{Eclipse} - My first divergent personality.

Generation X's very own Russian heartthrob. - [Sentry]
{Dr. Henry J. Pym} - Man of many wardrobes.
Norse god of speed (or not). - [Hermod]
{Dusk} - A-Next's resident supergenius.
Tortured, furry, feathery soul. - [Gryphon]
{Havok} - The younger, more handsome, Summers brother.
The heart of a saint, the face of a demon. - [Fr. Julian Croswell, O.F.M.]
{Braevik} - And into the mix, a Star Trek character!
Last but certainly not least... - [Seth Stargazer]


{Kevin / Gemini} - The very model of divergent personalities.

Wouldbe man-of-the-cloth of tomorrow. - [Priest]
{Justice} - Marvel's very own Avengers' fanboy.
One bad mother shut-my-mouth! - [Brimstone]
{Titan} - A-Next's former team leader, and resident supergenius.
The codename that started a war. - [Animus]
{Phantasm} - My first character casualty.
A victim of the stupid team limit. - [Wraith]
{Douglock} - Techno-organic cypher.
My first ever crossover character. - [Alloy]