Name Wanda Maximoff
Marital Status Single
Legal Status Wanted internationally for numerous acts of terrorism

Height 5'5"
115 lbs.
Hair Auburn
Eyes Blue
Age 19

The Scarlet Witch possesses the mutant ability to affect probability fields. Through a combination of gestures and mental concentration, she can create a hex-sphere, a finite pocket of psionic force that causes a disturbance in the molecular-level probability field surrounding its intended target. Thus, unlikely phenomena will occur.

Wanda Maximoff is the daughter of the genetic terrorist known as Magneto, and sister to the fleet-flooted Quicksilver. Magneto and Professor Charles Xavier had discovered the Savage Land, a forgotten jungle. In this lost tropical world, the two men built a refuge for mutants seeking respite from persecution. But as time passed, their conflicting beliefs became a point of contention. Magneto felt Homo superior represented the next step in human evolution, and that Homo sapiens should live under the rule of mutants. Xavier did not share his view. The tension grew, leading Magneto to expel Xavier -- with deadly force -- from the mutant haven they had created. Somehow, the Professor escaped with his life. The Scarlet Witch appears less devoted to Magneto's plans for world domination than the rest of the Brotherhood. Yet her hex-casting abilities, considered an asset to the cause, have earned her a place in the Brotherhood's New World Order. Most likely, the Scarlet Witch has stood by Magneto out of loyalty -- and the fear that she would suffer the same fate as others who have crossed the Master of Magnetism.