[SCENE] Magneto's citadel, the Savage Land, Antarctica. Scarlet Team has just finished a routine training exercise in the Danger Room and are free for the rest of the day. Silver Team is away on a mission.
[Jubilation] ::Walks out of the danger room, looking a bit bored from the training session.::
[Scarlet Witch] ::sitting on the cold floor of the danger room, wipes a stray strand of hair away from her sweat soaked face::
[ACTION] Irene darts past Jubilation nearly bowling her over.
[Irene] Summon Amelia, quickly, we'll need her expertise!
[Toad] ::starts towards the DR door, but slowly, nearly staring at Wanda::
[Pyro] ::looks at wanda, shrugs his shoulders, then says to toad:: Join me for a smoke, mate?
[Toad] ::glances to Pyro, nodding almost too quickly:: Sure...
[Wolverine] ::hands at his side, retracts his claws back into his hands, eyes widening back to normal after being narrowed, nostrils flaring::
[Jubilation] ::Skip hops out of the way.:: ((Jesus, stupid bitch...)) ::Shakes her head as she heads to the showers.::
[ACTION] The large blast doors leading from the hangar open with their distinctive hiss of air. Blob is being conveyed on a makeshift stretcher carried by Mastermind and Sabretooth, whose physical prowess is no doubt augmented considerably by the anti-gravity disks installed on the stretcher, a cargo conveyer.
[ACTION] Domino is helping Avalanche to stand let alone walk, he is bleeding profusely from the right leg. The bandages wrapped around his thigh are soaked through with blood and becoming more moist and scarlet with every passing second.
[Mastermind] We got two gunshot wounds coming through, clear some fucking room!
[Avalanche] ::does his best to walk with putting th least amount of pressure on Domino, bites his lip as he makes his way in:: ((Shitshitshit))
[Sabretooth] ::muscling the cargo conveyer forward, face set in a dark scowl::
[Scarlet Witch] ::looks up at the sudden commotion, and steps out of the danger room as the injured go past:: What happened?! What happened?! ::tone borders on panic, but remains calm and resolute::
[Toad] ::moves out of the DR more slowly, brow furrowing, staying out of the way as he watches almost blankly::
[Sabretooth] Mission went to shit, that's what. ::bares his teeth slightly::
[Jubilation] Great... What got'em this time?
[Wolverine] ::::eyes narrow at the scent of blood and heads out of the DR, toward the commotion::
[Sabretooth] ::pupils narrowed to slits:: They shot Fred in the fucking head. Get outta the way! ::gives the 'stretcher' another shove, pushing it down the hall::
[Toad] ::eyes widening even as his fists clench:: ((The flatscans shot him!?))
[Jubilation] Humph, not like there's much to injure.
[ACTION] A translucent white mist rolls into the infirmary as Sabretooth transfers Blob from the stretcher to a bed. It congeals into a humanoid shape as the sheet covering his head up till now falls away. The Blob is missing part of his left ear, and is bleeding quite freely.
[Mastermind] They shot Blob. They shot him in the head!
[Amelia] All of you, clear out of here! Pray to whatever God you beleive in that he doesn't die on this table!
[Toad] ::slowly trails down the hall after them, with a sort of morbid fascination::
[Sabretooth] ::muttering under his breath as he steps back from maneuvering Blob into place, eyes Amelia... hits the infirmary door out of his way, hard, heading out::
[ACTION] The infirmary doors shut behind Sabretooth. There is an almost impreceptible whir of gears and a mechanism clicking into position as the doors lock, leaving Amelia and Irene with their patients Fred and Dominic.
[Sabretooth] ::absently pats down his pockets... growls:: Someone got a cig?
[Mastermind] ::slumps to the floor outside of the infirmary, staring aghast at his hands blood stained:: So much blood--thought it was all fat... ::chuckles sardonically, then raises his thumb to his mouth, hesitates, then sucks it clean of blood::
[Pyro] ::looks to toad:: Never did get that smoke, huh? ::takes his pack out, taps out a couple, offers one to toad and one to vic::
[Toad] ::blinks at Mastermind, slightly disgusted look passing over his face for a moment:: Uhh.. do you think he'll be okay? ::absently accepts the cig::
[Pyro] ::takes out one of his own, stows the pack, gets out his zippo, lights up, then tosses the lighter to vic::
[Sabretooth] ::takes the cig and catches the lighter, lighting up and flipping the lighter past Toad's head::
[Scarlet Witch] Someone explain just what the hell happened?!
[Toad] ::jumps slightly as the lighter hits the wall behind him, then scowls as he briefly crouches to pick it up, lighting the cig before giving the lighter back to Pyro::
[Sabretooth] ::takes a deep drag on the cig and puffs smoke out his nose... holds up one hand in a 'gun' shape, pointed at SW's head:: Bang.
[Avalanche] ..::looks over at Blob..:: He gonna be alright?
[Irene] Perhaps, it's hard to see. We're in such a critical time now. Take your pills and rest now.
[Scarlet Witch] That's not funny, Victor! I don't think my father will find any of this amusing.
[Sabretooth] ::teeth clamp down on his cig:: I don't expect Fred's laughin', either.
[Avalanche] ..::sighs.. pops the pills into his mouth and gulps them down, makes a face:: That was nasty.
[Jubilation] Humor's the best way to get through shit, don't you know that?
[Toad] ::starts to quietly puff on his own cig, trying to hide the fact that he's not all that skilled at smoking::
[Avalanche] ((Fred.. come on man.. you gotta pull through..))
[ACTION] The medication works on Dominic quickly. His pain fades away as does his consciousness as he falls into a deep slumber.