[SCENE] Magneto's citadel, the Savage Land, Antarctica. Morning.
[Toad] ::in the living room, sitting cross-legged on the couch::
[Avalanche] ::walks down a corridor, reading a book as he walks, rubs the back of his neck::
[Sabretooth] ::walks down the hall, fresh in from outside... clothes are caked with mud and emitting a rather swampy odor, and there are a few darker spatters that may or may not be blood::
[Logan] ::in his quarters, legs crossed in a yoga pose, eyes closed as he holds his hands up, a rhythmic ting in the background, incense burning, trying to find his center::
[Avalanche] ..::makes a face as he gets hit with the stench cloud, just shakes his head as he moves towards and into his room::
[Avalanche] ..::closes the book and tosses it back on his bed:: ((Man I hate this.. there's such a thing as too quiet.))
[Toad] ::leans backwards, with a bored glare at the opposite wall:: ((...Gotta be something more to do than play 'cat and mouse' with some dino outside...))
[Logan] ::satisfied look as he opens his eyes, determining himself fully centered, despite essentially being the same as he was before he started, letting a small smile show, proud of himself::
[Sabretooth] ::heads into the showers... and we'll leave the detailed play by play out of things::
[Avalanche] ::sighs and leaves his room:: ((Need to find someone to talk to or I'm gonna go crazy))
[why the heck is the Brotherhood such a sausage fest?]
[Logan] ::stands, moving to turn off the cd player, moving around his stark and empty quarters, snuffing out the incense with his fingers::
[ACTION] Sabretooth catches a scent, strong, almost overpowering, suspect for its intensity, but Wanda.
[Toad] ::gets up to his feet, stretching slightly:: ((Maybe I should.. Hell, the crap about talking to people in a coma can't be true, but he might appreciate it anyway..))
[Sabretooth] ::eyes narrow slightly... turns off the shower so he can hear::
[Avalanche] ::walks outside::
[Logan] ::opens his door, walking out of his quarters in a pair of khaki pants, a khaki polo and a pair of shoes, closing the door behind him as he breaths in through his nose, clearing the incense from his nostrils::
[Avalanche] ..::pulls a cigarette out of the pack in his pocket, returns the pack and lights up the cigarette with his lighter::
[Toad] ::hesitates for a few moments, then goes out of the living room and down the hall, moving towards the medical ward
[or whatever]
[ACTION] Wanda's voice comes the bathroom doorway.
[Wanda] Don't let me interupt you, Victor.
[Sabretooth] ... ::snorts:: Ya lost, Wonder Twin?
[Wanda] You left the door open. ::gestures:: I took it as an invitation. ::wearing tight fitting jeans and a red baby t-shirt::
[Avalanche] ..::sighs as he flicks the ash from his cigarette after taking a puff::
[Toad] ::stops outside the medical ward, looking both ways down the hall, then reaches out to open the door::
[Avalanche] ((Damn this sucks..)) ::puffs:: ((Nothing here. Well nothing fun to do here.. except)) ::looks back towards the compound::
[ACTION] Over the roar of the waterfall behind him, Dominic is oblivious to the light footfalls.
[Sabretooth] ::smirks:: I don't leave invitations. Get out.
[Wanda] That's such an unhealthy habit, Dominic, but you've heard this lecture before, so I won't bother you anymore. ::continues past him into the citadel::
[ACTION] Victor catches a different scent, that of Mastermind, but it is fleeting, and as quickly as it appeared it is gone.
[Logan] ::heads down the hall toward the kitchen, sniffing to try and figure out where everyone's at::
[Wanda] But there can't be a party without invitations, Victor. Don't you want to come to my party?
[Avalanche] Yeah yeah. ::watches Wanda as she walks away::
[Toad] ::assuming the medical ward door isn't locked, he closes the door and steps inside, looking around for a moment before moving over to Fred's bed::
[ACTION] Wanda's dress trails behind her brushing against Dominic's leg and foot. It is the style of the Roma and looks handcrafted.
[Sabretooth] ::low laughter:: Wyngarde, get the fuck out. ::steps out of the shower and walks out of the bathroom back into his room, shoving 'wanda' out of the way unconcernedly::
[ACTION] "Wanda" chuckles, the sound increasing in crescendo and turning into boisterous laughter as the voice producing it changes to the deeper tone of Jason Wyngarde.
["Wanda"] You're always good for a laugh, Fuzzy. ::stalks out of the room, clutching "her" belly from laughing so hard:: "Don't you want to come to my party?" ::laughs hysterically::
[Sabretooth] ::pulls on a pair of non-swampified jeans, ignoring "wanda's" departure::
[Toad] ::looks down at Fred, then sighs::
[ACTION] As Logan enters the kitchen, he gets hit with the overwhelming aroma of banana. Though he cannot smell anyone else, he can clearly see (and smell) Irene Adler who is up to her elbows in dough.
[Avalanche] ::stands up, stamps his cigarette out and follows back in:: Hey Wanda. ::rubs the back of his neck::
[Wanda] ::turns gracefully as though she were floating, the necklace around her throat bouncing delicately:: Yes?
[Sabretooth] ::taps a cigarette out of the pack on the shelf, lighting it up, then steps back out into the hall, barefoot and shirtless, hair still dripping, and heads purposefully back towards the common areas::
[Logan] ::looks over to Irene, heading to the fridge:: Baking again?
[Toad] ::speaking in a soft grumble:: Can't believe this crap happened... never really thought any of us would get seriously hurt, y'know? It was us sockin' it to the 'umans, not the other way around..
[Avalanche] I didn't understand that History assignment we got.. You think you could.. ::sees Sabretooth approach over Wanda's shoulder:: help me out?
[Irene] Well, it wouldn't do to have nothing to offer our guests, dear.
[Logan] ::opens the fridge, pausing a few seconds:: Guests? What guests?
[Wanda] Of course, Dominic, you know I couldn't get through Chemistry without your help. It's the least I can do to return the favor.
[Irene] Why, the ones Magneto will be bringing with him when he returns, of course.
[Sabretooth] ::sniffs the air slightly as he walks past Wanda and Avalanche, cigarette dangling::
[Avalanche] ::smiles..to Creed as he passes:: Hey dude, you alright?
[Logan] ((Interesting..)) Do you know who he's bringing? ::takes out some left-over pasta that has yet to be "claimed" (read: slimed) by Toad::
[Wanda] ::wrinkles her nose:: Do put a shirt on, Victor, and how many times must I remind you to refrain from smoking in the common areas?
[Sabretooth] ::smirks, saunters on past, doubts appeased::
[Irene] It's--hard to see clearly.
[Avalanche] ..that was weird.
[Toad] ::continues:: You need to hurry an' wake up.. so we can go out and get revenge on those bastards that shot you.
[ACTION] Fred suddenly grabs Mortimer by the arm!
[Toad] ::nearly jumps about.. five feet:: ..Bloody 'ell!!!
[Avalanche] You seen Fred?
[ACTION] Snickering echoes through the infirmary, originating at the doorway, curiously ajar though no one seems to be standing in it.
[Wanda] Have I visited him since Dr. Amelia finished the surgery? No.
[Avalanche] I feel bad that I put him in that situation.
[Toad] ::wide-eyed, attempts to shake off Fred's hand as he wildly looks around the infirmary:: ?!?
[Wanda] It's not your fault, Dominic. You were just following orders, as was he.
[ACTION] Fred's hand (and arm) drop back to the bed with a meaty "thwump," as Mortimer's gaze pans past the doorway, feet are the first thing to come into view. Jason fades into view starting at the floor and ending at his head.
[Mastermind] ::leans against the doorway, arms over his chest, one foot crossed over the other:: You should see the look on your face, mate. If I only had a camera, this is truly a Kodak moment.
[Dominic] All I walked away, heh, with was a minor wound and he's in there lying in a coma. It doesn't seem right.
[Toad] ::angrily glowers at Jason, taking a few steps away from Fred:: Go pull your tricks on someone else..
[Wanda] Dominic, had you sustained the same injury as he, you would be dead now. Would that be any more or less right?
[Mastermind] Don't be like that, I was just trying to lighten the mood. This place can be like a tomb sometimes.
[Toad] ::the look on his face subsides, but only a little bit:: Yeah, well, that tends to happen when someone gets bloody *shot*.
[Mastermind] You weren't there, mate, don't get obstinate with me! You didn't see him go down--didn't watch the blood spill out onto the deck of the jet!
[Dominic] ::shrugs:: I don't know.
[Toad] ::hunches his shoulders, sighing again:: ..Yeah.. well, 's not like we can do much about it now..