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[18:57] <Titan> Ooh, I remember writing this sim,'s quite wordy because I was so incredibly bored at the time

[18:58] <Alex> aren't they always long?

[18:59] <Titan> Yeah, but they're generally charsims

[19:03] <Titan> Gage has a class, so I guess this everyone?

[19:04] <Shard> sheeba, but she has comp troubles

[19:04] <Mustang`> brb

[19:04] <IronMan> I think so.

[19:06] <Titan> What does everybody want?

[19:06] <Dare> ice cream ::smiles::

[19:06] <Titan> What does everybody need?

[19:06] <IronMan> "Head!"?

[19:07] <Jean> Haz to have gotten here earlier so I could have finished my char..

[19:07] <Titan> Don't suppose Diamond is on?

[19:07] <IronMan> Nope..

[19:07] <IronMan> Haven't seen him

[19:08] <Titan> ***>>>AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!<<<***

[19:08] <Titan> @@

[19:08] <Dare> @@

[19:08] <Afterburn> @@

[19:08] <IronMan> @@

[19:08] <Mustang`> @@

[19:08] <Shard> @@

[19:09] <Miasma> @@

[19:09] <Titan> SIM BRIEF> A-Next was thrown into chaos by the slaughter of the Sandstormers. While they were running around like the proverbial headless chickens trying to make sense of it all. En Sabah Nur returned with the bloody, broken body of his father, Baal in his arms. ur, too, was changed, but for the better. His trial in the desert awakened his full genetic potential making him physically stronger and endurant. That coupled with his grey skin would make him Mr. Fixit-like only less cuddly I suppose... In a demure, silent rage at the carnage he took off into the desert to claim the Pharoah's head. A-Next squabbled over the best course of action and upon agreeing revenge was as good as any at this point, realized Nur was long gone. They resolved to build a funeral pyre before the buzzards dessicated the dead instead. Any questions?

[19:09] <Afterburn> nope

[19:09] <Dare> no

[19:10] <IronMan> Nope. I'm good to go.

[19:10] <Shard> nope

[19:10] <Miasma> nope

[19:10] <Titan> ***>>>SIM START<<<***

[19:10] <Titan> SCENE> The desert oasis. Though the funeral pyre is dying down, with the coming of the afternoon sun A-Next begins to question the wisdom of starting a large fire in the middle of a desert.

[19:11] <Dare> You people are so...stupid! Do you all really want to die from dehydration? Titan...tell them this was a bad idea!

[19:11] <Shard> ::stands with his arms crossed:: i say we head north

[19:12] <Titan> This was a bad idea. ::examining the comatose nox::

[19:12] <Mustang`> Wasn't my idea.

[19:12] <Titan> ACTION> The mirrored surface of the calm oasis waters ripples and gurgles almost imperceptibly.

[19:13] <Dare> Told you, Titan would agree with me ::smirks::

[19:13] <Miasma> ::Sits in the sand, still wearing the bodysuit with pedent around her neck.:: Better than letting them rot. Have some respect for the dead. We didn't have time to bury them.

[19:13] <IronMan> ::Shakes his head:: Maybe it wasn't the brightest, no, but would you rather have just let them rot? ::Frowns:: And we do have the Oasis, nearby, so we at least have a supply of water..

[19:14] <Afterburn> ::puts his hands on his hips and bends over trying to catch his breath::

[19:14] <Dare> Not like we knew them..

[19:14] <Titan> ACTION> The waters form into a perfectly flat surface and reflect like a true mirror.

[19:14] <Dare> ::groans and walks away from the group to think amongst herself::

[19:15] <Miasma> They gave us food, water... ::Looks at the pond's surface.:: And shelter and despite what we've- I've- done it's most respectful thing we could do.

[19:15] <Dare> ::looks back and blinks:: What is that thing?

[19:16] <IronMan> ::Scowls, watching her walk off, muttering under his breath:: Just when I start to not mind her as much..::Shakes his head and looks towards the waters:: Uh..that's not supposed to happen, I'd think..

[19:16] <Mustang`> What is what thing?

[19:16] <Dare> ::walks back and examines it:: Looks like a mirror... ::to Miasma:: hey.. Wondergirl... you have that armor... touch this stuff, would you?

[19:17] <Mustang`> ::glances at Dare, then the mirror thing::

[19:18] <Miasma> Guess it would work... ::Summons the armor and walks to the edge of the pond and touches the surface with a armored hand.::

[19:18] <Dare> ::stands back a couple of steps:: of'll work ::nervous laugh::

[19:19] <Titan> ACTION> On Mia's touch, an image (not your reflection) starts to form but the image itself is vague and cloudy as if it were shrouded in smoke or fog.

[19:19] <Dare> What happened?

[19:19] <IronMan> ::Walks closer to the waters, to look:: What's going on?

[19:19] <Miasma> ... I dunno.

[19:19] <Shard> ((what are they staring at?)) ::walks towards the pond::

[19:20] <Titan> ACTION> Before anything comes into focus the pool "shatters" and the pieces skirt about on the surface like shelf ice before realigning themselves.

[19:20] <Mustang`> ::furrows his brow as he watches the water::

[19:21] <IronMan> ::Blinks:: Okay, that's definitely not normal..what the hell is going on?

[19:21] <Afterburn> Yeah... Seriously, what's the deal here?

[19:22] <Titan> ACTION> The pool seals its cracks restoring itself to its pristine beauty and then displays the facade of...EN SABAH NUR! But wait...his features are decidedly aged.

[19:22] <Dare> Gah! ::nearly falls backwards:: I was hoping for something or someone better looking

[19:22] <Miasma> ::Frowns at the image, putting her hands on her hips.::

[19:23] <Dare> what is this even supposed to mean? What does it even have to do with me?

[19:23] <Dare> ...or you guys... I guess

[19:24] <Mustang`> ::shrugs::

[19:24] <Titan> ACTION> The scene in the pool changes again showing a random hodgepodge of images of five costumed individuals, En Sabah Nur, and a giant alien ship in the skies of Manhattan.

[19:24] <IronMan> ::Blinks:: Who the hell was that?

[19:24] <Miasma> Not good...

[19:24] <Dare> hey... that's a city!

[19:24] <Afterburn> ::confused look:: lost

[19:25] <Dare> This might be the way back home ::smiles::

[19:25] <Mustang`> I don't think so.. Maybe its.. ::hmms::

[19:25] <Titan> ACTION> Nox suddenly stirs.

[19:25] <Titan> Nox> Get away from the pool!

[19:26] <Titan> ACTION> The pool shatters suddenly once more but this time, rather than dispersing into the oasis as before, the shards spray out at A-Next! No matter how they try to evade the enchanted water daggers find their marks and strike each of our young heroes down unconscious.

[19:26] <Mustang`> ::glances at Nox:: huh?

[19:26] <Miasma> <<Mia should be fine, she's wearing armor. :)>>

[19:26] <IronMan> Huh? ::Blinks at Nox, suddenly talking, then tries to stumble backwards, before getting stabbed by one of the daggers and falling:: Argh..

[19:27] <Mustang`> ::looks back at the pool and sees the dagger flying at him, gets hit and falls backward::

[19:27] <Titan> <<Heh, armor doesn't do jack against magic =P>>

[19:27] <Shard> ::blinks then backs up then gets struck down::

[19:27] <IronMan> <<Mental note..tinker with device for armor that is Anti-magic..>>

[19:28] <Afterburn> what the... ::collapsesd as he's hit::

[19:28] <Titan> <<Anti-magic and anti-Kryptonite, heh>>

[19:28] <Miasma> :::Strikes her and makes her faint.::

[19:28] <Miasma> <<Iron man don't take no sh*t from kryptonite. :)>>

[19:29] <IronMan> <<You damn right. =)>>

[19:29] <Titan> SCENE> An icy cavern. There are only two light sources, one the distant cavern mouth where presumably sunlight is flooding in and the other the frozen tub at the rear of the cavern which is casting an iridescent glow over A-Next who fund themselves strewn about its base in the snow.

[19:29] <Titan> ACTION> In time each member of A-Next recovers due to the pervading cold chilling them to the marrow. Groggy and incoherent, no one is quite able to discern whether the shock of the enchanted water daggers is causing their chill or the sudden realization that they're wielding powers and abilities not their own...

[19:30] <Dare> ::groans and looks around:: was I just dreaming all of that..?

[19:31] <Mustang`> ::stirs, and groans, shaking his head::

[19:31] <Shard> <<cold? pfft, I want my powers, I don't want cold>>

[19:32] <Miasma> ::Sits up quietly and looks around.:: That... reeked.

[19:32] <Shard> ::stumbles up::

[19:32] <IronMan> Where..? ::Shudders slightly and instinctively tries to do a system scan, until realizing he's not in his armor:: What..? ::Looks around quickly:: Where are we?

[19:32] *** Jarvis sets mode: +o Afterburn

[19:33] <Shard> ::looks around:: this isn't right

[19:34] <Dare> Darn right it isn't right... ::slowly gets back up to her feet::

[19:34] <Titan> Nox> Hmm...appears I made a slight miscalculation... ::strokes his chin::

[19:34] <Mustang`> ::shivers, then glances at Nox:: huh?

[19:34] <Titan> "Slight?"

[19:35] <Shard> miscalculations are definitely bad

[19:35] <Dare> ...wait-a-second... I want to know what's happening here? my hair is trashed now..

[19:35] <Miasma> Not shocked here... ::Stands up quietly.::

[19:35] <IronMan> ::looks down and scowls at his outfit, then looks at Nox:: Nox..::moves up to him, a scowl on his face:: Change us back. Now. ::Attempts to look intimidating, as usual..failing somewhat due to the absence of his armor::

[19:36] <Mustang`> ::scratches his head and stands up, throws an irate look at Nox::

[19:37] <Dare> Just because... you're a small little...wee guy... doesn't mean you have to be such a jerk you know!

[19:37] <Titan> Nox> Yeah, you know I would but...uhhh...

[19:37] <Shard> don't tell me, you cant?

[19:38] <Titan> En Sabah Nur's Voice> FOOL!

[19:38] <Titan> ACTION> Sounds of a very brief scuffle can be heard from outside the cavern.

[19:38] <Miasma> Where are our powers...?

[19:39] <Dare> ..okay... that doesn't sound really good

[19:39] <IronMan> ::Grips Nox, by the front of his clothing, a very angry look on his face:: But what? ::Releases Nox at hearing the voice, his hands instinctively raising up as to ready Repulsors:: Blast it..this is no good..::Moves to head in the direction of the Cavern exit::

[19:39] <Miasma> Shhh! Don't move!

[19:40] <Shard> ::blinks and freezes::

[19:40] <Dare> ::blinks:: why not..?

[19:40] <Titan> ACTION> As Terry approaches the cavern mouth he sees the edge of a rapidly growing pool of blood obviously fresh because it's melting the snow around it.

[19:41] <Afterburn> ::looks around:: What the bloody hell is going on... this is more then i bargained for...

[19:42] <Miasma> ::Points to the blood in a deadpan voice.:: Because of that... Don't want to face what caused that when we're not all up to par...

[19:42] <Dare> grooooosss... is that human blood? ::makes a face::

[19:42] <IronMan> ::Scowling:: Terrific..

[19:43] <Mustang`> ::glances at the blood, and blinks:: Uhm.. yeah. This situation seems promising.

[19:43] <Titan> Unfamiliar Voice in Chinese> [['t enter...the ship...]]

[19:44] <Afterburn> Damnit! What the HELL is going on... ::tries to form a flame unsuccessfully::

[19:44] <Dare> ...I really really just want to go back home

[19:44] <Titan> ACTION> The cavern starts to shake.

[19:44] <Miasma> <And any of us speak chinese?>

[19:44] <Titan> <<Nope, heh>>

[19:44] <IronMan> ::Shakes his head, at the voice, trying to understand it:: ((Blast it..I hadn't realized how much I used the translator in the Armor's systems..))

[19:47] <Dare> I know that langauge... it's chinese... just haven't gotten around to understanding it yet ::looks at the others;: What about you guys?

[19:47] <Afterburn> ::starts to look around for where the voice was coming from::

[19:47] <Titan> We may not know just what's going out there, but we're Avengers, and Avengers don't cower in caves when there's someone in trouble. ::proceeds outside of the cavern::

[19:47] <Miasma> ::Looks around and starts to move out of the cavern.:: Nope, but the shaking I understand far too well.

[19:47] <Titan> ACTION> A stalactite falls to the ground a few feet from Shard.

[19:47] <Miasma> Fearless leader! Do we even have powers to help them with?

[19:48] <IronMan> Not a word of it, without my armor. ::Scowls, obviously uncomfortable::

[19:48] <Mustang`> I don't know either. ::glances at Titan:: He's right though. ::follows Titan out of the cave::

[19:48] <Shard> woah ::jumps back:: lets get outta here ::runs towards the exit::

[19:48] <Afterburn> Hell Yeah! ::follow behind:: ((now if i only knew why in the hell i cant use my pyrokinesis...))

[19:48] <Miasma> Your armor?

[19:48] <Dare> Okay... that kind of tells me that I should get going... you guys can follow if you really want to ::heads out of the cavern::

[19:50] <Titan> ACTION> As all proceed out onto the mountain summit, they see who looks to be a monk bleeding profusely lying in the snow face down, oh, and a giant alien ship superbly "parked" in the side of the mountain.

[19:50] <IronMan> ::Moves to head out of the Cavern, scowling and shifting his arms into blades:: ((At least I'm not completely new to these..))

[19:50] <Dare> oh... this is JUST perfect!

[19:50] <Miasma> ::Frowns and rushes over to the monk and checks for wounds.::

[19:50] <Afterburn> Uhh...... What the f*ck is that thing?!?

[19:51] <Shard> ::looks up at the ship::

[19:53] <Miasma> ::Snorts lightly at the quiping and tries to look for the wound on the monk.::

[19:53] <Afterburn> ::stares at the ship in awe::

[19:53] <Titan> Garbha-Hsien> ::mysteriously only afflicted with minor scrapes to the gut though his robes look as through he was rended from rib to throat with a large sword:: [[I shall be fine. He must be stopped here and now!]]

[19:54] <IronMan> a scan on that vessel, once you're through with him. ::Scowls at it, looking around for any sign of an attacker::

[19:54] <Dare> Nox!! Quit fooling around and send us home!

[19:55] <Titan> Nox> I'm working on it okay!!! Don't get your panties in a twist... ::mutters::

[19:55] <Mustang`> We can't leave now..

[19:55] <Miasma> ::Nods to the monk quickly then points to her ears and shakes her head.::

[19:55] <Dare> ::growls:: well work faster you pervert!

[19:55] <Mustang`> ::snickers::

[19:55] <Titan> Booming Ominous Voice> ::chinese:: [[These are your chosen champions, brother? Children?]] ((Children somehow familiar to me...)) [[Perhaps they could have deterred En Sabah Nur from his chosen path, but they cannot deny destiny.]]

[19:55] <Miasma> ::Then she quickly scans the vessel for infomation.::

[19:56] <IronMan> ::Looks around for the source of the voice:: We have company.

[19:56] <Titan> Garbha-Hsien> [[We are too late! This world is undone!]]

[19:57] <Mustang`> When we get home I'm gonna learn Chinese

[19:57] <Afterburn> Yeah, i think i may join you 'stang....

[19:57] <Titan> ACTION> The side panel of Ship ripples becoming intangible and the boy A-Next first met as En Sabah Nur emerges changed once more...

[19:57] <Titan> Apocalypse> They cannot deny APOCALYPSE!!!

[19:58] <Shard> 'oy, i think were in trouble

[19:58] <Miasma> By the tone it doesn't sound too good... damnnit! I want my old powers back... ::Frowns.:: Sh*t.

[19:58] <Dare> Apoca-what..?

[19:58] <Mustang`> Me too, Mia. is that..?

[19:58] <Dare> Well... he's all your's Wondergirl ::crosses her arms and glances over at Miasma::

[19:59] <Afterburn> Oh brother, I was expecting little green guys with antennae..

[19:59] <IronMan> Blast it..::Scowling and looks towards Titan:: Doesn't look like we're going to be able to avoid a fight..

[20:00] <Mustang`> That we coulda handled.. ((Apocalypse.. Apocalypse.. I think I've heard that name before..))

[20:00] <Miasma> ::Frowns under the helment but feels a pang of guilt.:: I'll have to make do with this bucketsuit a little longer...

[20:00] <Titan> ::quietly to terry:: Nope...this is going to hurt a lot.

[20:02] <Dare> so what are we supposed to do? Look really threatening?

[20:02] <Titan> Nox> WAIT! I got it!!! ::claps his hands together quickly creating a sonic boom that envelops A-Next::

[20:02] <IronMan> What in..::Looks startled by the sudden Sonic boom::

[20:02] <Dare> ahh!!

[20:02] <Shard> ::startled looks then looks back at Nox::

[20:03] <Titan> ***>>>SIM END, TBC<<<***

[20:03] <Afterburn> @@

[20:03] <Dare> @@

[20:03] <Mustang`> @@

[20:03] <Shard> @@

[20:04] <IronMan> @@ Aww..I wanted to sim more. =)

[20:04] <Titan> NEXT WEEK: The beginnings of something big. *g*

[20:04] <Dare> Dare is finally named team leader ::smiles::

[20:04] <Dare> Can't wait ;)

[20:05] <Miasma> @@

[20:05] <Mustang`> Booo!

[20:05] <Mustang`> ..not to dare being TL.. to the sim being over

[20:05] <Dare> oh... whew =P

[20:06] <IronMan> Riiight..*Smirks*

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