[SCENE] Magneto's citadel, the Savage Land, Antarctica. Sunset.
[Wanda] ::washes a couple heads of lettuce in the sink, humming a melody::
[Irene] Do you ever wonder about her, Wanda? ::looks up from stirring a pot on the stove::
[Wanda] ::her melody ends abruptly:: The stew, Irene, it's bubbling over.
[Sabretooth] ::sprawled lazily in an armchair in the living room/common area, a half-burned down cig dangling from one corner of his mouth::
[Mystique] ::sits on the sofa leaning against the arm, legs tucked under her, she is in her default guise, wearing white capri pants and a white baby tee, her feet are bare and her nails are a dark red like her hair, she holds the remote control in her hand::
[Gandalf@Television] Run, you fools!
[Avalanche] ::enters the kitchen, makes a bee-line for the refrigerator, opening it and grabbing a water bottle out of it:: Irene, Wanda. ::nods to them::
[Wanda] Dominic, dinner will be ready shortly, if you're hungry. ::shredding lettuce into an oversized salad bowl::
[Avalanche] ::twists the cap off the water and takes a drink: Ah. i'll just wait around then.
[Toad] ::exits his room, closing the door behind him, and starts to slowly make his wall down the hall::
[Irene] ::wiping the stovetop clean, she looks up and smiles at dom::
[Domino] ::strides into the living room, stopping to glance at the TV, Aragorn talking about orcs swarming the hillside on:: who's the blondie?
[Avalanche] Need help with anything? ::takes another drink::
[Sabretooth] ::gaze flickers toward Domino, exhales a little cloud of smoke silently::
[Wanda] ::chuckles:: Dominic, there's no need to be polite. I've seen what you call cooking.
[Toad] ::starts to make his way towards the living room, his slow walking speed partly because he knows someone else might be in there::
[Avalanche] ::grins:: Hey! My grilled cheese is awesome.
[Irene] ::puts on a miss piggy oven mitt, opens the stove, pulls out a sheet of rolls for bread bowls and then another, setting them on the counter to cool::
[Domino] ::looks over Sabre for a moment before taking a seat:: ((why do I feel compelled to watch this movie?))
[Avalanche] Smells good.
[Wanda] You have Irene to thank for that, I would've made a mess of things if I had tried to bake bread. ::dicing tomatoes::
[Irene] Wanda, you've learned so much. You're a much better student than you give yourself credit for.
[Sabretooth] ::leisurely stretch, cracking every vertebrae down his spine, before standing up, sniffing the air slightly::
[Toad] ::arrives in the hall outside of the living room, glancing through the doorway as he passes.. his pace quickening considerably at seeing who's there::
[Sabretooth] ::steps out into the hall, smirking slightly at Toad's back before heading to the kitchen::
[Wanda] ::dices some peppers, and then a cucumber, then shreds some carrots, and tosses the salad::
[Irene] Victor, you have impeccable timing.
[Avalanche] ::looks over at Sabretooth..nods to him::
[Irene] ::gets some serving bowls from the cupboard and sets them on the counter, waves a ladle at victor like a pointer:: Be a dear and hold the pot while I spoon? ::pleasant smile::
[Wanda] ::giggles softly as she places the rolls into a bread basket::
[Sabretooth] ::eyes Irene with a studiously blank expression, skirting around her toward the fridge:: ...
[Avalanche] ::snickers::
[Irene] Victor, watch out for the water pitcher, dear.
[Domino] ::stands up, sniffing the air:: ((smells alright...)) ::slowly follows the smell towards the kitchen, walking past Toad, if he's still in the hall::
[ACTION] As soon as Victor opens the refrigerator, the water pitcher perched precariously on top of it falls on his head.
[Sabretooth] ::bares his teeth slightly, exhaling a long hiss of breath:: Who the fuck left it there? ::glares around::
[Toad] ::side-glances at Domino, hunching his shoulders up slightly, then heads towards the nearest door to outside::
[Wanda] ::laughs hysterically::
[Avalanche] ::laughs::
[Irene] ::smirks::
[Domino] ::leans against the kitchen door frame:: Oh good, you gave him a bath.
[Wanda] I'm sorry, Victor, but perhaps next time you'll acquiesce to a simple request.
[Sabretooth] ::low growl, shakes his head to clear the water from his face:: Keep yer mouth shut unless you want something in it, Spot. ::just glares at Wanda for a moment, then stalks back out of the kitchen::
[Irene] Now, if one of you will hold this pot while I fill these serving dishes?
[Avalanche] I got it. ::moves over to Irene and grabs the pot::
[Domino] I have a three date rule, sorry. ::smirks:: What's cooking?
[Wanda] ::sets the bread basket, salad bowl, pitcher of milk, pitcher of iced tea, assorted salad dressings, assorted tea flavorings, salt pepper, hot sauce, and butter on a rolling cart, takes them into the dining room::
[Irene] It's a hearty beef stew.
[Toad] ::once outside, takes a seat only about a foot to the side of the door, staring a bit dully at the scenery::
[Irene] Thank you, Dominic. ::grasps his shoulder cordially, then places her ladle into one of the bowls and then a second ladle into the other::
[Wanda] ::comes back, then takes one bowl of stew::
[Sabretooth] ::bangs out the door, narrowly missing walking over the top of Toad, stalking off towards the forest::
[Irene] ::takes the other bowl::
[ACTION] A soft chime rings throughout the citadel summoning all those who would sup to dinner.
[Toad] ::cringes as Sabes passes, blinking in confusion:: ((What the bloody 'ell..? ...Why is he.. wet?))
[Sabretooth] ::flicks his soggy cig off to one side::
[Mystique] ::shuts the television off, then heads into the dining room::
[Sabretooth] ::stops at the edge of the trees, raising his head to scent the air::
[Domino] ::walks into the dining room:: its like living with the Osborne's...
[Wanda] Hardly. We're neither English, nor do most of us use profanity so frivolously. ::sits down at the table, unfolding her napkin into her lap::
[Toad] ::watches Sabes for a few moments, then looks to the door leading back inside... ...and then very quickly goes back inside, high-tailing it for the dining room::
[Domino] speak for yourself... ::takes a seat::
[Sabretooth] ::ambles along until he crosses the scent of some kind of game::
[Toad] ::after scrambling into the dining room, he sits in the first empty seat::
[Irene] ::bows her head in silent prayer::
[Domino] ((I should have said Osmonds)) ::nods to Toad::
[Avalanche] ::takes a seat..::
[Irene] ::takes a roll then passes the bread basket down the table:: I hope you all enjoy it.
[Mystique] ::sitting opposite irene::
[Toad] ::very slight nod back to Domino, snagging one of the rolls as soon as the basket gets to him::
[Mystique] Your father has a new assignment for you, Wanda. After dinner, ready your team.
[Domino] ::takes a roll:: it smells pretty good..
[Irene] ::expression darkens noticeably::
[Avalanche] ::looks at Mystique:: ((New assignment?))
[Domino] ::eyes shift between Mystique and Wanda:: ((odd timing for that sort of announcement..))
[SCENE] SHIELD Hellicarrier, 200 miles northeast of the Falkland Islands, South Atlantic Ocean.
[Fury] ::stands at on the bridge of the hellicarrier, smirks smugly at the unrest his presence instills in the greener bridge officers, as he lights a cigar::
[ACTION] The bridge doors slide open to admit a spry youth, with dark brown hair cut short in a military style. He is wearing the standard issue SHIELD uniform. The nametag reads, "JONES."
[Jones] Director Fury, sir! ::salutes::
[Fury] ::returns the salute:: At ease.
[Jones] ::relaxes his stance:: There's an incoming message for you, sir--from the twins.
[Fury] ::scowls and stalks towards jones who instinctively steps out of the way, extinguishes his cigar on a "no smoking" placard as the doors open before him::
[SCENE] Scarlet Team (Jubilation, Pyro, Scarlet Witch, Toad, and Wolverine): Haifa, Israel. Before dawn.
[ACTION] The team approaches a crumbling, abandoned structure littered with decaying hazard signs that billow in the dusty morning wind. The building is in an out of the way part of the city, out of the sight of prying eyes. It suffers
from burn marks and other telltale signs that an incendiary device destroyed it. Wanda is the only one who knows why you are here and she is not being forthcoming with information only saying, "You will understand what you must do," when asked.
[Toad] ::staying towards the back of the group, peering at the structure in front of them:: ((So it's.. some sorta old.. nuclear storage place or some shit? What gives?))
[ACTION] Wolverine's keen nose detects an unfamiliar scent; it's cold, but it lingers all over the place. Someone was here recently.
[ACTION] A green blur of motion moves past Wolverine's periphery stirring up a mild storm of city grit and desert grime that stings the eyes and burns the throat.
[ACTION] Before Pyro realizes what is happening, the scent of oil-based, liquid fuel permeates the air. His fuel hose has been cut.
[Quicksilver] That's not happiness to see me, sister. ::tosses a balanced knife up into the air::
[ACTION] Wolverine smells his own blood before he consciously registers the wounds. There is a knife protruding from his left thigh and one from his right side, between his sixth and seventh rib.
[Quicksilver] ::catches the knife::
[Toad] ::eyes widen at seeing Quicksilver, backing up a few steps:: ((Him!? The two-timing bastard..))
[Scarlet Witch] Pietro, do not do this!
[Quicksilver] What would you have me do, Wanda? Accept death like an aged horse put out to pasture?!
[ACTION] Jubilation fires a volley of fireworks at Quicksilver but only manages to fire at an empty space. Wolverine collapses to the ground as the throwing blades are expelled from his flesh.
[Scarlet Witch] ::gasps:: How did you know?
[Toad] ((Got to wait until the fucker's not paying attention..)) ::looks around wildly, going down into a crouch::
[Quicksilver] That is why Magneto sent you, isn't it: to kill me?
[Toad] ::tenses, then leaps at Quicksilver, aiming to tackle him and possibly get a punch in before he inevitably gets away again::
[ACTION] Wolverine manages to get to his knees, he is sweating profusely and has a distant look as though he were hallucinating.
[ACTION] Quicksilver "appears" standing behind the Scarlet Witch and Toad goes barreling into Jubilation.
[Toad] Shit!! ::scrambles off of Jubes as fast as possible::
[Quicksilver] ::leans in and whispers something to wanda, slipping a small book into her hand, then speaks aloud for the others benefit:: And tell Magneto, that if he wants me dead, he'll have to do his own dirty work.
[ACTION] A green blur of motion marks his exit stirring up another mild storm of city grit and desert grime that stings the eyes and burns the throat.
[SCENE] SHIELD Hellicarrier, 200 miles northeast of the Falkland Islands, South Atlantic Ocean.
[ACTION] Fury stands before a heavily secured door, a placard over its frame reads, "RESTRICTED ACCESS - STAND CLEAR OF THE DOOR." He has just successfully cleared the palm, retinal, and voice scans required to access the card swipe and code entry pad required to open the door.
[Fury] ::swipes his identity card::
[ACTION] The display reads, "Welcome, Fury, Nicholas Joseph." Fury enters the six digit numeric code and the mechanical inner-workings of the door come to life. There is a click as the lock comes undone and a hiss of air as the seal is broken, the door opens and Fury enters.
[SCENE] The room is small and unimpressive. It is barely large enough for its two occupants, Fury and an elder Asian man in a labcoat, the latter of who sits at a computer terminal with papers scattered over the desk. What is unique and most fascinating about this room, however, is the full length windows that comprise its three walls and its floor, windows that look out onto a much larger chamber on the floor below.
[SCENE] The most conspicuous piece of décor in the chamber below is the man being mechanically elevated out of a tank of viscous, blue gel. An imposing helmet structure with thick cables and wiring that reaches and disappearing into the ceiling, a breathing apparatus in addition to its more exotic function, cover his head. To either side of the tank of gel is a mechanical coffin with a viewing window, anchored upright to the floor with cables and wires disappearing into the ceiling as well.
[Kim] ::pulls an old fashioned looking broadcasting microphone across his desk, leans forward, presses the button:: Mr. Flumm, what do you have for us?
[ACTION] The man in the helmet shivers as gel rolls down his flesh in globules, dropping into the tank with glorps and splats. He responds, though his mouth is clearly incapable of speech even were either Dr. Kwan Kim or Nick Fury within earshot, but his voice is not his own. It echoes as though three voices were speaking simultaneously.
[Flumm] {{Marston, has made contact with a native woman amongst the Sun People. She is a high priestess of their tribe. No doubt, she will be a great asset to his mission. Her name is Zaladane.}}