Aladar Shadowwalker

Aladar Shadowwalker

Race: Gnome Class: Cleric
Exp: 8, 871 Level: 4
Alignment: Lawful Neutral Deity: Hecate
Height: 3'4" Weight: 52 lb.
Hair: Black Eye: Brown
Age:  76 Complexion: Pale



Combat Statistics


12 (+1)

Hit Points

13 (1 vile)/38

Fort Save



14 (+2)



Ref Save



16 (+3)

Armor Class

22 (+4 armor, +2 Dex, +2 insight, +1 shield, +1 size)

Will Save



10 (+0)

AC Flatfooted





19 (+4)

AC vs. Touch


Move Rate



10 (+0)




Name Total AB Damage Critical Range Weight Size Type
Masterwork morningstar +7 1d8+1 x2   8 lb. Medium-size Bludgeoning and piercing
Masterwork light crossbow +8 1d8 19-20/x2 80' 6 lb. Small Piercing
Masterwork silver athame +7 1d4+1 19-20/x2 10' 1 lb. Tiny Piercing


Name Armor Bonus Type Check Penalty Max Dex Bonus Spell Failure Weight
Masterwork chain shirt +4 Light -1 +4 20% 12 1/2 lb.
Masterwork small, steel shield +1 Shield 0   5% 6 lb.


Untrained Skill Total Ranks Ability Misc Trained Only Skill Total Ranks Ability Misc
Appraise (Int)  

  Alchemy (Int) +2    +0  +2
Balance (Dex)*   +1   +2   -1 Animal Empathy (Cha)

Bluff (Cha)         Decipher Script (Int)

Climb (Str)* +0

+1 -1   Disable Device (Int)

Concentration (Con) +9
  Handle Animal (Cha)

Craft (   ) (Int)
      Innuendo (Wis)

Diplomacy (Cha)         Intuit Direction (Wis)        
Disguise (Cha)         Knowledge (arcana) (Int) +1 1 +0  
Escape Artist (Dex)*  +1   +2   -1 Knowledge (religion) (Int) +2 2 +0  
Forgery (Int)    
  Knowledge (   ) (Int)

Gather Information (Cha)      
Open Locks (Dex)

Heal (Wis)         Pick Pocket (Dex)*  +1   +2   -1
Hide (Dex)* +5
+2  +3 Profession (   ) (Wis)        
Intimidate (Cha)         Read Lips (Int)

Jump (Str)* +0
+1 -1 Scry (Int) + 1 1 + 0  
Listen (Wis) +6
+4   +2 Spellcraft (Int) +4 4 + 0  
Move Silently (Dex)* +1
+2 -1 Tumble (Dex)*

Perform (Cha)         Use Magic Device (Cha)
Ride (Dex)          
Search (Int)

Sense Motive (Wis)          
Spot (Wis)          
Swim (Str)# -4
+1 -5  
Use Rope (Dex)* +1
+2 -1          
Wilderness Lore (Wis)          

* armor check penalty applies     # -1 per 5 lb.

Carrying Capacity

Light Load

up to 32 lb.

Max Press 97 lb.
Med Load 33-64 lb. Max Lift 194 lb.
Heavy Load 65-97 lb. Max Drag 485 lb.





Person (worn or carried)

Scholar's outfit

  Amulet of wisdom +2
  Masterwork morningstar 8 lb.
  Masterwork light crossbow 6 lb.
  Case with 20 crossbow bolts 2 lb.
   Bedroll 11/4 lb.
  Backpack 1/2 lb.

Belt pouch
1/4 lb.
  Masterwork silver athame 1 lb.
  Masterwork small, steel shield 6 lb.
  Masterwork chain shirt 12 1/2 lb.

Wooden holy symbol: moon disc of Hecate

Backpack Inkpen and ink (1 oz. vial)

1 lb.
  Trail rations (8 days)
2 lb.

Case for maps/scrolls
1/2 lb.

Winter blanket
3/4 lb.

Flint & steel

Belt pouch

11gp 3sp

29 1/4 lb.


Combat Casting
Heavy Armor Proficiency
Light Armor Proficiency
Medium Armor Proficiency
Shield Proficiency
Simple Weapon Proficiency


Common, Infernal

Class Abilities

Divine spells
Domain spells (Darkness and Prophecy)
Granted abilities:
 Darkvision 60' that functions in cleric created darkness
+2 insight bonus to AC, attack rolls, and saving throws)
Spontaneous casting

Racial Traits

+2 Constitution, -2 Strength
Small size (+1 to AC and attack rolls, +4 to hide checks)
Low-light vision
+2 save against Illusion
+2 bonus on Alchemy and Listen checks
Dancing lights, ghost sound, prestidigitation each once per day as a 1st level arcane spell caster


Spells per Day

Spells Prepared



Detect Magic, Guidance, Know Direction, Know Direction, Read Magic


Comprehend Languages, Obscuring Mist, Obscuring Mist, Divine Favor, Identify
2nd:  3+1 Invisibility, Spiritual Weapon, Summon Swarm, Darkbolt

The tragic story of Aladar Shadowwalker begins by abandonment at birth from his mother. The infant gnome was found just on the outskirts of Katharia by a human wizard living in the center of the continent in the Katharian forest. Instead of raising the abandoned child with love and compassion as a normal child would be raised, the man was quite demented in nature, giving only food, water, and shelter to the child to allow him to survive. The child was locked away in the darkness of an old storage room the wizard used to store supplies and books. Learning to read and write on his own, the gnome used what little light that came through the opening beneath the door to read the books and documents stored within the room. Never allowing the wizard to have any knowledge about his reading capabilities or knowledge which the gnome had been accumulating over the years. Sooner or later the already elderly wizard died of old age. The only reason Aladar found out about the man's death is because after several days without food or drink, the gnome reached to the door and found it to be unlocked. Traveling into the brightly lit room, the now adolescent gnome found the corpse of the man lying dead in his bed. As opposed to most who would be hateful for the situation which he had lived his life through, the gnome had not known any better and treated the old man to a proper burial behind the forest cabin. Aladar, having been in darkness the majority of his life, felt quite uncomfortable in the brightly lit room of the forest hut. The gnome decided to keep the hut dimly lit which suited him much better than the brightness. One night, a raven, an emissary of Hecate, contacted Aladar and spoke with him about the goddess Hecate, maiden of the moonlight. The raven taught him many things and soon Aladar was gifted with divine power. Because of his tortured youth, the gnome had become a recluse, and when he was gifted with prophetic sight, he became quite deranged. The gnome's only communication came every so often when he choses to converse with woodland creatures or when he is forced to venture into the city for supplies. As is common for Hecate's clerics, Aladar is not traveling around spreading religious propeganda. Aladar choses to do his own private worshipping, through the study of ancient tomes.


C arrying out the will of Hecate. Obtaining knowledge.