Name: Braevik (lineal Vulcan name unpronounceable)
Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
Assignment: Chief Diplomatic Officer, Deep Space Station M-5
Place of Birth: Tikh'mar, Vulcan
Birthdate: June 18, 2352
Marital Status: "Bethrothed"
Known Relatives: T'Pal (bethrothred, student [Vulcan Science Academy]); Maelik (father, businessman); S'pau (mother, V'Shar Minister)

Height: 6'
Weight: 180lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Species: Vulcan

Skills: Vulcan telepathy, chess, flute, mediation, debate, Vulcan history, Romulan history and culture, Earth history and culture, Federation history, comparative political systems, furry animals

History: As a child, Braevik had a pet sehlat, sort of a live teddy bear. This is the root of his most illogical fascination with furry animals. At age seven, Braevik was telepathically bonded with T'pal. At age ten, he developed an interest in biology which his parents fostered, but he grew out of this by the end of his formal education. He was a highly adept student and excelled in all of his studies, particularly history and politics. He adopted Sarek as a role model and decided joining Starfleet was the logical next step because that would allow him to determine if diplomacy was what he really wanted to dedicate his life to. He took classes in diplomacy as well as law, but ironically he had terrible relationships with the other cadets. This was Braevik's first experience where Vulcans were not the majority and he unintentionally developed an air of superiority that alienated him from the other cadets. He gradually evolved beyond this character fault through his continued exposure to non-Vulcans.
Service Record: Applied for admission to Starfleet Academy at age 17 (2369), accepted; Studied diplomacy and law (2369-2373); Internship on Starbase 37 (2373); Graduated Starfleet Academy (2373) ranking in top 3% of his class; Promoted to Ensign (2373); Appointed file clerk on Starbase 37 in Starfleet JAG office (2373); Appointed files supervisor on Starbase 121 JAG office (2375); Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. (2376); Assigned to Deep Space Station M-5 as Diplomatic Chief (2378).

Personality: Braevik's interpersonal skills are a work in progress and sometimes he can seem very brash or arrogant to his fellow crewmembers. However, this never inteferes with his work and in official situations he is nothing but the level-headed diplomat. In private, he exhibits an illogical fascination with furry animals that, if he allowed anyone to see it, would appear as a very cute (but bordering on disturbing) quirk.