1. Raven (same as above except as noted):
Gopher (In Development): The Gopher is designed for subterranean operations. It will come standard with a sonic pulse cannon for drilling and have the overall feel of a tank. That is all Quincorp R&D has released to the team at the moment.
Avengers' Deep-Submersible (In Development)

Avengers' Priority Identicard: This is the standard issue, one-hundred percent grade A-for-Avengers hero id. It's a lamenated photo id card with the issuee's signature, the president's signature, and the director of the NSC's signature. The card doubles as a credit card (for official Avengers' business!) that Stark Enterprises covers, a keycard to the mansion's frontgate as well as to the issuee's room in the mansion should they elect to have one, a portable video game, and a secondary comlink should the primary one fail or be inactive.
Avengers' Standard Issue Combadge: It comes standard as a stylyzed metallic red "A" superimposed on a silver oval the size of a belt buckle. Its nannites allow for it to be reconfigured however the issuee sees fit. The combadge's primary function is to sound the Priority Alert which gives a simple "beep beep beep" every 5 minutes until you answer it (if you're an active member on on provisionary status, if you're a reservist it only beeps one, if you're inactive not at all). The second combadge function is to act as a combadge (surprisingly). The combadge is always "on" and has a range of one light year. This means that if you are an Active of Provisionary Status you are always "on call" and anyone with a combadge can send you a message at any time. Conversely, this means you can also send anyone with a combadge a message at anytime. Perhaps you're wondering "Can you selectively pick and choose who you want you message to go to?" The answer to that is yes and no. Anyone with an advanced degree in or any high level of experience with nanotechnology could do it in their sleep. Anyone with the proper level of skill with computers could probably reprogram a combadge too, assuming they had a computer to network it to. That's something else the combadge does. It networks itself (forcefully if neccessary) to any computer it is in physical contact with. It's by no means a universal override, but given time it'll convince most system's to see things its way.

Avengers' Standard Issue Combat Armor: I wish I was more creative then this, but yes, we have liscense to reproduce stable molecules in our basement for personal use. We have this handy wardrobe machine that can reconfigure a basic one piece white body suit to user specs. It absorbs the more run of the mill damage an Avenger will run into on a regular basis like plasma cannons and medium to high end explosions. So, an altercation with say, the Living Laser, is cake, while Ultron might still give you a little trouble, heh. Keep in mind that your head is unprotected unless you opt for the helmet model... Iron Man and Er'wn are the only ones who don't have to wear it for obvious reasons.
Avengers' Mansion Automated Defense Grid


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