Real Name: Jacob Reid
Other known aliases: Jake Reid
Identity: Publically known

Known relatives: Michael (father, deceased), Nitasha (mother, deceased), Jamie Lynn (sister, deceased)

Age: 18yrs.
Place of birth: Madison, Wisconsin
Legal status: Citizen of the United States with no criminal record
Marital status: Single
Avengers status: Active
Occupation: Student

Group affiliations: A-Next
Base of operations: (current) Avengers' Mansion, (former) Fitzsimmons' Tower, A-Next Manor

First appearance: A-NEXT (Vol. 1) #11
History: Jake had always been considered well liked by all of his peers. His friends always looked to him for support, especially in athletic endeavors. He always excelled at everything he attempted, so he tired of the compliments everyone would pay him. Discovering his powers was a great day for him. He embarked on a heroic career almost immediately but was disheartened to find that villains on his own level were few and far between. Jake got his real break when some poor excuse for a Paste Pot Pete held Dick Clark for ransom...six months before anyone was even contemplating New Year's Eve. [It is a truly a medical wonder that that man is still alive. I wholeheartedly believe they killed the real Dick Clark when he lost his last hair and replaced him with a synthezoid.] However, it didn't turn out very well and he was cocooned within a heat-resistant adhesive polymer. Returning from a brief sabbatical from A-Next, Titan intervened and won the day inviting Jake to join the Avengers for further training. He joined A-Next at 17 years of age. He became quite close with several of the group 
members, especially Miasma. Jake fell in love with her, and she was one of 
the few reasons that kept him from giving up completely on the 
superhero life when he was wanting to give up. After a number of adventures with the team, he went back home to visit his family. When he arrived, he searched for them but could not find them, when he eventually did, he just saw a blood filled room, 
with the corpses of his parents and sister lying on the floor. Though angered, and emotionally & mentally distressed, he called the police. They were terribly out of practice in dealing with crimes of this magnitude unfortunately and were unable to find any traces of who might have done it. After the funeral, he returned to the team, which was the only home he had left. He was emotionally disturbed and very unstable, his only concern was to find his parents murderers. When it began to affect his judgement, he took another short leave to find himself, and when he returned he was his old self. Afterburn served with the team until he had a chance run-in with Kristoff von Doom. He lost the use of his legs as a result and rather than have them cybernetically replaced he opted to leave the team a broken man. He quickly grew bored with the sedentary "normal" life, contacted the doctor whom the team had pegged to perform the neccessary surgeries, and got his new and improved legs. He returned to the team officially after gathering a few supplies from the mansion to aid in the battle against Avenger Omega.

Height: 6'10"
Weight: 375lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Ear length brown
Distinguishing Features: Facial tatto

Strength level: Superhuman class 5 in his lower body. Afterburn posesses the peak human upper body strength of a man of his age, height, weight, and build who engages in the intensive regular excercise.
Known metahuman abilities: Afterburn is a mutant who can absorb any form of heat and rechannel it. He may rechannel it to become a protective aura, or may fire it from his hands in concussive blasts. Once he rechannels the heat, it becomes hot enough to melt steel so as a result his body is immune to all forms of heat. His powers are generally generated through his hands, which glow a bright red when they are active. 
Known technological abilities: Afterburn's legs had to be amputated and replaced with cybernetic ones composed of a near-invulnerable adamantium-vibranium alloy and covered with a unique carbon-based Duraflesh toned to blend with his natural flesh and even simulate natural leg hair. (His Duraflesh has a durability comparable to that of bulletproof glass and also posesses a healing factor that allows it to regenerate any lost of damaged portions in a matter of minutes.) Two of Afterburn's vertebrae in the lumbar region had to be replaced so that his legs could be networked to his nervous system and there are a cluster of nannites in his brain that not only control his cybernetics but also enhance his speed, reflexes, and reaction times. Special shock absorbers have been implanted at the junctions between Afterburn's pelvis and his thighes so that he can leap from tall buildings in a single bound and kick holes in brick walls and the like. Afterburn's calfs have intake ports that power his jet propulsion system. He can fly as high and as fast as his body can withstand indefinitely.
Known special skills: Wrestling, football, baseball, lacrosse, motorcycles (piloting and repair)