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[18:52] <Dare> thanks

[18:52] <`Voltage> Heya.

[18:53] <`Voltage> No prob.

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[18:59] <Miasma> Wow! He made it! ^_^

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[19:00] <Afterburn> me? ^_^

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[19:00] <Miasma> Yah. ^^

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[19:01] <Titan> ***>>>AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!<<<***

[19:01] <Afterburn> @@

[19:01] <Dawn> @@

[19:01] <Shard> @@

[19:01] <Dare`> @@

[19:01] <IronMan> @@

[19:02] -> [Miasma] PING

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[19:04] <Titan> SIM BRIEF> A-Next was accepted into the Sandstormers' camp and partook of their food and drink during En Sabah Nur's Rite of Passage Celebration. Pharoah's army assualted the Standstormers' camp in the middle of the night after Baal and En Sabah Nur departed in fulfillment of his passage rites.

[19:04] <Titan> The massacre was aided by the Iron Man armor Miasma currently wears as it was overridden by an unknown force. Nox and Titan (in addition to Baal and En Sabah Nur of course) were mysteriously absent from the massacre. Any questions?

[19:05] <Dawn> non

[19:05] <Dare`> nope

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[19:05] <Shard> nada

[19:06] <Miasma> Nopers

[19:06] * Miasma feels really bad. -.-

[19:06] <Titan> ***>>>SIM START<<<***

[19:06] <Titan> SCENE> The desert oasis camp of the Sandstormers. The shelters are burning and the sands are littered with corpses.

[19:06] <Titan> TIME> Just after dawn.

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[19:07] <Dawn> ::looks out over the scene and shudders::

[19:08] <IronMan> ::Looks around, shaking his head and scowling:: ((Damnit..what the hell good is actually having powers, if they can't prevent something like this..))

[19:09] <Shard> ::sits at a tree, aiding an arrow in his shoulder with whatever he could find::

[19:09] <Miasma> ::Sits by a tree, out of the armor with her arms warped about her legs and her face burried between the hallow between her chest and drawn knees.::

[19:09] <Dare> I knew I should have gotten the armor... this would never have happened

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[19:10] <Mustang`> ::glances at the camp, staring, closes his eyes for a few few seconds then looks back at the others::

[19:10] <Afterburn> ::kneels down next to Miasma and puts a hand on her shoulder:: hey.... are you alright Mi?

[19:10] <Dare> ::growls and kicks some sand:: This is all so pointless!

[19:10] <IronMan> ::Sends a glare at Dare:: Right, Princess..sure.

[19:11] <Miasma> ::Shakes her head.:: She's right... I shouldn't of gotten so cocky...

[19:11] <Dare> ::pushes her way past IronMan:: I hate it when you call me that

[19:12] <Dare> We need to find that ugly little guy, he is definately our way back home. And if I'm put in charge of this little group maybe I can get him to do it finally

[19:12] <Dare> ::looks around:: My women's intuition tells me he's that way ::walks Westbound:: Let's go!

[19:12] <Titan> ACTION> In the glare of the growing daylight a solitary figure can be seen approaching the camp.

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[19:13] <IronMan> Good. ::Crosses his arms and shaking his head:: I doubt it would have made much difference, Mia..although I'm curious how someone could possibly have the technology to override the armor, in this time period..If I have a chance, maybe I can take a look at it and see if I can find a way to disable the overrides, for you..I've taken a few cybernetics and robotics classes..

[19:13] <Afterburn> ::frowns and stands up:: I wanna go home...

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[19:13] <Miasma> Thanks... ::Tremblous sigh.::

[19:13] <Dare> ::glances at Afterburn:: Well D'uh.

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[19:13] <Dare> Who are they?

[19:14] <Mustang`> Who's who?

[19:14] <Dare> Bet they could help ::smiles and waves her arms wildly in the air:: hey!!! Over here!!

[19:14] <IronMan> ::Reaches out and stops Dare, by lightly gripping her shoulder:: Wait..::Nods towards the figure::

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[19:14] <Afterburn> ::arches a brow:: I didnt require any feedback on that, but thanks anyway ::frowns and kicks some sand::

[19:14] <Dare> ::free's herself from Ironman:: Hey... don't touch me you perv! Hey you! ::back to the figure:: Little help?!

[19:15] <Shard> ::starts wrapping some cloth around his shoulder::

[19:15] <Dare> ::smiles back at the others:: See? I'm good luck... we're going to be all right now, ha ::smirks at IronMan::

[19:15] <Mustang`> ::snickers::

[19:15] <IronMan> ::Frowns at Dare:: Yeah..too bad we can't say the same for the rest of these people..

[19:16] <Afterburn> ::walks next to ironman and whispers into his ear:: She's starting to annoy me...

[19:16] <Dawn`> ((death.. am i doomed t' have the people around me die?)) ::sighs::

[19:16] <Miasma> ::Stands up slowly, out of the armor wearing the body suit, her face tear streaked.::

[19:16] <Dare> It's called history, Dorkus... meaning there's nothing we could have done about it... unless a certain someone knew how to handle a junkie armor of course

[19:16] <Titan> ACTION> Titan appproaches the camp from the west and behind the group (i.e. he's not the figure mentioned before). Nox is perched up on his head and the three little worms are perched on the Nox's head and shoulders.

[19:17] <Afterburn> ::winces and tries to see if he can figure out who the figure is::

[19:17] <Dawn`> ::glances at titan and nox:: *now* they get here..

[19:18] <IronMan> ::Grits his teeth:: Right..I'm SO sure, would've just won the day..Uh huh..::Looks towards Titan and Nox and glares::

[19:18] <Dare> ::blinks:: if that's Titan then who's that? ::points back at the figure::

[19:19] <Titan> ACTION> As the mystery figure approaches the camp it becomes terribly apparent that he is holding a second figure in his arms, and that this first figure is massive and imposing, superhumanly so...

[19:19] <Miasma> ::Grits her teeth and glares at Dare then looks away.::

[19:19] <Dare> Yikes. Hope he's friendly... ::looks at IronMan:: You should go say hello to him... break some ground

[19:19] <Dawn`> ::looks towards the 'mystery figure':: i say we git outta here..

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[19:21] <IronMan> ::Takes a step towards the figure:: Someone has to..and since it seems you've developed a case of cold feet, Princess..I will..::Shakes his head and sighs:: ((I don't know what I'm going to say about what happened here..))

[19:21] <Miasma> ::Turns her gaze at the figure then follows after IronMan.:: Don't, it's my fault...

[19:21] <Dare> We don't have anything to worry about... ::motions towards Miasma:: if he's bad, Wondergirl here can take them out

[19:22] <Dare> ::bites her lip for a half-second:: Wait up... you'll need someone who can communicate, you two might have some trouble ::goes with Ironman and Miasma::

[19:22] <Afterburn> Gee.... Miss Fearless is afraid of the big 'ol mystery man...? ::mutters:: comeon' Terry, lets go...

[19:22] *** Joins: Syke (

[19:22] <Mustang`> ::follows the others::

[19:23] <Titan> ::surveys the massacre with a cold, detatched scientific perspective:: You were right... this means your memories must be returning.

[19:23] <Dare> I said I was going

[19:23] <Dare> testy much?

[19:23] <Afterburn> ::walks in pace with MIa and IM:: Yeah, after there was a party formed ::Frowns::

[19:23] <Dawn> ::looks from titan and nox to dare and the others:: ((think i'd better stay righ' here..))

[19:24] <IronMan> We'll all go..::Shakes his head:: Safety in numbers and all..::Looks towards Mia, 'Burn, 'Stang and Dare::

[19:24] <Dare> Listen up Wonder girl... ::to Miasma:: just in case you should have that thing powered up to make that guy go boom, got it?

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[19:24] <Miasma> Memor- ::Cuts off and walks so she's a head a few feet.:: It's my fault. You all don't need to get into this mess...

[19:25] <Dare> ::looks back at whoever stayed behind:: Wonder where he was this entire time ::looking at Titan::

[19:25] <Miasma> ::Frowns slightly and actiates the pendent.::

[19:25] <Shard> ::stands up slowly walking towards the others::

[19:25] <Dare> I like messes

[19:26] <Mustang`> ::glances at Dare:: Do you ever stop?

[19:26] <IronMan> ::Shakes his head:: We were here, too..although I'm not sure where some of us were doing it..

[19:26] <Titan> ACTION> The approaching figure stops in his tracks as the massacre becomes plain to him. As A-Next approaches they see the man has unnatural grey skin and haunting red eyes. In addition, in his arms he carries the limp, bloody, broken form of Baal.

[19:26] <Dawn> ::looks back at the various corpses and walks quickly to the group:: hey guys, wait up...

[19:26] <Dare> ::whispers:: think he killed him?

[19:27] <IronMan> ::Stares:: Nur..::Winces, seeing Baal:: Oh great..poor guy..

[19:28] <Miasma> ::Takes off the helmet, her eyes widen at Baal's dead body.::

[19:28] <Afterburn> ::growls and clenches his fists as memories flood his mind::

[19:28] <Titan> En Sabah Nur> Who was responsible for this?

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[19:28] <Dawn> ::shudders and quickly looks away::

[19:28] <Dare> I know who did it

[19:29] <Mustang`> ::glances at Dare:: ...don't even.

[19:29] <Dare> ::walks ahead of the group:: Some people need to take responcibility here

[19:29] <Dare> ::glares back at Mustang:: As a matter of fact... I'd be happy to tell you who did it.

[19:30] <Miasma> ::Weakly rasies her hand.:: I.. did.

[19:30] <IronMan> ::Sighs:: Dare..let Mia handle this..

[19:30] <Dare> ::looks back at Sabur:: Bandits. About a dozen of them... looked really mean... we just arrived a little too late... sorry.

[19:30] <Mustang`> ::raises an eyebrow::

[19:30] <Dare> ::smirks:: Don't listen to her... she's a little ::makes a crazy hand single around her ear:: Nutzoid... you know how it is heh

[19:30] <Titan> En Sabah Nur> ::drops baal's body to the sand and grasps dare by the throat with his bloodied hand lifting her into the air with ease::

[19:30] <Dare> ack!

[19:31] <IronMan> ::Looks surprised at Dare, for a minute:: ((I didn't think she had that in her..)) ::Eyes go wide:: Whoa, hey! Drop her, Nur!

[19:31] <Mustang`> Let her go, Nur! She didn't do anything.

[19:31] <Dare> ::grabs En Sabah Nur's wrists with her hands:: can't... breathe..

[19:31] <Titan> En Sabah Nur> You did this? ::glances at miasma eyes ablaze::

[19:31] <Dawn> ::steps back a bit::

[19:31] <Dare> noo...

[19:32] *** Dravin is on IRC

[19:32] <Miasma> It was... an accident. The pharaoh's men attacked and I tried to attack at them but... my suit just wouldn't listen to my commands.

[19:32] <IronMan> ::Shifts his hands into blades:: She didn't do it, Nur..You want the truth? Pharoah's men showed up and somehow they have the technology to override her..::Points at Mia:: you want someone to blame..Blame Pharoah.

[19:32] <Titan> En Sabah Nur> ::tightens his grip on dare's throat so that she can't talk or breathe::

[19:32] <IronMan> Now..drop Dare, before I drop you. ::Glares, holding his blades at the ready::

[19:33] <Dawn> ::small sigh:: dere's been 'nough violence already...

[19:33] <Mustang`> Let her go, now. This is your last warning

[19:33] *** Quits: Shard ( (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))

[19:34] <Titan> En Sabah Nur> ::drops dare to the sand:: Pharoah...

[19:34] *** Joins: Shard (

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[19:34] <Miasma> ::Nods.:: I don't kill inncoent people.

[19:34] <IronMan> ::Crouches next to Dare, his hands shifting back to normal:: You okay, Princess?

[19:34] <Dare> ::coughs and gasps for air::

[19:34] <Dare> ...I'm fine.

[19:35] <Dawn> ::looks at Nur:: what happened to you...?

[19:36] <Dare> ::gets up and walks behind the others and glances at Miasma for a half-second:: next time... go with the bandit idea.

[19:36] <Afterburn> ::thinks to himself:: ((Why did i bother coming back here... Im wasting time with this when I should be looking for those bastards who killed mom and dad....)) ::growls and tightens his fists::

[19:36] <Titan> En Sabah Nur> ::shoves mustang aside as if he were a twig:: He will pay for what he's done to me. ::starts marching off to the south::

[19:36] <Dawn> ::stares after Nur::

[19:37] <Dare> ::feeling her neck:: that's going to bruise..

[19:37] <Mustang`> ::gets shoved down into the floor, glaring at Nur, picks himself up::

[19:37] <Afterburn> ::snaps out of his trance:: Wait! I want to help.... ::follows after Nur:: There was no need for all these casualties..... He deserves to pay for what he's done....

[19:38] <IronMan> I'm thinking he has the right idea..Pharoah should pay..::Looks like he's debating following as he glances at Dare, briefly:: Maybe I misjudged you after all, Princess..

[19:38] *** DrDoom is on IRC

[19:39] <Titan> En Sabah Nur> ::doesn't look back:: Do not get in my way.

[19:39] <Dawn> yeah.. ((too bad i'm useless..))

[19:39] <Dare> Quit... calling me that!

[19:39] *** DrDoom has left IRC

[19:39] <Dare> ::towards Titan:: That little guy is sending us home, pronto. This isn't even our business!

[19:39] *** Dravin has left IRC

[19:39] *** Quits: Mustang` ( (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))

[19:40] <Dare> I almost died just a little bit ago...

[19:40] <Dare> I don't want to feel that way ever again

[19:40] <Miasma> ::Stares quietly at En Sabah Nur then links at a sharp jab of deja vu.::

[19:40] <Afterburn> ::cold tone:: Don't worry about me getting in your way.... but dont get in mine either, i want a piece of him too...

[19:40] <Shard> ::looks to Dare:: be happy, i could of been worse, alot worse

[19:40] <IronMan> Maybe if you ask nicely, Princess..::Smirks and then looks in the direction of Nur:: I'm thinking that he's supposed to go by himself..much as I wouldn't like to go help him gut that Commander and the Pharoah..

[19:40] *** Dravin is on IRC

[19:41] <IronMan> <<Would, rather..heh.>>

[19:41] <Afterburn> ::throws his com to the floor:: I'll go back when this is taken care of.... if you leave without me... so be it.. i've had enough of this senseless killing and its going to end... here anyway..

[19:41] <Titan> Nox> ::eyes rolled into the back of his head::

[19:41] <Dare> So you're leaving us just like that?

[19:41] <Dare> ::growls and throws the com at Afterburn:: You...jerk! Can't you see this team needs you?!

[19:42] <Dawn> ::notices nox out of the corner of her eye:: huh..?

[19:42] <Miasma> Besides, we can't go back... ::Frowns slightly.:: Not with out nox...

[19:42] <Dare> If you want to snap and go crazy... fine! But do it when we all get back home, okay?!

[19:42] <IronMan> ::Shakes his head at Afterburn:: 'Burn..I don't think we're supposed to, man..this IS the past..we do may change everything..I..kinda learned about it, in my Temporal Physics class..::Looks towards Nox:: What's wrong with him, anyways...?

[19:43] *** Dravin has left IRC

[19:43] <Dare> ::looks at Nox:: It's an act... I'm sure of it.

[19:43] <Titan> No, he's comatose.

[19:43] <Afterburn> You don't know me... nobody does.... My parents needed me, and I wasn't there for them because I was out saving the world from idiots like this guy... No more! i've had it! my parents were mudered... i dont want someone else having the same fate my parents did...

[19:44] <Dawn> ::eyes narrow:: you're not the only one who's parents were murdered.

[19:44] <Dare> ::rolls her eyes and swears in Russian::

[19:44] <Dare> this isn't the time for this

[19:45] <Afterburn> Do you think I care? ::shakes his head and follows after Nur::

[19:45] <Dawn> ...den why would you think we care?

[19:45] <Dare> ::clenches her teeth and tries not to say what she wants to say for once::

[19:45] <Miasma> Don't go help him... don't.

[19:45] <Dare> Titan... anyway we can wake the little guy up soon?

[19:47] <Titan> He's exhusted his powers and apparently he's been cut off from the source of those powers on top of that. I don't think even a strong cup of coffee will do that.

[19:47] <Dawn> ::looks from afterburn to titan:: so what now..?

[19:47] <Titan> ACTION> En Sabah Nur has disappeared into the desert while you all were bickering so any plans of following him are pretty much shot.

[19:49] <IronMan> ::Looks towards Afterburn:: Sorry, but it looks like you're not gonna be able to go after him..unless you care to get lost in that desert, without any supplies. ::Shakes his head and looks at Titan:: how do we get out of here..?

[19:49] <Afterburn> ::growls:: ((Damnit!))

[19:50] *** Dravin is on IRC

[19:51] <Dare> ::sits down and pouts:: ...I thought Tony would have found a way to find me by now..

[19:51] <Dare> He must be feeling horrible that I'm missing

[19:51] <Afterburn> ::mutters:: don't flatter yourself

[19:51] <Dare> I don't.

[19:52] <Dare> I'm sure he has feelings for me..

[19:52] <IronMan> ::Looks at Dare for a moment, before shaking his head and muttering under his breath:: Bit old for you, wouldn't you say?

[19:52] <Miasma> ::Sighs shakenly.::

[19:52] <Dare> He's not "that" old..

[19:52] <Afterburn> Thats swell..... ::goes and leans on a palm tree of some sort and sits down, resting his back on it::

[19:53] <Dare> ::stands back up and walks towards Miasma:: are you alright?

[19:53] <Dawn> ::looks towards the horizon::

[19:53] <Shard> so, are we going to stay here and wait around for nothing?

[19:54] <Miasma> No... I... ::Sighs again.:: I wanna go home.. like everyone.

[19:54] <Dawn> might as well..

[19:54] <Dare> ::smiles:: See? We do have something in commen then... I'm sure we'd make really good friends

[19:55] <Dare> ::whispers:: but to tell you the truth... the rest of them? Tres weird..

[19:55] <IronMan> ::Watches Dare, briefly as she talks with Mia:: ((Maybe I was a little wrong about her..she still seems rather..spoiled, at times. And she can be annoying as hell..but she doesn't seem to be self-centered, like I thought..))

[19:55] <Shard> ::sits down:: just tell me if we plan to go anywhere ::leans back against a tree::

[19:56] <Miasma> ::Manages to smile slightly.:: Not that weird.

[19:57] <Dare> hmm, if you say so, Wonder-girl... ::small smile::

[19:58] <Afterburn> ::rests his head on the tree behind him::

[19:58] <Miasma> ::Looks at Titan.:: So what do we do now?

[19:59] <IronMan> what do we do? ::Unconsciously flexes a hand into a blade and back::

[19:59] <Dare> Find shelter.

[20:00] <Titan> Do I look like I have all the answers?

[20:00] <Dare> We can't just sit around outside like this in the heat and think of what to do. We need to act and right now.

[20:00] <Shard> then lets head north

[20:00] <Dare> We can stay in the village for a night to rest up and then we'll start thinking of a way back home... good for anyone else?

[20:01] <Miasma> I suppose... ::looks at the corpses.:: Yeah...

[20:01] <IronMan> ::Nods slightly, looking around them and grimacing, slightly:: Sounds fine to me, Princess..I'll be happy to get out of here, as soon as we can..

[20:02] <Dawn> ::half-closes her eyes: we shoul' at least give dese hommes a proper burial...

[20:02] <Afterburn> ....there's too many of them Dawn, although it would be the right thing to do

[20:02] <Dare> Sure, but then you'd have to dig a hole for yourself after you die from the heat and work exhaustion.... I know it sounds cold... but we can't afford to do that.

[20:03] <Dawn> if we all help out, mebbe take turns, we migh' be able to get most of them buried b'fore nightfall

[20:03] <Dare> ::looks at Titan:: and we keep asking you because you've been doing pretty good so far... that's all.

[20:04] <Dawn> an' anyways, who knows what kinda animals're gonna come...

[20:04] <Dare> ::groans and looks back at Dawn:: Listen... if you really want to do something for them we can pile them all up and make a big pyre.

[20:04] <Afterburn> Why dont we just burn the corpses... you know, cremate them, and let the ashes spread throughout the desert sand..

[20:04] <Dare> It'd be quicker.

[20:04] <Afterburn> <<ack, lol>>

[20:04] <Dawn> dat migh' work

[20:05] <IronMan> ::Shakes his head:: Well..I can't believe I'm saying this..but burning prob'ly the best decision, right now..just be prepared to not like the smell..

[20:05] <Dare> ::makes a face;: ((Ack... me and 'burn had the same idea... they must be rubbing off on me..))

[20:05] <Miasma> Better than smelling the bodies spoil and rot in the sun...

[20:06] <Dawn> so... anyone happen t' have matches?

[20:07] <Dare> I think wondergirl's suit can make something up to light them

[20:07] *** Dravin has left IRC

[20:07] <Afterburn> <<heh heh, if i had my powers i could -_-;>>

[20:08] <Miasma> I think so... how ironic... ::Starts to pile up the bodies.::

[20:08] <Dare> ::winces again:: ((nice going Erin..))

[20:08] <Afterburn> ::gets up and grabs several bodies at a time and piles them up::

[20:09] <IronMan> ::Sends a glance at Mia:: Don't blame didn't pull the trigger..this Pharoah guy did..::Grimaces slightly as he lifts a body to put in the pile::

[20:09] <Dawn> ::swallows, starts helping to pile up corpses::

[20:09] <Dare> And after we kick his butt... you'll feel better.

[20:10] <Miasma> Yeah...

[20:11] <Shard> ::goes to pick a guy up, grimaces and stumbles back, grabbing his shoulder::

[20:11] <IronMan> ::Sends a glance at Dare:: I don't know that we can just go after Pharoah like that..I want justice as much as the rest of you..but..that might change history..and then who knows what kind of effect it'll have..we may not even get born..and then we wouldn't be born to stop it..and it could collapse all of the Space/Time continuim..

[20:11] <Dare> ...of course I'm not going to touch them.

[20:12] <Miasma> ::Waits until all the corpes are piled high then tries to blast a fireball at them.::

[20:12] <Dare> That's the difference between me and you, Waldo... you think about things way too much and I just do them and deal with whatever happens next.. I'm starting to think we'll be here for a while and this might be a good way to kill some time, right?

[20:12] <Shard> ::stumbles back and sits by his tree again::

[20:13] <Dawn> ::closes her eyes to hold back tears, trying to ignore the blood now on her hands::

[20:14] <Titan> ACTION> The corpses burst into a beautiful blaze.

[20:14] <Titan> ***>>>SIM END, TBC<<<***

[20:14] <IronMan> Yeah..maybe literally..::Scowls:: Look, Princess..or whatever your name is..Believe me, when I say I want to nail this Pharoah guy, too..but I'm just saying..there may be consequences to it, that we can't handle..

[20:14] <Dawn> @@

[20:14] <Afterburn> @@

[20:14] <Shard> @@

[20:14] <IronMan> @@

[20:14] <Dare> @@

[20:15] <Dare> That... might be the most morbid line I've ever seen ;)

[20:15] <Miasma> @@

[20:15] <Dare> <Titan> ACTION> The corpses burst into a beautiful blaze.

[20:15] *** Parts: Syke (

[20:15] <IronMan> Wow..yeah. I think that may scare people wanting to join the sim..;)

[20:15] <Titan> Okay, I wanna go to bed now, but I have an 8-10 page paper to put together first, so go away before you agitate me

[20:15] <Afterburn> lol

[20:15] <Afterburn> :( poor e

[20:16] *** Parts: Afterburn (

[20:16] <Dawn> only if we show the newbies the log for this sim ^_^

[20:16] <IronMan> The newbies will see the page, if they go to join..heh

[20:16] <Dawn> doubt they'll read all the logs tho

[20:16] <Dare> aww... just trying ot have a little fun... good luck with the paper E ::smiles::

[20:16] <Dare> nice sim btw

[20:16] *** Parts: Dare (

[20:17] *** Parts: Dawn (

[20:17] *** Sheeba is on IRC

[20:17] *** Parts: Shard (

[20:17] *** Parts: Miasma (

[20:18] *** Parts: IronMan (

Session Close: Thu Nov 16 20:18:45 2000