Abedric Gwedonen

Race: Half-Satyr Class: Bard
Exp: 7, 866 Level: 4
Alignment: Chaotic Good Deity: Apollo
Height: 5'7" Weight: 154 lb.
Hair: Sandy Blonde Eye: Green-Grey
Age:  20
Complexion: Fair



Combat Statistics


13 (+1)

Hit Points


Fort Save



18 (+4)



Ref Save



12 (+1)

Armor Class

16  (+4 Dex, +2 armor )

Will Save



12 (+1)

AC Flatfooted





14 (+2)

AC vs. Touch


Move Rate



16 (+3)




Name Total AB Damage Critical Range Weight Size Type
Guisarme +4 2d4+1 x3  Reach 8 lb. Large Slashing
Katar +4 1d4+1 x3
6 lb. Tiny Piercing
Shortbow +7 1d6 x3 60' 1 lb. Medium-size Piercing



Name Armor Bonus Type Check Penalty Max Dex Bonus Spell Failure Weight
Bracers of armor +2 +2 Bracers

1 lb.


Untrained Skill Total Ranks Ability Misc Trained Only Skill Total Ranks Ability Misc
Appraise (Int)   +4 3
  Alchemy (Int)

Balance (Dex)*   +5 1   +4 
Animal Empathy (Cha)

Bluff (Cha)   +4 1   +3   Decipher Script (Int)

Climb (Str)* +3 2
Disable Device (Int)

Concentration (Con) +3
  Handle Animal (Cha)

Craft (   ) (Int)
      Innuendo (Wis)

Diplomacy (Cha)   +5 2   +3     Intuit Direction (Wis)        
Disguise (Cha)         Knowledge (geography ) (Int) +5 4 +1  
Escape Artist (Dex)*  +5   1 +4   Knowledge (nature) (Int) +5 4 +1  
Forgery (Int)    
  Knowledge (religion) (Int) +5
Gather Information (Cha)      
Open Locks (Dex)

Heal (Wis)         Pick Pocket (Dex)*      
Hide (Dex)* +8 2
+4  +2 Profession (   ) (Wis)        
Intimidate (Cha)         Read Lips (Int)

Jump (Str)* +5 4
+1     Scry (Int)

Listen (Wis) +5 1
+2   +2 Spellcraft (Int) +4 3 +1  
Move Silently (Dex)* +6
+4 +2 Tumble (Dex)* +6
Perform (song, shalm, poetry, dance, sonnets, stories)(Cha)   +11   6 +3     +2 Use Magic Device (Cha) +5
  2   +3  
Ride (Dex)          
Search (Int)

Sense Motive (Wis)          
Spot (Wis) +6     2   +2   +2  
Swim (Str)# -4
+1 -10  
Use Rope (Dex)*

Wilderness Lore (Wis)   +3   1 +2      

* armor check penalty applies     # -1 per 5 lb.

Carrying Capacity

Light Load

up to 50 lb.

Max Press 150 lb.
Med Load 51-100 lb. Max Lift 300 lb.
Heavy Load 101-150 lb. Max Drag 750 lb.





Person (worn or carried)

Peasant's outfit

  Bracers of armor +2 1 lb.
  Guisarme 15 lb.
  Katar 2 lb.
  Shortbow 2 lb.
   Quiver with 20 arrows 3 lb.

5 lb.
  Backpack 2 lb.

Spell components pouch
3 lb.

Flint and steel


Backpack Shalm
3 lb.
4 lb.
  Trail rations (5 days)
5 lb.

1 lb.

Torches (3)
  3 lb.

41gp 13sp 7cp

Spell components pouch
Pearls (3)

49  lb.


Light Armor Proficiency
Martial Weapon Proficiency (guisarme, shortbow, composite shortbow)
Shield Proficiency
Simple Weapon Proficiency


Common, Elven

Class Abilities

Arcane Spells
Bardic Music (inspire courage, countersong, fascinate, inspire competence )
Bardic Knowledge +5

Racial Traits

+2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma
Low-light vision
+2 Hide, Listen, Move Silently, Perform, and Spot checks
Gore attack


Spells per Day

Spells Known



Dancing Lights, Daze, Ghost Sound, Mending, Prestidigitation, Read Magic


Expedetitious Retreat, Identify, Summon Monster I
2nd:  1 Pyrotechnics, Sound Burst
Abedric makes no attempt to hide his heritage, wearing only a belt and a cut-off pair of breeches with an ornamental loincloth whose hem stops just before his knees. He only bothers to wear a tunic in cold weather, and as such his moderately-built physique is quite visible. To any casual passerby, his black cloven hooves (complete with horseshoes), furry legs, and pale ivory horns immediately mark him out as something ‘not normal’. Signs that point to his mixed blood abound, if one knows to look for them - the extra joint on the bottom half of his legs is not as severly bent as a true satyrs' would be, nor is the hair on his legs quite as thick. His twin horns, which sprout out of his forehead, are sharp and yet no more than three inches long. Those who look past his physical oddities will note his sandy blonde hair and small goatee, as well as his greenish-grey eyes, and realize that Abedric is actually quite handsome. He carries a dark brown backpack on his back, which is carried by way of a single strap across his chest, and his weapon of choice is a guisarme that doubles as a walking stick. No armor is worn; instead, shiny bracers of decorated steel adorn his wrists.

Nadith Gwedonen, a tailor's daughter and fiancee to a member of the guard in her hometown, would periodically take short trips to nearby towns and villages to deliver her father's wares. On one such trip, she took a shortcut through a forest, as the hour was growing late and she wanted to get to the village before nightfall. However, she soon found herself lost and eventually realized she was being followed. In a bit of a panic, Nadith demanded that her follower show himself, and that was when a satyr stepped into view.
     She could not resist his charms, and soon enough did not want to. After a night spent with the fey, she continued on her trip to the village, acting as if nothing had happened. In a few months, though, it became all too clear that she was pregnant. Everyone believed that the child was her fiancee's, including her fiancee himself, and so Nadith had no reason to believe otherwise.
     Going through labor was especially painful, and afterwards it became obvious why. It took all of the superstitious midwife's courage to even handle the newborn child, who sported deformed legs, hooves, a small tail, and budding horns. Appalled by the fact of the child's birth, her finacee broke off their engagement, and her family voiced being in favor of abandoning the child in the woods. Nadith, though, would not stand for it. She fled town only a month after the child's birth. Before going very far, Nadith took the same shortcut through the forest that she had ten months before, searching in vain for the satyr she had met before. A few hours later, distraught over the fact that no one had answered her calls, she gave up the search. She named the child Abedric while still in the forest, an act made with the hope that his father would at least learn the child's name.
     Traveling alone with an child is no easy feat, especially when the child looks so obviously inhuman. Nadith did the best she could, but aged quickly. Growing up was difficult for Abedric, as his odd looks made other kids his age shun him and the parents of the children recall rumors of the ‘evil’ acts of satyrs (most of which were far too outlandish to be true in the first place). As such, Abedric and his mother would stay in one town until the rumors became unbearable, and then move to another town. This continued for many years, until Abedric came to know the island of Katharia fairly well.
     They eventually came to a wild-elf settlement when Abedric was thirteen, and while at first wary of them, the elves did let them stay. While he did make friends there, the elves were either aloof or ignored him completely, and he would spend long hours in the forests surrounding the settlement. During the evening hours when songs and stories were traded around a community campfire was where he shined. He was able to remember tales from the different towns he had lived in, and he had no equal among the elves when it came to dancing. The years flew by all to quickly, and Abedric left the settlement when he was sixteen to ‘find something better’, leaving the now middle-aged Nadith there.
     Abedric once again traveled, though he now saw more and stayed in towns less.  Abedric picked up more tales and songs now, and learned from a half-elf in one city how to play the shalm. Being a fast learner, it was no time until he was making his own tunes, and he then started to play for money. It was about three years since leaving the elven settlement when he caught the attention of Laeran while visiting one of the larger towns, a wizard who was seeking ‘unusual’ specimens for magic experiments. Abedric was unusual enough to catch the wizard’s eye, and it was after a performance at an inn that he was nearly caught by Laeran’s magic. Abedric barely managed to escape without harm, and in the few weeks he spent in the city afterward he had run-ins with mercenaries the wizard had hired to capture him. Abedric skipped town soon after that, and having not encountered any more mercenaries, believes that the wizard gave up the search.
     Abedric is currently on the road once more, traveling with no true purpose. He is not interested in fame or fortune, but the adventures one finds on the road is well worth it to him.
Friends: Nadith Gwedonen (Mother)
Enemies: Laeran (Wizard)


Abedric is kind to friends and strangers alike, usually acting nice but almost never without a slightly sarcastic or funny comment for a unique situation. His mixed heritage has mostly made him an outcast, and in the past he has made a few friends with half-elves who have been similarly shunned. His choice to be a bard was in part because of this, and also because of his inherent musical talent. While he prefers instrumental music, he keeps a few poems and sonnets memorized for emergencies. Being raised around the ‘normal’ races has left him without most of the hedonistic tendencies other satyrs have, though just like anyone he enjoys a good drink now and then. In fact, he gets a bit upset when accused of being lecherous. His experience with Laeran has left him wary of any arcane magic save for the magic 'tricks' he himself can cast.