Code Name: N/A
Real Name: Julian Anton Croswell, III
Occupation: Roman Catholic Priest
Legal Status: Citizen of the U.K. with no Criminal Record
Place of Birth: Coventry, England
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Angela Bethany Croswell (sister, unknown); Julian Anton Croswell, Jr. (father, deceased); Maria Angelina Croswell (mother, unknown); Julian Anton Croswell, Sr. (paternal grandfather, deceased); Angelina Graniela (maternal grandmother, deceased); Jonathan Christoff Croswell (paternal great-uncle, deceased)
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 190lbs.
Hair: Black, short cut; clean shaven
Eyes: Yellow, no visible irises
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Racial/Ethnic Background: British
Distinguishing Features: Glowing eyes; red skin; taloned hands; pointed ears; left-handed
Known superhuman powers: Julian compensates for his lack of natural sight through the use of a sort of sixth sense that allows him to perceive things in the infrared spectrum as if he could see normally. He also has the ability to generate and control matter in the plasma state, but rarely utilizes this ability because of it's destructive nature. Julian also possesses an unconsciously-activated personal thermal shield that extends a few centimeters around his person and whatever he is in physical contact with whenever the atmospheric temperature reaches normally intolerable levels. The strength of the field diminishes the more mass it has to protect, however.
Skills: Catholicism, psychology, French, Italian, Latin, Spanish

History: Croswell Tech. was originally a small repair shop owned and operated by Julian Croswell, Sr. Then, out of the blue, Jonathan Croswell shows up claiming to be a long lost brother. He had money so no one argued with him. Using Jonathan's money and good deal of underhanded, sneaky tricks, Julian began to build his repair shop up into the multibillion dollar corporation it is today. Julian Croswell, Jr., grew up a rich, spoiled brat and under his uncle's tutelage learned to be a bloodthirsty businessman. On his twenty-fifth birthday he had his father assassinated and took control of the company. He married his high school sweetheart, a Spanish heiress and a mutant precognitive, and a few years later they had a daughter who was born with pale blue skin and eyes and silver hair. Due to her father's immense resources and numerous connections to various undesirable elements worldwide she was able to lead a "normal" life. After the birth of their first child, Maria had a prediction of the battle between Magneto and Legion over Haifa, Israel though it was still many years off. She began to take steps to ensure that both of her children would be able to survive the coming tribulations penning a diary in two volumes, one for both Angela and Julian though she was not even yet pregnant. Julian Croswell, III, was born a couple years later, and both he and his mother nearly perished from the birth. Julian's demonic appearance has been present since birth, but due to his father immense resources and numerous connections to various undesirable elements worldwide he too was able to lead a "normal" life. Julian and his sister received a wealth of love and devotion from their mother though their father was always away on business. Angela's powers emerged when she was 12 and Julian was 10. She was in a pet store with her mother and brother looking at tropical fish. She accidentally electrocuted the fish with the first discharge of her powers. The second discharge of her powers stared an electrical storm in the small store that killed all the other animals as well as sending the shop keeper into a coma. Maria knew that the time of tribulation she had predicted a decade earlier was fast approaching. She took the children to her family home in Huelva, Spain for what she told her husband to be an extended vacation. Free of the constraints of his family, the senior Julian Croswell took to heavy drinking and whoring and eventually lost control of his corporation to his uncle. Julian's powers developed when he was 15. He accidentally immolated his French tutor and burned a wing of the Graniela mansion estate to the ground before the blaze was contained. By this time, Apocalypse had cemented his control over the North American continent. Anti-mutant sentiment had quickly fermented throughout Europe, Maria fled with her children to one of the last places where she knew they would be safe, at least for a time, Vatican City. She left her children in the care of the Church and then abandoned them without so much as a word as to where she was going. When she turned 18, Angela left the church after receiving her half of the journal to find their mother and perhaps to find some answers. She told her brother not to leave Rome just as their mother had instructed them both to do almost a year prior. Julian was left alone. Rather than turned inward and allow his loneliness to consume him, he turned to God. He was tormented, however, every time he looked into a mirror or spied the reactions of people to his face. In a fit of depression, he clawed his own eyes out so that he would never have to see his demonic visage ever again. He went into shock and would have died of blood loss if a priest, a Franciscan, had not come across him and rushed him to the hospital. This same priest was by his side as he recuperated. He gave Julian a renewed focus and taught him his flesh was just a mask concealing the truth within and that it was only when we let the mask become a reflection of the truth rather than a concealment of it that we truly become a demon. He spent many years in Rome and the Vatican City learning the Catholic tradition eventually becoming a Franciscan brother and later a priest. In all these years, he never heard from either his mother or sister and he soon grew to accept that they were with God. After being ordained, Julian realized his calling. He knew it was time to leave the security of the Church and venture out into the world hopefully to act as a salve to its wounds. He returned to his native England and even through the being shot at, the bleeding internally, and the cracked ribs he never once thought that maybe it was a bad idea. Luckily, one of the human scouts wasn't so brainwashed into the "mutants must die" mentality and he had moral qualms about killing a blind priest even a mutant one. Julian got his fifteen minutes with the Human High Council. They were unimpressed and he returned home to Italy dejected but with the faith that things would work out in the end. Everyone got nuked in the end. It wasn't exactly what Julian was expecting but it didn't dampen his spirits any. He just refocused his mission. Instead of trying to stop conflict, he would just work to alleviate suffering. No where was more wounded than America so Julian decided to emigrate. He used his meager Church funds to obtain passage as far as the Azores. From there he appropriated a small boat that didn't seem to belong to anyone for the last legs of his journey. He entered North America through Newfoundland. He moved throughout what was once Canada doing what good he could and accepting hospitality when it rarely came eventually ended up in the west until finally moving south.

Personality: Croswell is, umm, priestly. He's a good priest.