Name Amelia Voght
Her association with the Brotherhood is secret
Marital Status Divorced
Legal Status Citizen of the United States with no criminal record

Height 5'7"
125 lbs.
Hair Red
Eyes Blue
Age 36

Voght's natural state is a gaseous one, only through intense exertion of will can she maintain coporeal form. In her gaseous state, she possesses the power of teleportation. Whilst teleporting her body leaves a transportational rift between both places Voght is/had been/will be and anyone caught up in this rift can use Voght as a corridor between locations.

Amelia Voght first met Charles Xavier at a hospital in India just after Xavier's fight with Lucifer in Tibet. Voght helped Xavier with his rehabilitation and she fell in love with him. After Xavier left the hospital they set up home in Bombay. Voght discovered the plans for Cerebro and she fought with Xavier, revealing she was a mutant and learning that Xavier was a mutant too. Alongside Xavier, she returned to the States and moved into his mansion in Westchester. She teleported herself and Xavier to Auschwitz where Xavier and Erik Lensherr had their last meeting. She discovered that Magneto had known about her for a while. She fought with Xavier, after they returned to the mansion, about him gathering mutants around him and left him.