Shawn Ashmoor


Gender: Male Height: 6' 5" Hair: Short black, well-kept Complexion: Green-grey
Age: 20 Weight: 245 lb. Eyes: Brown Alignment: Chaotic Good
Deity: None
Distinguishing Features: Bears many scars, branded on the right shoulder
Motivations: Pursuit of Knowledge, Acceptance, Liberating the Oppressed
Known Relatives: None


Shawn was born in the Darokin wetlands. His human mother was concubine to the tribal elder, Shawn’s father. His mother died during childbirth and he was reared with no knowledge of his human lineage save for his awareness of being different from the others. His childhood was difficult. The other children picked on him for not being as strong as them, the adults abused him for his difference, and his resistance to the elements was lacking. He learned how to survive. Upon reaching adolescence, his tribe was raided by Tyraxian slavers. Most were slain, they were not tractable enough to be laborers; Shawn was taken captive. It quickly became apparent to his enslavers that Shawn was not only strong in body, but also in mind. He became favored by his oppressers and was elevated to the status of overseer. In that capacity, he did everything he could to eleviate the suffering of his fellow slaves. This did not go over well with his oppressers and he was disciplined severely. He was too useful to leave to die, however, so he was nursemaided by a half-elven slave girl, Lia. She and he became close and Lia taught Shawn how to read. While Shawn was still on his sickbed, there was a revolt of the slaves. It was put down violently and many lives were lost. During the chaos, Lia affected an escape and took Shawn with her against his will. Shawn was concerned, rightly so, that he would only slow Lia down and thus be a greater risk than an asset to her. Lia didn't need Shawn to protect her, however, she brought him with her because she loved him. Shawn was stunned, he had never experienced love in his life, but it was not to last. Lia was cut down by a slave hunter's arrow, she died in Shawn's arms. The hunter closed in for the kill, thinking Shawn to be helpless due to his injuries. Shawn accosted the hunter in a mad rage. His bloodcurdling warcries and the hunter's own screams drew the attention of still more hunters. Shawn took the bow that slew Lia, and Lia's own spellbook and fled through the wilderness remembering what Lia had told him one night during their time together. She came from Galantry to the north, where she had been a student of wizardry until she was taken by slavers while she was in the woods gathering herbs. Shawn eventually collapsed from exhaustion on the outskirts of a farm. The simple farmfolk didn't know what to make of the hulking brute, until they noticed the spellbook he carried. They weren't sure if he was a wizard or not, but they thought it best to let the mages deal with him either way. He was brought before a tribunal of mages and interrogated. Once the spellbook was identified as belonging to a missing university student, rumors spread that Shawn was responsible her death. He was subjected to a battery of magical divinations that confirmed what he had been saying all along. Shawn, now cleared of any wrongdoing, was compensated for his trouble with some mundane equipment and asked to leave as soon as possible. No one was expecting the savage half-orc before them to request admittance to the university. No one was expecting that his request would be honored either. Due to the influence of the dean of the school of enchantment, Shawn was admitted to the university and became an enchanter because of his desire to change the way people made judgements. He took a toad as a familiar early in his training, because the creature, like him was a swamp creature often underestimated by those who look upon it. As he studies drew to a close, he was given a graduation assignment of sorts. He was charged with the task of delivering an item that had been specially commisioned by one of the merchant families Saradul.

Personality Shawn's orcish blood revels in combat and has a bloodlust that is never truely sated, but his human intellect too is insatiable and often the two aspects of his personality war as to whether the best course of action is brute force or arcane tact.