Name Paul Norbert Ebersol
Marital Status Single
Legal Status Wanted internationally for numerous theft, arson, and murder

Height 5'8"
160 lbs.
Hair Brown, beard and shaved scalp
Eyes Blue
Age 24

Ebersol is a normal human being with an almost superhuman intellect, with talents in electronics and a number of sciences. He wears Techpac, which can be reconfigured at his mental command to make almost any device he can imagine.

Norbert Ebersol was a child prodigy with such great mechanical aptitude that he took apart and repaired an alarm clock at age 3. By 10, he had built a small electric automobile; by 13, a relatively complex robotic arm -- both from readily available spare parts. Dropping out of high school due to lack of interest, Ebersol was fired from a number of jobs because of his air of superiority and unorthodox approach to simple tasks. Seeking a challenge, he turned to the planning and execution of technologically assisted crimes. He found that such activities not only stimulated his intellect, but provided him with new raw materials to create even more advanced technological devices. Ebersol later found employment in the terrorist organization AIM.