Real name: N/A
Other known aliases: Cletus Kasidy
Identity: Publicly known

Known relatives: Raze, Hybrid, and one other (siblings), Venom (sire)

Age: 25yrs. (estimate)
Place of birth: Ryker's Island
Legal status: Officially none, it's done a lot of bad things in conjunction with Cletus Kasidy, however.
Marital status: Single
Occupation: Alien psychopath

Group affiliations: (current) PINCER, (former) Carnage & other assorted psychopathic supervillains
Base of operations: (current) the sub-sublevels of Avengers' Mansion, (former) Ravencroft Sanitarium, mobile

First appearance: A-NEXT (Vol. 1) #
History: The Venom symbiote spawned Carnage while incarcerated on Ryker's. It bonded to inmate Cletus Kasidy, sociopathic serial murderer. Carnage was born. Carnage menaced Spider-Man during repeated escapes from Ravencroft. Carnage occaionally teamed with nutjob Shriek. Cletus Kasidy is dead now. No one likes to talk about how. Carnage is still alive though. Somehow Titan reactivated him during his raid on the Vault. No he's hostless, but he seems to be doing fine.

Height: N/A
Weight: 30lbs.
Eyes: N/A
Hair: N/A
Other distinguishing features: Carnage is a red gelatinous lifeform.

Strength level: Superhuman class 50
Known metahuman abilities: Carnage is a polymorph with the ability to draw additional mass from a parallel dimension to augment his forms. He is only limited in his abilities by his imagination and the more difficult to overcome limitation of a mass cap of approximately 300lbs.
Known technological abilities: None
Other known abilities: None
Known special skills: None