Name Victor Creed
Marital Status Single
Legal Status Wanted internationally for numerous acts of terrorism

Height 6'6"
240 lbs.
Hair Blond
Eyes Amber
Age 22

Sabretooth is a mutant possessing heightened senses, especially of smell/taste, sight, and hearing, as well as strength, speed, and stamina beyond the human norm. His eyes are visibly mutated, with yellow irises, cat-like slit pupils and the reflective quality that allows him to see in near-total darkness. His fingernails and toenails are abnormally hard, razor-edged claws, capable of tearing through material as tough as bone, and his teeth are longer and sharper than a normal human’s, a difference most pronounced in his canine teeth. His most evident mutant gift, however, is a powerful healing factor that can knit wounds back together in seconds that would take an ordinary man weeks to heal, and prevents him from carrying or succumbing to any known bacteria or virus. His healing factor is capable of withstanding such varied types of injury as burns, cuts, bruises, and even bullet impacts. Foreign objects are pushed back to the skin as his wounds heal, and his bones themselves will re-set, if broken, in all but the worst cases.

Victor’s mutancy has been evident since birth, in his odd-colored eyes, fangs, and claws. His healing factor did not become active until puberty.

Born in a small town in Manitoba, Canada, Victor was raised largely by his father, a stern, cold man of highly conservative religious stock, who believed that the cat-eyed child was no less than a demon that had been sent to try him. Victor’s mother vanished when he was two years old, and he has no recollection of her. Growing up, the young boy was frequently confined to a small closet as punishment for any misdeeds, sometimes for as long as a week at a time. More than once, he subsisted by catching and eating mice that strayed into the space.

When he was nine years old, he attacked his father with his bare hands, killing the man as he tried to bring a shotgun to bear. He lived alone in the house, undiscovered, until the next spring, when a concerned neighbor stopped by the remote farm after noticing the driveway choked with brush and weeds. Subsequent investigation revealed a grown man’s bones buried in the yard, along with assorted remains of livestock that had gone missing over the last six months. As no one knew that the elder Creed had had a son, and few remembered his wife, no one noticed Victor’s disappearance, and authorities counted it an unsolved, rather gruesome mystery.

Victor wandered for the next several years, becoming a furtive shadow at night as he scrounged for food, sometimes killing animals, sometimes scavenging dumpsters. In no way lacking in intelligence, Victor taught himself to read and write, and apparently picked up a few other skills along the way. At one point, half-starved and stranded in a freak blizzard on his way through a mountain pass, he killed a pair of campers for the food they carried.

By the time Victor was 15, his mutant healing factor had manifested and he had left a small trail of unsolved murder cases across Canada and the northern US. Weapon X agents, following what small leads they could find, finally hunted him down outside Boise, Idaho. He was cornered and captured there, killing five operatives before he could be neutralized.

For the next 4 years, Victor was experimented on, subjected to Weapon X brainwashing tests, and trained as a special operative. Oddly enough, this period provided most of the personal interaction he had ever had. At age 18, they believed him controllable enough to send out on missions. One such mission involved eliminating a wealthy family by the name of Howlett, believed by Weapon X to be harboring a son with mutant traits similar to Sabretooth’s. His assignment was to collect the boy, James, for processing with Weapon X, who seemed to be looking for high-end healing-factors to continue their research. He completed the mission faultlessly, killing the parents and bringing the boy to the scientists. The next time he saw the youth, a few months later, he had been memory-wiped and had no recollection of his past life as James Howlett or Victor’s part in its end.

Victor was assigned, as a senior operative and fellow feral mutant, to train the youth in fighting techniques, although the boy had a set of retractable bone claws rather than finger-claws, making significant differences in their styles necessary. Unbeknownst to Weapon X, Victor was not nearly as brainwashed as they thought he was, and, in the process of training the youth they had renamed ‘Logan’, did his best to impart some defenses against the psychological weapons Weapon X had at their disposal. The scientists, displeased by Logan’s sudden intractability after Victor’s interference, separated the two once more. Victor never saw him again, at the Weapon X facilities, although he heard rumors of a new technology being employed to turn the boy into a living weapon.

When Victor was 19, by his own reckoning, the chance he had been waiting for arrived. On a routine mission, he was sent out without quite the usual heavy surveillance and supervision. Before the base could react, he had killed the small squadron of norms sent to keep an eye on him, and torn out the transmitter chip that let them track him. Freed, he promptly disappeared from sight and attention, now having the benefit of extensive training in subterfuge and espionage to blend into the population without alarm. He had, however, nourished the roots of a deep and abiding hate for humans, who had penned him like an animal and tried to turn him into their tool.

2 years later, Weapon X caught up to Victor, sending the full operative Logan to hunt him down. While Logan had changed, becoming much more dangerous even if one did not take the new metal plating added to his skeleton into account, Victor found that certain of the youth’s habitual patterns had not changed—he was hampered by the Weapon X programming, and largely unable to improvise. Successfully trapping the agent and neutralizing him long enough to pick off the squad accompanying him, Victor kept the youth heavily sedated over the next few days as he systematically hunted for transmitter chips and homing beacons hidden within Logan’s system. For reasons known only to himself, he proceeded to attempt to deprogram Logan, a difficult task at best. Amazingly, some part of his effort succeeded.

At the age of 22, Victor first encountered Magneto and his unique proposal for ending the mutant/human problem. The odd partnership of Victor and Logan soon joined forces with the Brotherhood, where they remain.