Real name: Alex Stroker
Other known aliases: None
Identity: Secret

Known relatives: Timothy Chiton (father, deceased), Anna (mother), Alex (uncle, deceased), Eliza (aunt)

Age: 17yrs. (August 16)
Place of birth: New York, New York
Legal status: Citizen of the United States with no criminal record, still a minor
Marital status: Single
Avengers status: Provisionary
Occupation: Adventurer

Group affiliations: A-Next
Base of operations: (current) Avengers' Mansion, (former) Fitzsimmons' Tower, mobile, Hydrobase?

First appearance: A-NEXT (Vol. 1) #1
History: Alex's mother and father met, oddly enough, on a vampire hunt. His mother was hunting the vampire Denagna because Degnagna had killed a close friend of hers. After she'd made the kill, Anna was faced by another vampire hunter, Timothy Chiton, who was after Anna. After three hours of fighting, they ended in a stalemate and went their seperate ways. Timothy didn't give up the hunt, and after months of fighting each other and hunting, the two fell in love. The two got engaged with the?news that Anna was pregnant. When Anna was six months pregnant, she was struck with a great tragedy. Both her fiance and her brother Alex went on a hunt for the demon B`tarste, and during the hunt, both of them died. Her fiance was wounded by the demon, and her brother made a desperate last stand defending Anna's fiance and killed the demon, setting off what would ultimately end up killing him. The demon B`tarste was cursed, and if it were to be killed, the one that killed it would?turn into the demon. So over a period of two months, her brother Alex began to lose his power of being able to control solar energy and slowly started growing more and more frustrated and darker than what he used to be. Alex's wife Eliza didn't know what to do so she told Anna. When Anna went to see Alex, she was startled to find that Alex wasn't there, instead she saw the demon B`tarste emerge from his body and move through the shadows away from Alex and Eliza's house. Eliza, totally distraught at the death of her husband, moved in with Anna and began to observe a silent vigil?in hopes that Alex would return to her. When her son was born, to try and help Eliza, but mostly to help herself deal with it and in remembrance of her brother, she named him Alex. The strain on Eliza was too great, however and she slowly went insane and was put under the special care in a mental hospital. Anna went into obscurity to raise her son, having enough money from hunting vampires and other things to be able to keep them both with enough blood on stock to drink. When Alex turned 5?Anna moved them both back into the city of New York where Alex grew up with an ordinary ordinary as somebody who's a vampire and who's mother's a vampire who hunts vampires and other things. When Alex turned 13 he began to manifest the ability to make blasts of fire from his hands. His mother, knowing people began training Alex in hopes that he might be able to live up to what his uncle used to be. After a year and a half of training, Alex agreed to join A-Next upon his mother's wishing. When Cross and Firestorm were abducted by Pax, the mad vampire trying to resurrect Dracula, Cross gave into his bloodlust and nearly killed Firestorm. When they were rescued by A-Next and Pax was destroyed Cross left the team fearing he might hurt someone else and joined his mother as a hunter. He was drawn back to the team while on a hunt in New Orleans when he inadvertantly ran into Dawn who was paired with J2 of the Fantastic Four in their quest to recapture the Vault inmates freed by Titan.

Height: 5 11"?
Weight: 175 lbs.?
Eyes: Green?
Hair: Black?
Other distinguishing features: Alex has a three inch high by an inch and a half wide tattoo of a cross on the side of his left shoulder.

Strength level: Superhuman class 5?
Known metahuman powers: Alex's mom was a vampire, so he was born a vampire. Due to his father being a mutant and not a vampire, he only has enhanced strength and agility, and not flight or regeneration. His mother was also a mutant so she was immune to the effects of sunlight. Alex is only partially immune, his body struggles against the sunlight and he loses the enhances strength and agility. Alex also has the ability of pyrokenesis in the form of fire blasts which is unrelated to him being a vampire. It is believed that Alex is a mutant like both of his parents.?
Known technological abilities: None?
Other known abilities: None
Known special skills: Occult lore