Name Fred Dukes
Marital Status Single
Legal Status Wanted internationally for numerous acts of terrorism

Height 8'
976 lbs.
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Age 19

The Blob's mutant powers relate to the mass, strength, resilience and indestructibility of his obese body. His primary ability is to become virtually immovable at will as long as he is in contact with the ground. The Blob's skin cannot be punctured, lacerated, frostbitten, or ravaged by any skin disease, due in part to the skin's greatest elasticity and toughness and in part to the highly accelerated rate at which his skin cells grow and replace themselves. His skin is somewhat less resistant to burning.

The Blob is a mutant whose latent superhuman powers manifested themselves when he reached puberty. Thinking of himself as no more than, in his own words, "an extra-strong freak," the Blob used his superhuman powers as a performer in a carnival. The original X-Men came to the carnival in their everyday identities to invite him to meet with their mentor, Professor Charles Xavier. Attracted to the beautiful young X-Man Jean Grey, the Blob accepted, and went with the X-Men to Xavier's mansion. There, Xavier asked the Blob to join the X-Men, but the Blob arrogantly refused. Xavier then knew he had to use his mental powers to erase the Blob's knowledge of the X-Men's true identities. But the Blob had no intention of letting this happen, and, after fighting the X-Men, escaped back to the carnival. Later, Magneto attempted to recruit the Blob for his Brotherhood of Mutants and he joined them. He was shot on a mission and is in a coma.