> ::Glances over at Miasma:: Doesn't that armor of yours have like..a translator or anything, maybe?

[19:35] <Dawn> ::looks at the leader man again:: hmmm...

[19:36] <Titan> Nox> I think I might be able to help... ::eyes glow and makes strange gestures with his hands that cause little starry trails to form:: Tower of Babel, how it feel, heed me now with this rhyming spell, turn back time, make all well, make their tongues speak the same language...swell.

[19:36] <Miasma> ::Looks at the armor puzzedly.:: I'm trying to find it...

[19:36] <Titan> <<Ack, feel=fell>>

[19:36] <Shell> ::blinks and looks at Nox::

[19:36] <Dawn> ::blinks at nox and shakes her head:: ((looney garcon...))

[19:37] <Shell> What did he do?

[19:37] <IronMan> ::Looks oddly at Nox:: Okay..

[19:37] <Titan> Baal> They must not be terribly ignorant if they know the value of food and water in a place such as this.

[19:38] <Shell> ::blinks and looks at Baal:: What..I understood him

[19:38] <Miasma> Thank you again..? ::Looks at Ball and the younger man.:: ((Please, please.))

[19:38] <Indigo> ::walks down the hill some and tries shooting a concussive blast into the distance:: ((Might as well try out these powers, if I'm stuck with them...))

[19:38] <Dawn> woah... ::looks towards baal:: uh, hi?

[19:38] <Shell> ((Wow heh..)) Thank you for the food and water

[19:39] <Dare> ::angrily:: Where are we supposed to sleep if we get stuck here?

[19:39] <Titan> Baal> So you do speak our tongue? Why were you speaking such gibberish before? It matters not. Come, let us take refuge from the afternoon sun.

[19:39] <IronMan> Heyy..I understood you..and as for her..::Thumbs in Dare's direction as he looks at Ball, after he takes a bite of meat:: I still don't get the spoiled Princess over there, either. ::Washes it down with some water::

[19:40] <Indigo> ::looks backwards over his shoulder:: Did I-? ::shakes his head and tries practicing his power again::

[19:40] <Miasma> It's our native tounge. Thank you again good sirs. ::Sips some water.::

[19:40] <Dare> ::growls:: spoiled princess?!

[19:40] <Shell> ::nods and looks at the follower of baal who's about their age again and moves to follow baal:: Yes..really dont' like heat

[19:40] <Dawn> ::follows after baal::

[19:41] <IronMan> You heard me. ::Smirks and follows Baal::

[19:41] <Dare> ::goes up to Iron Man:: I'm just trying to figure a way back home while the rest of you seem to be enjoying this little vacation...

[19:42] <Titan> ACTION> The men brings extra mounts for A-Next to ride.

[19:42] <Dare> I hate this! ::pushes IronMan and heads for the mount::

[19:42] <IronMan> ::Snickers:: Oh yeah, we're having barrels of fun..complaining ain't gonna get us home. It's all up to the midget over there. ::Thumbs in Nox's direction::

[19:42] <Shell> I've never ridden a camel before..I don't even think I could get up there

[19:42] <Shard> ::to the man bringing him a horse:: thank you ::gets on the horse::

[19:42] <Indigo> ::::walks back up the hill and over to a camel:: This ought to be fun...

[19:42] <Shell> ::moves a hand over the camel's fur::

[19:43] <Shard> <<or camel, whatever>>

[19:43] <Dawn> ::looks at the mount:: shouldn't be too hard.. sorts like a horse, non?

[19:43] <Dawn> <<s=a>>

[19:43] <Miasma> ::Frowns at the camel.:: I think I should walk, my armor is too heavy for it.

[19:43] <IronMan> ::Stumbles back a few feet from the shove and heads over to a mount:: Pushy pushy, Princess..::Chuckles and climbs up onto the mount::

[19:44] <Shell> ::starts to climb to get on her camel stuggling a bit::

[19:44] <Dawn> ::pats one of the camels' nose gently and attempts to carefully climb up onto it::

[19:45] <Indigo> ::jumps up on to the camel, squirming to get a good position::

[19:46] <Dare> Did anyone even mind to ask where they're taking us?

[19:46] <Indigo> Does it matter?

[19:46] <Dare> We could be sacrifices..

[19:46] <Indigo> Look around you. The Plaza Hotel this ain't, any place is better.

[19:46] <Shell> long as we go somewhere that's not hot

[19:47] <Miasma> Just because they're form a diffrent culture doesn't mean they're going to destory us.

[19:47] <Dare>'s a desert

[19:47] <Titan> Baal> ::mounts his camel:: I am called Baal. I am the leader of the Sandstormers and we will return to camp now. ::glances at dare:: You're more than welcome to stay here if you're afraid to be sacrficed.

[19:47] <Shell> ::gives Dare a look::

[19:48] <Dawn> many thanks, mon ami

[19:48] <Dare> ... ::opens her mouth to say something to Dare but decides against it for now::

[19:48] <Shell> <<.. heh>>

[19:48] <Dare> <<err Baal>>

[19:48] <IronMan> ::Smirks, sending a glance at Baal:: I like you already, Baal. ::Sends a glance at Dare:: ((Don't want the Princess to actually get hurt, but it's good to see her get knocked down a few pegs..))

[19:49] <Titan> Baal> Though it is the greatest honor one can bestow upon a mortal, to be sacrificed to the gods, it is not for you or your clansmen...::starts riding off with the caravan falling into place behind him:

[19:50] <Miasma> I'm Miasma... we really don't have a leader for this group at the moment...

[19:50] <Miasma> How rude! ::Brushes back her blue hair and walks after the caravan.::

[19:50] <Dare> ::under her breath:: or clanswomen... sexist pig..

[19:50] <Dawn> ::looks down at the camel she's on:: uh, giddy-up?

[19:51] <IronMan> What, you guys WANT to be sacrificed? ::Smirks:: Me, I can live with not being bestowed the "honor". ::Heads after Baal on his camel::

[19:52] <Indigo> ::angrily shakes his head and follows IM::

[19:53] <Miasma> We're NOT getting sacrificed.

[19:53] <Dawn> ::bites her lip slightly and gives the camel a soft kick::

[19:53] <Dare> d'uh

[19:53] <Dare> maybe they have a telephone?

[19:53] <Miasma> Oh... uhm... ::Looks embrassed and walks after the camels.:: ((I wonder what I got on under this armor.))

[19:53] <Shard> prolly not ::follows after::

[19:53] <Dare> not too worried... I know my Tony will save me soon ::smiles::

[19:54] <Dawn> ::glances at dare:: do y' see any telephone lines 'round here? ::motions to the horizon::

[19:54] <Shard> you wish

[19:54] <Dawn> ::chuckles::

[19:55] <Dare> Hey! ::glares at Shard:: What is that supposed to mean??

[19:55] <Shard> you really think he can get here? think again

[19:55] <Dawn> ::looks down at her camel:: now c'mon... follow the others... ::kicks it just a tad harder than last time::

[19:55] *** Zoicite has left IRC

[19:56] <Dare> He would for me... and if you're not nicer to me I might not ask him to help you too

[19:56] <Indigo> ::yells back:: If I hear one more comment about that snide-Playboy, I'm gonna sacrfice someone! ::grins at the thought::

[19:56] <Dare> ::screams at Indigo:: You're just jealous!

[19:57] <Shard> im here becaus i was touring his damned building, so its part his fault

[19:58] <Miasma> SHUT UP! Both of you! Find a better thing to agure about! ::Glares at Shard and Dare.::

[19:58] <Titan> ACTION> After a moderately long ride, the caravan arrives back at the Sandstormers' camp. Centered around an oasis, many portable but durable housing structures are set up. The women and small children come out to greet their returning menfolk.

[19:58] <Dare> ::grumbles something in russian::

[19:59] <Indigo> <<ack, gtg, sorry>>

[19:59] *** Quits: Indigo ( (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))

[19:59] <Dare> I'm so tired..

[19:59] <Dawn> ::looks at the portable housing:: ((nomads, den..)) ::smiles at the small children::

[19:59] <Miasma> ::Fans herself and sighs.:: Thank god...

[19:59] *** `Voltage is on IRC

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[20:00] *** Quits: Shell ( (Release the Seal!)

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[20:02] <Dare> So what are we going to do now?

[20:02] <Titan> Baal> This... ::pulls the most robust woman to him, obviously the alpha female in the bunch:: my wife, Ahmonet, and my son... ::gestures to the boy who rides at his right hand:: ...En Sabah Nur.

[20:02] <Titan> ***>>>SIM END, TBC<<<***

[20:02] <Dare> @@

[20:02] <Miasma> @@

[20:02] <Dawn> @@

[20:02] <Dawn> ooooo!

[20:02] <Dawn> *dum dum dummmm!*

[20:03] *** Jarvis sets mode: +o IronMan`

[20:03] <Shard> @@

[20:03] <Titan> Questions, comments?

[20:03] <IronMan`> @@ Damnit..I wanted to sim more..heh.

[20:04] <Dare> none from me

[20:04] <Dare> good sim, E =)

[20:04] <Shard> umm whats the meaning of life?

[20:04] <Dare> Think I'm going to go now before things get too weird =)

[20:04] <IronMan`> I had fun. heh.

[20:04] <Miasma> Ooo! Ooo!

[20:04] <Dawn> so that guy that gave us the creeps was apocalypse?

[20:04] <IronMan`> Oookay..things are gonna get heh

[20:04] <Miasma> Well, it's question about Mia's reaction to that.

[20:05] <Dare> no, it was his adoptive father

[20:05] <Dawn> no, i'm talking about the 15-16 year old guy

[20:05] <Titan> No, heh, the boy that gave you the creeps is En Sabah Nur; Baal is his father.

[20:05] <Dare> probably the grey skin thing

[20:06] <Dare> cya guys ::waves::

[20:06] <IronMan`> Laters Ali

[20:06] <Dawn> well he's gonna grow up to be apocalypse.. ::didn't notice that 'rides at baal's right hand thing' at first::

[20:06] <Dawn> 'night

[20:06] *** Quits: Dare ( (Leaving)

[20:07] *** IronMan` is now known as Voltage

[20:07] *** Voltage is on IRC

[20:07] <Shard> i want my ice powers back

[20:08] <Shard> and you never answered my question

[20:08] *** Shard is now known as Calihan

[20:08] <Dawn> ::digs through her comics:: damn, i can't find it..

[20:10] <Titan> Can't find what?

[20:10] * Titan is going to do something he hasn't done in ages...

[20:11] <Dawn> when i ordered the x-men: ravages of apocalypse game (over a year ago) it came with a comic that was part of the 'origin of apocalypse' mini-series.. i think it was #2, but i'm not sure..

[20:11] <Voltage> Was 1, actually..heh. I got it with the game, too.

[20:11] *** Titan sets mode: +o Hazard

[20:12] <Dawn> they oughta make an x-men game for quake three arena now :P

[20:12] <Hazard> ...what? heh heh

[20:12] <Titan> So no one cares what it is I haven't done in ages?

[20:13] <Voltage> What haven't you done for ages?

[20:13] <Titan> Do you still want back on the team, Haz?

[20:14] <Miasma> What? What?

[20:14] <Hazard> umm.. ::thinks:: do I have to answer right now? heh heh

[20:14] <Titan> Why wouldn't you want to answer right now? =P

[20:14] <Titan> I'm going to plot the next six sims.

[20:15] <Hazard> heh heh cuz I'm not in the right mindset right now to make decisions... too much candy, I think

[20:15] * Hazard just ate a big.. solid sugar skeleton thing

* Sound request: can't find 'walklikeegyptian.mid'

[20:16] * Dawn plays  walklikeegyptian.mid  76.4k 

[20:16] <Dawn> ::sings along to the midi::

[20:18] *** Zoicite is on IRC

[20:18] *** Joins: Damia (

[20:20] *** Joins: Angel_Blue (

[20:20] *** Jarvis sets mode: +o Angel_Blue

[20:20] *** Quits: Damia ( (kill requested by owner)

[20:20] <Titan> Okay, go away now you crazies

Session Close: Thu Nov 02 20:20:57 2000