[18:31] *** Joins: Kunzite (reny@cc807425-a.union1.nj.home.com)

[18:31] *** Joins: Sheeba (~ashleyann@ppp14-hrl.acnet.net)

[18:32] <Titan> A little anxious aren't you?

[18:33] *** Joins: Calihan (here@

[18:41] *** Joins: Gage (323@s3019.south-green.ohiou.edu)

[18:43] *** Calihan is now known as Shard

[18:43] *** Joins: Styxie (janis14@ppp.

[18:43] *** Shard changes topic to 'op ussssss'

[18:43] *** Styxie is now known as Miasma

[18:43] *** Gage is now known as Indigo

[18:43] *** Joins: Voltage (FourMcs@pool-

[18:43] *** Sheeba is now known as Dawn

[18:44] <Titan> Not until a quarter to

[18:44] *** Kunzite changes topic to 'which is in 34 seconds'

[18:45] *** Titan sets mode: +ooo Dawn Indigo Kunzite

[18:45] <Dawn> thanx

[18:45] *** Titan sets mode: +ooo Miasma Shard Voltage

[18:45] <Shard> thank ya kindly

[18:45] <Miasma> Thanks

[18:45] <Kunzite> thanks, heh heh

[18:46] <Dawn> ::looks at the topic:: i knew it!

[18:46] <Shard> ::blinks:: ahhhh ::hides back with his tour group::

[18:46] <Voltage> Thanks

[18:46] <Voltage> What, you people are surprised he brought Nox in?

[18:47] <Titan> Best part is that even though you guys don't have powers he does *eg*

[18:47] <Shard> no, just scared

[18:47] <Indigo> who are the Nox?

[18:47] <Dawn> not me, i figured he'd show up

[18:47] <Dawn> ::..can still try to beat him up! ^_^::

[18:47] <Titan> Who IS the Nox.

[18:48] * Titan actually has someone on this team who doesn't know who Nox is?

[18:48] <Miasma> Will we get powers back?

[18:48] <Titan> Yeppers

[18:48] <Voltage> Indigo:Think Q.

[18:48] <Indigo> oh jeeze.

[18:48] <Dawn> lol

[18:49] <Miasma> Will we get our powers back kinda soon?

[18:49] <Titan> Yeppers

[18:49] * Titan just won't give you the memory of how to use them, heh heh

[18:49] <Shard> before nox gets here?

[18:49] <Miasma> All right. You're stealing my yeppers. ;p

[18:50] <Titan> Nope

[18:50] <Dawn> ::gets a thought:: is Nox gonna give us our powers back??

[18:50] <Titan> Yeppers

[18:50] <Dawn> I KNEW IT!! ::dances::

[18:50] <Miasma> :Twitches:

[18:50] <Voltage> Is Nox giving us our powers back, so he can have more fun messing with us?

[18:50] <Titan> Yep

[18:51] <Voltage> Thought so

[18:51] * Titan was going to go "Any questions?" after the brief but isn't now =P

[18:51] <Shard> if i dint know how to use me powers, wouldnt i like freeze random things?

[18:51] <Titan> Probably

[18:51] <Dawn> ooh great...

[18:51] <Shard> oooh, mindless freezing, i like it

[18:52] <Shard> but that happened the first couple sims too, like IM's hand, heh

[18:52] <Dawn> just be careful that i don't look at you and mindlessly blow up your clothes :P

[18:52] <Miasma> Brian freeze. O.o

[18:52] * Titan counts..

[18:53] <Titan> Small crowd, even number though, good.. *eg*

[18:53] <Miasma> *twitches*

[18:54] <Indigo> stop stealing my trademark! *twitch* =P

[18:54] <Dawn> ::sarcastically:: yay for the buddy system!

[18:55] * Titan realizes something..

[18:55] <Titan> Okay, we're good now.

[18:55] <Miasma> Okay... *Squirms*

[18:56] <Miasma> That better?

[18:56] <Titan> Five minute warning

[18:56] <Kunzite> brb

[18:58] <Indigo> ack...wanna tell me what happened to me?

[18:59] <Titan> You were shot out of a canon into Afterburn's belly so the masses could watch it jiggle

[18:59] <Dawn> o.o

[18:59] <Indigo> yikes! ::hides::

[18:59] <Titan> One minute warning

[18:59] *** Joins: Mustang` (lou@A010-0976.SNFC.splitrock.net)

[18:59] <Voltage> "Get in mah belly!"

[19:00] <Titan> Excellant timing, little bro *eg*

[19:00] <Voltage> Hey Lou

[19:00] *** Voltage is now known as IronMan

[19:00] *** Titan sets mode: +o Mustang`

[19:00] <Mustang`> ..little bro? ...::assumes that is him:: I have excellent timing?

[19:00] <Titan> ***>>>AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!<<<***

[19:00] <Titan> @@

[19:00] <Indigo> @@

[19:00] <Mustang`> @@

[19:01] <Dawn> @@

[19:01] <IronMan> @@

[19:01] <Shard> @@

[19:01] <Miasma> @@

[19:02] <Titan> SIM BRIEF> The members of A-Next were introduced in their "civilian" identities in their new lives after the superpowers. All though many individuals encountered one another they had no recollection of having ever known each other. Then, a giant hole opened up in the sky and created gravimetric and geothermal disturbances all around the globe and if that weren't enough meteors shot out targeting our heroes. Any questions?

[19:02] <Dawn> nope

[19:03] <Shard> naw

[19:03] <Indigo> what happened to me? =P

[19:03] <Indigo> ::bounces around the room::

[19:03] *** Kunzite is now known as Afterburn

[19:04] <Titan> You were shopping for avocadoes in the grocery store. You and Afterburn reached for the same one and your hands brushed one another in a homoerotic fashion.

[19:04] <Afterburn> @@

[19:04] <Indigo> o.O

[19:04] <Afterburn> .......

[19:04] <Dawn> lol

[19:04] <IronMan> ...

[19:04] <Indigo> tehee ::blush::

[19:05] <Titan> Any other questions?

[19:05] <Miasma> E... enjoying that time and place for everything or what?

[19:05] <Afterburn> you were just joking, right?

[19:05] * Titan was serious

[19:05] <Afterburn> you bess not be serious... i aint a homo

[19:05] <Titan> I didn't say you were. I just said you had a homoerotic incident in a grocery store.

[19:06] <Afterburn> with another guy :P

[19:06] <Indigo> why mista Afterburn... ::bats eyebrows::

[19:06] <Dawn> lol!!

[19:06] <Titan> That's kind of the definition of homoerotic, heh.

[19:06] <Afterburn> quiet you! ::baps indigo::

[19:06] <Titan> Now can we start?

[19:06] <Indigo> of forget it...lets sim....busy busy busy

[19:06] *** Joins: Remy` (lou@A060-0141.SNFC.splitrock.net)

[19:06] <Titan> You two are just in a grocery store whereever, heh

[19:07] *** IronMan sets mode: +o Remy`

[19:07] <Titan> ***>>>SIM START<<<***

[19:07] <Titan> SCENE> The meteors are shooting towards you!

[19:07] <Titan> TIME> Insert wiggy clock face spinning around faster than the eye can see.

[19:07] <Dawn> ahh! ::tries to dive out of the way::

[19:08] <Titan> <<Everyone sim no matter where you char is supposed to be at, btw, heh, just don't get confused, remember who you were with>>

[19:08] *** Quits: Mustang` (lou@A010-0976.SNFC.splitrock.net) (Connection reset by peer)

[19:08] <IronMan> What in blazes?! ::Sends a quick glance at Miasma:: C'mon, we need to get to cover, quick!

[19:09] <Afterburn> ::grabs an avocado, and wanders off towards the pay-counter::

[19:09] *** Remy` is now known as Mustang`

[19:09] <Mustang`> ::holds his arms out infront of his host family, to protect them from the falling meteors::

[19:09] <Shard> Crap! i didnt know America was THIS weird ::ducks::

[19:09] <Indigo> ::pushes his shopping cart into the outside choas:: what the-?

[19:09] <Titan> ACTION> Afterburn is the first to be impacted. His avocado explodes in his face.

[19:10] <Afterburn> ::now with green and yellow stuff on his face:: Ok... SOMEONE is going to pay..

[19:10] <Titan> T'Charra> What the devil is that, Hank!?!

[19:11] <Indigo> ::dives behind a mini-van:: Oh my stars... ::looks into the store at Afterburn:: scurries inside towards him::

[19:11] <Titan> Hide now, physics lesson later.

[19:12] <Shard> ::gets up and runs for it::

[19:12] <Titan> ACTION> You are all in turn impacted by the meteors but rather than dying you all feel a strange new energy surging through you.

[19:12] *** Quits: Mustang` (lou@A060-0141.SNFC.splitrock.net) (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))

[19:12] <Afterburn> what the.... ::gets a rush of energy flowing through him:: ((What's happening...))

[19:12] <Dawn> w-what's dis...?

[19:13] *** Quits: Miasma (janis14@ppp. (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)

[19:13] *** Quits: Shard (here@ (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))

[19:13] <IronMan> ::Falls over from the impact:: What..what's this? ::Blinks at the strange sensation::

[19:13] *** Joins: Shard (here@

[19:13] <Titan> <<Hmm, mass exodus>>

[19:14] *** Dawn sets mode: +o Shard

[19:14] <Dawn> ::tries to 'shake off' the weird energy feeling::

[19:14] <Indigo> wha...uhhh. ::grabs head::

[19:14] <Titan> ACTION> No matter where on the earth you find yourself the "hole" is still visible to you and, like a giant transmitter, everything you say or do in its presence can be seen/heard by everyone else in its presence.

[19:15] <Shard> ::leans something close, not lookin to see what it is::

[19:15] <IronMan> What the hell is going on?! ::Slowly starts to pull himself to his feet, staring at the hole::

[19:15] <Dawn> ::shakes her head:: i must be dreamin'....meybe i fell unconsious...

[19:15] <Titan> ACTION> Shard notices the smell first before he realizes he's huddled next to a homeless, sleeping old man.

[19:15] *** Joins: Mustang` (lou@A010-1077.SNFC.splitrock.net)

[19:16] *** Titan sets mode: +o Mustang`

[19:17] <Shard> ::blinks and steps away and mutters to himself:: this is crazy ::walks away more::

[19:17] <Afterburn> ::tries to wipe some of the avocado off his face and fling it out, off of him::

[19:17] <Titan> Now that's interesting.

[19:17] <Dawn> ((i need sleep...yeah....i must be dead tired....)) ::walks back towards the mansion::

[19:18] <Titan> ACTION> A wad of avocado hits Dawn in the back of the head.

[19:18] <Dawn> ahh!! ::turns around:: who did dat!?

[19:18] <IronMan> Who..are you people? ::Blinks, looking at the others::

[19:18] <Titan> It's just like television only... not.

[19:19] <Afterburn> ::snickers:: Whoops..

[19:19] <Dawn> ::wipes the avacado off of the back of her head with a glare::

[19:19] <Titan> ::looks at mustang huddled under the table with his host family:: You can come out now, you really should see this. It's a once in a lifetime astrophysical harmonic convergance. 

[19:20] <Dawn> ::turns and walks back towards the mansion again::

[19:20] *** Joins: Remy` (lou@A010-0785.SNFC.splitrock.net)

[19:20] <Titan> ACTION> A sonic boom eminates from the "hole."

[19:20] *** Quits: Mustang` (lou@A010-1077.SNFC.splitrock.net) (Connection reset by peer)

[19:21] *** Remy` is now known as Mustang`

[19:21] <Indigo> I need to get into work...::closes his eyes and shakes his head::

[19:21] <Shard> ::looks towards the hole::

[19:21] <Afterburn> what the..

[19:21] <Dawn> ::blinks and turns around again:: what now?

[19:22] <Titan> ACTION> An impish, little, white-haired man falls out of the "hole" into New York onto Iron Man's head.

[19:23] <IronMan> ::Nearly gets knocked back to the ground, again:: Hey! Who the heck?

[19:23] <Indigo> ::totally confused, trying to analyze the situation:: Something I ate...no, some sort after affect from the radilitriscope...I...::mumbles::

[19:24] <Titan> Nox> ::shakes his head, smacking IM in the face repeatedly with his hair:: Maybe it was a bad idea to turn Mrs. Crabtree into a Chia Pet on the day when she was to lecture about the hazards of mixing strange chemicals...

[19:25] <Shard> ::wanders around:: crazy place

[19:25] <Dawn> ::stares at nox::

[19:25] *** Joins: Miasma (janis14@ppp.

[19:26] <IronMan> Ow! Hey, watch it! Who the heck are you? ::Reaches up, trying to pull the guy off of his head::

[19:26] <Afterburn> ::picking some avocado out of his hair:: Ugh.. this is gonna take forever to come out..

[19:26] *** IronMan sets mode: +oo Miasma Mustang`

[19:26] *** Rayne has left IRC

[19:26] <Titan> Nox> Hey! It's my favorite playmates.. ::flying tacklehugs mia into IM then looks up at the "hole":: ..in sterovision! ::echoes:: Am I glad to see you guys!

[19:27] <Indigo> ::makes his way over to AB:: You! You were in the store. What's going on here?

[19:27] <Dawn> ::blank look:: do i know ya?

[19:27] <Afterburn> errggh... You are asking me as if I'd have any clue...

[19:28] <IronMan> Oof! ::Gets bowled over:: What? What are you talking about? Who are you?!

[19:28] <Titan> Nox> Who am I? ::histerical laughter::

[19:28] <Titan> ACTION> A spotlight pops up out of thin air for the floating Nox.

[19:29] <Dawn> ::rubs her forehead:: dis' gotta be some kinda prank....::looks around:: y' can come out now! dis ain't funny!!

[19:29] <Miasma> ::Is knocked out of her daze and blinks, looking at Nox.:: Playmates...? ::Looks embrassed and almost confused.:: I don't remember you at all, not even your money. That I should remember... or maybe it was the snow that made me forget... ::Rubs her head.::

[19:29] <Indigo> Ugh! ::looks around:: ((there has to be some sort of rational explanation for this)) ::watches IM and Nox::

[19:29] <Shard> ::wanders around ignorin Nox::

[19:29] <Afterburn> ....Don't tell me this thing's gonna start singing...

[19:29] <IronMan> ::Eyes the strange little man, blinking for a minute:: How did you do that..? ((What the heck is going on?))

[19:29] <Titan> Nox> I'm the often imitated, never duplicated, original, prestidigitating, extraworldly, enigmatic NOX!

[19:30] <Dawn> ::confused look:: what kinda name is that?

[19:30] <Miasma> ::Blinks then starts to fret.:: They where right about me laying off the stuff... very right.

[19:30] <Titan> Nox> ::snaps, the spotlight vanishes and then dawn hears a strange whistling sound::

[19:30] <Afterburn> Nox? Is that some kind of "Gang" name or something... i'm sure your parents didnt name you "Nox" now did they..

[19:31] <Dawn> ::blinks and looks around::

[19:31] <IronMan> Uh..okay..::Blank look:: ((Never heard of this guy..)) ::Glances at Mia briefly:: You alright?

[19:31] <Titan> Nox> What's a parents?

[19:31] <Afterburn> ...you're weird dude..

[19:31] <Titan> Nox> Oh, oh wait, that's not important right now!

[19:31] <Miasma> ::Blinks and nods, her face looking like a deer caught in headlights then calms down a bit.:: Yeah...

[19:32] <Titan> Nox> Don't go distractifying me anymore, I gotta think..

[19:32] <Dawn> ::tries to find the source of the whistling::

[19:32] <Titan> Nox> Heyyy, how come you guys aren't in your playclothes?

[19:32] <Titan> ACTION> A spotlight lands about three feet behind Dawn.

[19:33] <IronMan> Our..what? ::Stares at Nox:: What in blazes are you talking about?

[19:33] <Miasma> ::Looks at Nox.:: Look you Peter Pan crack-baby you're wasting my time- ::Eyes widen.:: I'm not going to wear THAT in public!

[19:33] <Indigo> ::looks at his shirt, tie, and khakis:: ::Play clothes?

[19:33] <Dawn> ::stares at the spotlight and rubs her eyes::

[19:33] <Shard> ::continues walkin, still ignorin Nox::

[19:33] <Titan> Nox> SHHHHH! I gotta think!

[19:33] <IronMan> ::Sends another glance at Mia, looking even more confused::

[19:34] <Dawn> ::turns and looks at nox:: alrigh', who paid you t' do dis? was it another student?

[19:35] <IronMan> Somehow I doubt a student could do even half of this..

[19:35] <Titan> Action> That strange energy feeling comes back as Nox strikes the "Lonesome Dove" yogi pose.

[19:35] <Miasma> Don't hurt yourself... ::Surpises herself, normally she's not this rude to custmer<sp>. Then glances at IM.:: You're not from NYPD are you?

[19:35] <Indigo> ::starts walking, muttering to himself::

[19:36] <Titan> Nox> ::eyes start to glow as he chants in some nonsensical language::

[19:36] <Dawn> i bet dis' a illusion o' some sort.....

[19:36] <Titan> ACTION> Energy starts to swirl around Nox as he continues.

[19:36] <IronMan> ::Twitches slightly at the energy feeling, glancing at Mia:: Why would I be from NYPD? ::Pauses, thinking for a minute:: Oh. You mean you're..? ::Blinks::

[19:37] <Miasma> A girl's gotta do something. ::Shurgs.::

[19:37] <Dawn> ::stares at nox::

[19:37] <Titan> ACTION> The energy field surrounding Nox expands outward, first into the immediate vicinity impacting and energizing Mia and IM.

[19:38] <Shard> ::continues walkin, back to Nox::

[19:38] <Miasma> Besides, when this trip is over I won't have to worry about freakish Peter Pan wanna- ::Blinks at the engery and pauses.:: What's going on?

[19:38] <IronMan> What the heck? ::Flinches slightly, at the energy:: What are you doing to us..? ::Blinks::

[19:39] <Afterburn> ::blinks several times and steps backwards::

[19:40] <Titan> ACTION> IM suddenly vaporizes leaving a (sentient) IM-shaped cloud of steam in his place. Likewise, Mia (in true Power Ranger fashion) finds herself armored up!

[19:40] <Afterburn> <<im goin to bed.. night guys>>

[19:40] <Miasma> <<Night ren.>>

[19:40] <Shard> <<night>>

[19:40] <Mustang`> <<lol>>

[19:40] *** Quits: Afterburn (reny@cc807425-a.union1.nj.home.com) (The things that you say, is it live or just to play my worries away, You're all the things I've got to remember.. You're shying away, I'll be coming for you anyway... Take on me... Take me on... I'll be gone..)

[19:40] <Dawn> ((if dis' some kinda joke, ah won' act scared 'bout it..)) ::stands there with her arms crossed::

[19:41] <IronMan> What the hell?! ::Looks down at himself::

[19:41] *** Quits: Indigo (323@s3019.south-green.ohiou.edu) (Connection reset by peer)

[19:41] <Titan> ACTION> Nox's energy field focuses and blasts through the "hole" energizing all of A-Next in a similar fashion.

[19:41] <Miasma> What the f**k is this? ::Looks up sharply then back at her armored form.::

[19:41] <Shard> what the? ::blinks at the feild::

[19:42] <Dawn> ugh....((sure don' feel like a hologram...))

[19:43] <Titan> ACTION> (Those that are here.) Dawn finds herself incased in an organic shell. Mustang starts to grow to mammoth proportions. Shard finds his senses heightened to supernatural proportions, and Titan turns Hulk.

[19:43] <Miasma> ::Moves her arm carefully and studies the area around her.::

[19:43] <Dawn> ahhh!! get it off!!! ::starts trying to take off the shell::

[19:44] <Titan> ACTION> Miasma vaporizes a tree with a repulsor blast.

[19:44] <IronMan> What did you do?! Change me back, whoever the hell you are! ::Eyes his steam form::

[19:44] <Titan> Nox> ::comes out of his enchanting state:: Hooboy!

[19:44] <Shard> ::blinks and looks around:: this is kind of cool ::looks around::

[19:44] <Mustang`> ::starts to grow and sees that everyone is way smaller than him... moreso than normal:: What is going on...?

[19:45] <Dawn> ::frantically tries to rip off the shell::

[19:45] <Miasma> Jesus Christ! ::Keeps her hands to the side.::

[19:45] <Dawn> someone get dis t'ing off me!!!

[19:45] <Titan> ACTION> IM reverts to normal, and Dawn's shell cracks and crumbles around her.

[19:45] <Dawn> ::stumbles back as the shell crumbles::

[19:46] <Titan> Hmm.. ::smashes the table experimentally::

[19:46] <IronMan> ::Breathes a sigh of relief as he returns to normal::

[19:46] <Shard> ::takes a look around, staying still::

[19:46] <Dawn> ::tries to stop trembling:: ((ah won' be scared, ah won' be scared..))

[19:47] <Titan> ACTION> IM's arms turn to alluminum randomly.

[19:47] <Mustang`> Who ever is doing this needs to stop..

[19:47] <Titan> Nox> ::looks around:: Wait..that's not right..

[19:48] <Miasma> What the hell is he doing!? ::Her head turns sharply to look at Nox as if indicating a glare.::

[19:48] <IronMan> Gah! Damnit! ::Eyes go wide at his arms and he changes, glaring at Nox::

[19:48] <Titan> Nox> ::Scratches his head and then snaps::

[19:48] <Titan> ACTION> Apart from Mia who's already in the armor, everyone finds themself in a variation of their teammates' (whoever's powers you've got) uniform.

[19:49] <Dawn> ::blinks and looks down at herself:: what's dis? spandex??

[19:49] <Shard> ::blinks at the uniform:: alright, thats not cool

[19:49] <Dawn> <<lol>>

[19:50] <Titan> <<It's a variation Shard, none of us want to see you running around in Dare's uniform, heh>>

[19:50] <Titan> Nox> That's better. ::grins::

[19:50] <Shard> <<well, i still dont like spandex dat much>>

[19:51] <Dawn> look, monsieur, you'd better change me back, or there'll be trouble.... ::slight glare::

[19:51] <IronMan> Gack..::Glances down at the bodysuit he's in and looks at Nox again:: What the hell did you do to all of us?

[19:51] <Titan> <<But you get Widow's Bites, heh>>

[19:52] <Titan> Nox> ::snaps again bringing everyone to central park::

[19:52] <Dawn> ah! ::almost trips::

[19:52] <Miasma> ::Tries to take off her helmet.:: How do you get this thing off? ::Yanks at it still, looking pretty ridiculious.::

[19:52] <Titan> Nox> I turned you back to normal, sillies!

[19:52] <Shard> ::blinks:: this is gettin REAL weird ::looks around::

[19:52] <Titan> ACTION> With a hiss of air, Mia's faceplate retracts.

[19:52] <Dawn> normal?? dis ain't normal!!!!

[19:52] <Shard> this isnt normal. YOUR not normal

[19:53] <Titan> Nox> I know I'm not normal, normal is boring. That's why you guys love me!

[19:53] <IronMan> Normal?! NORMAL?!?! ::Looks at his shifting arms:: You call THIS Normal?! Why you little-! ::Starts to move towards Nox::

[19:53] <Shard> i shoulda stayed home from this trip ;;mutters::

[19:53] <Dawn> love you? you're crazy!!

[19:54] <Shard> umm, im going back to the plane ::backs off slowly::

[19:54] <Miasma> Eck! ::Jumps back at the his.:: Normal for me is walking around getting 50 bucks a trick! Not running around like some freakshow! Do you know how much money I'm loosing!?

[19:54] <Titan> Nox> Ah ah ah, it's for your own good!!! Sometimes you have to take bitter meds if you want to get healthy! ::snaps again and a giant teaspoon smacks IM on the butt splashing cough syrup on dawn and shard::

[19:55] <Dawn> ick!!

[19:55] <Shard> 'ey! your crazy

[19:55] <IronMan> Gack! Hey! ::Glares:: I'm gonna kill him.

[19:55] *** Rayne is on IRC

[19:55] <Titan> Nox> Now come along quietly and there won't be any trouble! ::snaps again and everyone is dematerialized and sucked into the hole in timespace::

[19:56] <Titan> ***>>>SIM END, TBC<<<***

[19:56] <Dawn> @@

[19:56] <IronMan> @@

[19:56] <Shard> @@

[19:57] <Miasma> @@

[19:57] <Titan> Questions, comments, death threats, gifts of cash, or sexual favors?

[19:57] <Dawn> 0.0

[19:57] *** Joins: wtf (~TheBandit@

[19:57] <IronMan> That was fun. =)

[19:58] <Shard> hmm, are we stuck with these powers for too long?

[19:58] <Miasma> Only for 50 bucks buddy. >p

[19:58] <Dawn> lol

[19:58] <Shard> a death threat for 50bucks?

[19:58] *** Parts: wtf (~TheBandit@

[19:58] * IronMan snickers

[19:58] <Titan> For a maximum of 10 more sims *eg*

[19:59] <Shard> how about minimum sims?

[19:59] <Miasma> *whistles innocently for a bit.*

[19:59] <Dawn> ooh great ::is gonna be screaming every time the shell is on ^_^::

[19:59] <Titan> Mia's going to be blowing up stuff isn't she?

[19:59] * IronMan pouts

[19:59] <Shard> ::jumps up and swings around the channel::

[19:59] <Miasma> Yah!!

[19:59] * Titan makes a note to have the shell pop up every five minutes, heh

[20:00] <IronMan> But I wanted to blow stuff up..

[20:00] <Dawn> ::hides::

[20:00] <Titan> You can pummel bad guys into submission

[20:00] <Shard> whats this do? ::takes a disk thingie and tosses it to the ground::

[20:00] * Titan can do that too..is going to do that a lot

[20:00] * Dawn will be cussing at Nox every five minutes, then ^_^

[20:00] <Titan> Four, three, two, one..

[20:00] <IronMan> Yeah, but I wanted to blow stuff uuuup..;)

[20:01] <Titan> ACTION> Shard blows himself up.

[20:01] <Shard> im on the roof though

[20:01] <Titan> Are you arguing with my action, son?

[20:01] <Shard> ::waves and starts swingin around again:: yeeep, i can threated tooo now

[20:02] * Titan is shocked and dismayed!

[20:02] *** Quits: Mustang` (lou@A010-0785.SNFC.splitrock.net) (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))

[20:02] <IronMan> Shard:Better run.

[20:02] <Shard> ::swings around::

[20:02] <Titan> Nox> ::snaps and shard loses dare's powers only to gain spidey's powers, BEFORE the spider bit him!::

[20:02] <Dawn> lol

[20:03] <Shard> ::goes and solves a world problem::

[20:03] * Titan will be meaner next time and give someone Cap's powers BEFORE the super soldier serum

[20:03] <Shard> spideyman, spideyman, does whatever a spidey can

[20:04] <Dawn> heh heh

[20:04] <Shard> spinds a web, any size, catches theives, just-like flies, lookout, here comes the spideyman!

[20:04] <Titan> bbiabf

[20:04] *** Titan is now known as E[afk]

[20:04] <Dawn> ::sticks a sock in shard's mouth ;P::

[20:05] *** Shard is now known as Cal|NotHere|

[20:05] <Cal|NotHere|> ha, missed! heh

[20:05] *** Parts: Cal|NotHere| (here@

[20:05] <Dawn> dang!

[20:06] *** Joins: Mustang` (lou@A060-0218.SNFC.splitrock.net)

[20:07] *** Dawn sets mode: +o Mustang`

[20:10] *** E[afk] is now known as Eclipse

[20:10] *** chanserv sets mode: +o Eclipse

[20:10] <IronMan> WB

[20:10] <Eclipse> Thanks, everyone out now =P